How To Create A Custom Resume in Illustrator?

A resume is widely used by graduating college students. It is created when a student is planning to apply for an internship as part of their basic curriculum or to apply for a professional job after they graduate. Not all of us are creative enough to make our own resume special, especially if you want to land a job related to the fashion Industry. You have to provide an attractive and professional-looking resume that would fit the company standards. that's why we offer a wide range of templates that you can choose to help you find a job. Here are some resume writing tips that can help you create a custom resume design.

1.Assess yourself

when you are going to apply for a job, it is best to know first what job do you prefer most, because not all graduates stick to the profession that they choose to graduate. so it is better to assess yourself before doing anything and prepare for the job that you choose to apply. We have resume formats that you can also try.

2.short description of yourself

A short description of yourself would give employers a hint of what kind of person are they dealing to. Fresher usually neglect this, because all they know is that employers would just ask them directly about themselves. Actually, this is a key factor to win over an employer. you can also try to be creative in a way that is not intimidating to the employer.

3.know your strength

Knowing your strength would be very beneficial for an applicant. This the part, you need to show all the skills and ability that you have and make it your strength. it might be confusing what to write, but keep in mind that the strength that you have are the most needed when you apply for a job especially if you apply for a chef position you really have to be skillful in order to qualify.

4.Enumerate your work experience

This also a key factor for an applicant to land a job. It is a plus if you have a lot of work experiences, employers would probably think that you are skillful enough because of those experiences. but still, be careful because it might mean that you are not productive enough to stay in a company and that could be a grounds for you not to be hired. so you need to have a clean record of all your work experiences.

5.summarize your qualification

After completing all the necessary information on your resume you have to summarize all your qualifications and your good to go. you can now print your customized resume and add a photo so you can stick to the formality. All these templates that we have are ready-made for you. you can also edit the fonts and colors to what you desire.

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