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How to Make a Corporate Resume in Microsoft Word

Resumes are essential in every job application. This is what a company or organization will require their applicants. The purpose of a resume is to land you an interview, and is scheduled for an interview means you have a chance of getting hired. You need a resume that serves as your introduction to the corporate business you are applying. Hence, you must produce an impressive corporate resume to help you stand amongst other job applicants. A well-made corporate resume will effectively market your strengths, accomplishments, and will convince the employer that you are the perfect applicant for the corporate position. With that, we provide you with information that you need to know to make a formal and effective corporate resume. Here's how.

1. List down your Qualifications

First off, you have to prepare all the things you want to put into your corporate resume—and that is your qualifications. Ready all the necessary information that will make your resume interesting. You may include your educational background, your achievements, work experiences, and such. Being able to prepare beforehand will let you have a smooth process.

2. Choose your Style

A resume has a three standard resume format. You can have a reverse chronological format, a functional style format, and a combination style format. If you want to emphasize your work experiences, you can use the reverse-chronological form. If you're going to focus more on your skills, then you can use the functional resume format. However, if you want to emphasize both work experiences and skills, you can utilize the combination resume style format. Either way, choose the format that you think will best represent you.

3. Pick a Corporate Resume Template

If making your corporate resume from scratch hard for you, you can always utilize a well-made corporate resume template. This way, you don't have to think of what to write in your resume since a printable template will help you with that. Here in, we have various one-page corporate resume templates available in any use. Simply pick the template that suits the corporate job position you are applying.

4. Edit in Microsoft Word

A sample corporate resume provides you the format and style, but it should be you who will fill in the content. In doing that, we suggest you use the best word processor you will ever have, which is Microsoft Word. With its excellent and easy-to-use editing tools, you will be able to add your information in a hassle-free way. This software can help you produce a comprehensive corporate resume.

5. Proofread and Print

Proofreading is essential, especially for job applicants like you. You don't want to confuse your employer, don't you? So before you proceed to print, have a little time to review your document and see if there are errors in grammar or spelling. If you think everything is perfect, then you can already print it. Make sure you use a quality printing paper to have a presentable corporate resume.

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