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What is the Printable Organizational Chart?

A printable organizational chart is a documental representation of the hierarchy in a company, organization, or institution. The chart indicates their chain of command gives anyone in the organization a rough idea of their payroll, who's in charge and who to turn to in a certain department when problems occur — think of it like a professional family tree that employees can use to figure out bill due dates, "chores" they are obliged to do and helps in organization management.

How to Create a Printable Organizational Chart

Based on the budget given in to this, there are a number of creative ways to make a printable organizational chart. To help you out, here are a few tips you can use:

1. Gather Needed Information

When making a printable organization chart, the first thing you need to gather is the basic information about the people that are going to be placed on the chart. What you're looking for could be the full names of the employees, their respective positions, departments, etc. You can try and pre-organize them into categories before you start to use them on the chart.

2. Think of an Artistic Design

Depending on your preferences, you can make the design artistic, simple, creative, unique, have a color scheme that flows with your company colors, whatever the design, try your best to make your chart engaging. Though it is implied that the purpose of the document will be for work and organization management, giving it a little flair doesn't hurt either.

3. Give an Infrastructure for the Data

Once you have the design part down, begin drafting the skeletal indicators of positions (a.k.a. the boxes and lines that flow in the direction of the chain of command). If you're editing on a software format like Excel, Pages, or Google Sheets, it can be easier to make a basic framework and operate from there. Keep in mind that simple organizational charts always follow the format of "ascending the ladder" where the lowest positions are at the bottom, and slowly form a pyramid until you reach the highest-ranking position right at the top. A small tip is when you're making the chart's outline, leave open spaces or blank boxes, blank circle, or any blank template to place your pictures and information in.

4. Utilize Quality Photographs

Once the infrastructure of your chart is complete, and you're happy with the design, use good photos of your employees and begin to arrange them on the chart. Do use quality pictures for the chart and not just some selfies found on social media because your company chart gives people a basis for their first impression of your organization, company, or institution — and I don't think anyone wants their business to seem unprofessional right? So use good pictures, preferably ones made at a photo studio if you have the resources for it. Once you have your pictures and the information you gathered earlier, you can start placing them according to the hierarchy your printable organizational chart follows. Don't expect to get everything down on the first try though so be prepared to edit and re-edit until you're satisfied with your work.

5. Print and Place at a Convenient Location

Once your department chart is done, print it out and place it in a place where everyone can easily see it (preferably behind a glass-cased box for protection) — if your chart is for a certain department, you can place it in their office or warehouse.

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