Creating a Corporate Resume can often be challenging given the competitive nature of corporate companies and their need for quality employees. To make an effective resume that lets you stand out from the rest, we offer our wide selection of corporate resume templates you can download instantly anytime, anywhere, for free. The files are easy to use and fully customizable in all versions of Apple Pages. Grab an employer's attention and get to highlight your skills, education, and other qualifications effectively. Available in A4 and US letter sizes. Print ready and can be shared digitally. Download our practical, professional, and premium templates today!

How to Create a Corporate Resume in Apple Pages

A corporate resume is more than a sheet of paper for it is considered one of the essential measures during a job application. Your resume or sometimes called curriculum vitae is often the first impression you get from a prospective employer. If you want to apply as an accountant in a banking company, an administrator or an associate but you don't know how to create the best resume, then lucky for you for we have listed some guidelines below that you can follow. Apart from that, you can also scroll up for our templates above that you can download for free. Check out the remaining portion of this article.

1. Work With Apple Pages

If you are a user of Mac, iPhone, or iPad, haven't you observed an app named Apple Pages on your device? Well, if you found it but you don't know the purpose behind that app, then we are glad to tell you that it is the key to your success! Apple Pages is a word processor that is developed by Apple; that is why it was installed in your device already. This application lets you create stunning documents such as resumes and others. No need to look for another editing software. Just open the app, and you can start the resume-process already.

2. Prefer an Online Template

We understand that creating a resume can be time-consuming. But not to worry for you can download any resume templates here in our site for free. Just click on the template which you think has the best designs that suit your preferences then hit the download button. You don't have to worry about editing our template for you can fully edit and customize it with the help of Apple Pages. Download one now so we can proceed to the next step.

3. Replace the Template's Suggestive Content

Now that you are secured with a template and editing software, then it is time for you to edit the suggestive content of our template and replace it with your desired layout. State your complete personal information, the summary of your educational attainment, skills, and accomplishments. Make sure that the skills you have will match the position you are applying to. For instance, if you are applying as an executive financial analyst, then you need to have the best management skills so that you will be accepted.

4. Add Images

If you want to insert images just like a photo resume, then you have the freedom to do so. Just make sure that you follow a specific resume format or guidelines on how to insert photos in your resume. Such guidelines are the following: photo placed on the upper left or right of the resume, a white background, formal attire, and others.

5. Print and Submit

Proofread your professional resume before you print them out. Go to your favorite printing shop and ask them if they are offering laser printing services. Select the laser printing type so that you can ensure that the quality of your resume are high-quality. Once you're done, submit it to your target manager or CEO and let's hope for a great outcome.

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