When you start a company, you have to make sure that your employees are familiar with the line of authority and responsibility within the company so that there's effective communication. Because when there's effective communication, efficiency will follow. Great news! We offer a selection of high-quality Startup Organizational Chart Templates in Google Docs that can visually show the hierarchy of positions and responsibilities inside your organization. They're editable and fully customizable so that you can make changes. Plus, they're available in A4 and US Letter sizes. So, what are you waiting for? Press that download button now so employees can familiarize your organizational structure.

How To Make A Startup Organizational Chart In Google Docs

According to an article in Forbes, 70 percent of startup companies fail with the lack of customers as the number one reason. To avoid this from happening to your company, you should start by getting an organizational chart. Because with an org chart, your employees will be able to collaborate effectively, come up with the right strategies, work efficiently, and become more productive.

Here is how you can make a useful organizational chart in Google Docs for your startup company.

1. Collect All the Essential Data

Start off by collecting all the essential data for your chart. This includes the list of positions, names of employees, and existing departments.

2. Add, Supply, Arrange, and Connect

To form the organizational chart, first, you must input the title of your chart at the top, center of your document. Second, you need to choose a shape and add it to your document. Third, you must supply the shape with the data you've collected. (Remember, one shape is equal to one data.) Fourth, arrange the shapes in order. (The CEO must be on top, followed by the managers and their department, and so on.) Fifth, and the last, connect the shapes with arrows.

3. Incorporate your Company Colors and Add your Company Logo

Charts can look dull and boring if you don't fill it with colors. Thus, add color to the shapes and use your company colors for branding. And to complete your chart, put your company logo at the top of the title.

4. Review and Validate

It's important that you review your finished chart to ensure that it doesn't contain any spelling errors and other mistakes. And present it to the head of the company or the Human Resource department for validation.

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