How to Make a One-Page Resume?

Having a one-page resume is advantageous for most job applications because of the way the hiring process is made today. There are more likely numerous people who will be reviewing your resume, or better yet, just a single person doing the review. The interviewer will likely be scanning resumes and will more likely provide single glances to each resume to hasten the selection process. Whether it be a professional resume, a modern resume, or a creative resume, our resume should be compact enough to be understood in one simple glance.

In creating a one-page resume, here are a few tips to follow to come up with an effective and successful job resume layout that gets you past the first round of reviews:

  • Start with a list of your accomplishments and work responsibilities. Review your CV and skills. Include only the best and closely related to your career profession and the applied position. Get ready-made and highly customizable one-page resume template examples from that are instantly downloadable in different file formats.

  • Consider the nature of your job application and include only those items that are of considerable relevance to your job application. Use premium design, one page resumes that go great with your cover letter at the site.

  • Try to be specific and concise with the information you place into your resume. With highly editable one-page resume templates at the site, be as specific as you can be using our one-page resume templates.

  • Shorten the educational background section. You may want to just put in your college and leave out elementary and high school unless relevant to the application. Access highly editable one-page resume templates at to get that dream job you’ve always wanted.

  • You may omit to place references since employers usually ask references only when they deem it necessary. With so many different one-page resume templates to choose from the site, your options for creating a truly attractive and effective resume are simply endless.

Here at, we aim to provide you with a professional quality resume that increases your chances of passing the first round of reviews tenfold. The site contains a variety of different formats ranging from MS Word and Google Docs to Photoshop, Publisher, Illustrator, Indesign, Apple Pages and more. Enjoy lightning-fast download speeds and print any template or file anytime and anywhere. Head over to our site now and find out how easily you can get through interviews with little to no amount of effort necessary on paperwork. Download now!

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