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Table of Contents

  1. Recipe Card Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is a Recipe Card?
  3. 10 Types of Recipe Cards
  4. Recipe Card Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s In a Recipe Card? Parts?
  6. How to Design a Recipe Card?
  7. Recipe Card vs. Recipe Box
  8. What’s the Difference Between a Recipe Card, Cookbook, and Recipes?
  9. Recipe Card Sizes
  10. Recipe Card Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Recipe Card

Recipe Cards

Recipe cards encapsulate the detailed instructions, ingredients, and measurements essential for the preparation of a certain dish or any food item. These are available in template forms that come in handy, especially for those in the restaurant business requiring a ton of recipe notes for everything they have on the menu.

Recipe Card Definition & Meaning

A recipe card is a note card, or simply put it as a go-to cheat sheet where users inscribe all the critical elements that a dish, from the ingredients down to the cooking procedure, needs to be fully brought to life.

It is practically a reference guide essential not only for chefs or companies but also for ordinary individuals who are deeply fascinated by the thrills of food preparation and the kitchen.

What Is a Recipe Card?

A recipe card offers a whole lot of information about each of the mouthful items found on the menu. It constitutes the explicit components of a dish that give it the right zest not only on the plate but also on the palate. This infallible kitchen cheat sheet gives light on the actual cooking instructions, with the exact measurements considered so that anyone who would love a DIY restaurant meal can intrinsically achieve a chef’s plat du jour.

10 Types of Recipe Cards

Restaurant Recipe Card

A restaurant recipe card is a vital culinary arts resource for the new staff that helps train them on specific dishes served in the establishment on a regular basis. This helps prevent food waste as a novice cook tries to get a hang of the main cuisinier’s delectable delights. Below is an example of an excellent restaurant recipe card design that can give a new cook the green light.

restaurant recipe card

Bridal Recipe Card

A bridal recipe card spices up a bridal shower with a perfect blend of creativity and a collection of heirloom recipes that have no doubt stood the test of time. This could be a wonderful giveaway from a soon-to-be bride who may or may not have a good taste in the kitchen but will be, someday. But before getting the word of invitation spread out and the beautiful women deck out, get started with your bridal recipe card through this wonderful design below.

bridal recipe card

Cookie Recipe Card

Rather than buying a costly box of cookies, it might be a lot better to experiment in the kitchen and come up with your own recipes. In this way, you are not only unlocking your creativeness in baking, but you are also saving yourself from a long trip to the store to buy some. So, save them all in your personally curated cookie recipe card. This card will highlight your unique taste for confection while savoring each winning bite as you navigate through your kitchen in an attempt to create a new pastry collection.

cookie recipe card

Drink Recipe Card

Cocktails fire up a boring night with a delicate tinge of a specially-made drink brewing in a drink recipe card. It is created with the purest intention of bringing in an out-of-the-box drinking experience that can be enjoyed not only once, but for so many future occasions. Get inspiration in making your own recipe drink through this example below.

drink recipe card

Food Recipe Card

One of the most powerful weapons every chef has is a food recipe card. It is a sole manifestation of their creative minds that becomes a great resource for real mouthful goodness, passed down from generation to generation. Display your creativeness in making one with the help of this wonderfully-made design below.

food recipe card

Holiday Recipe Card

Holidays set forth a nostalgic feeling and a beautiful vibe that keeps everyone happy and blithe. And when coupled with grandma’s special delights etched in the good old days holiday recipe card, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas are just as momentous as they should be. So invite the army of happy eaters and merrymakers now.

holiday recipe card

Kitchen Recipe Card

Every good food starts in the kitchen. A kitchen recipe card is the first resort of every household when trying to come up with a special meal for a special occasion. It goes without saying that this card is a prized possession that makes the kitchen bask in a truly flavorful vibe.

kitchen recipe card

Vintage Recipe Card

Vintage recipe cards boast a collection of timeless recipes served with a farmhouse-style feel. Unique and old-fashioned as they can be, wood fire edition or not, these recipe cards are great housewarming gifts that give guests a homey feeling that Waitrose can never provide. Make yours today with the help of’s free vintage recipe card designs.

vintage recipe card

Sandwich Recipe Card

What could be a better pair for Starbucks coffee than a favorite sandwich recipe? A great morning bite can spark up the day. So, never fail to say hello to a go-to sandwich recipe card, and rest assured, every morning shall be filled with a meaningful delight.

sandwich recipe card

Christmas Recipe Card

Christmas will never be the same without the home-grown holiday eats and treats. And with a great Christmas recipe card readily available to fill the kitchen with holiday cheers, nothing will ever make it less memorable and fun, for sure. So, start listing your special recipes for Christmas and collate them in a Christmas recipe card!

christmas recipe card

Recipe Card Uses, Purpose, Importance

A recipe card plays an integral role in the success of each food preparation. It serves as an artistic tool for professional culinary artists, as well as mere food enthusiasts, in keeping their new kitchen eureka moments intact. This card is also a great help in educating the culinary or kitchen staff on the techniques and the flavorful criteria of any given dish. Below are the uses, purposes, and importance of recipe cards.

A Guide for Success

A recipe card is not just any reference note but a token of food or drink eccentricity and distinction. It is a special blend of special ingredients that make up the overall market success of a chef’s playful imagination as he scribbles all the recipes he makes from scratch.

An Artistic Tool

As mentioned earlier, a recipe card is an artistic tool that makes its way into the hands of a passionate kitchen apprentice to the brimming contours of a platter. It is a primary source of a chef to educate his staff and give them the permission to replicate the taste and style he once artistically created while making sure that the consistency and seasoning properly match his palate.

Accessibility for All

While special recipes are understandably worth hiding, there is no better feeling than being able to show and share something awesome with the world, or maybe just with a loved one or a friend. Besides, there is a good chance for anyone to make a go of publishing their own recipe books and become the next bestseller.

What’s In a Recipe Card? Parts?

Recipe Name

Every recipe has a name, and besides, it is necessary to know what kind of dish is about to be made by especially indicating it on top of the page.


All elements found in the dish should be carefully laid down in the order of preparation with a specified description such as fresh, raw or uncooked, and cooked.

Weight and Measures

The exact measurement of ingredients determines the taste and quality of the dish. Also, it enables faster, easier, and more accurate serving, each time.


Proper direction of the food preparation always results in gastronomic success. Hence, this should be laid down precisely, from the first step to the last.

Serving Size

The right portion to be served is a key to the right nutritional value. A recipe card should have a detailed description of the number of servings ideal for a certain recipe with suggested portions according to the type of eater.

Recipe Card Number/Section/Meal Pattern Contribution

No one has the time and patience to browse for a recipe that needs to be done right away. That is why it is critical for every recipe card to have a number, classified in a certain section that might be under grains, meat, or anything in between, as well as a meal pattern contribution that states exactly how many servings a person or a child can have to get maximum nutritional benefits.

Cost Per Serving

This part is completely optional. Nonetheless, it helps reduce food wastage and can definitely help determine the actual cost per serving which is critical to a food business such as a restaurant.

what’s in a recipe card parts

How to Design a Recipe Card?

1. Choose the recipe card sizes here.

2. Decide the purpose of your recipe card based on event or occasion.

3. Choose a recipe card template.

4. Upload interesting and relevant images or photos.

3. Choose a font style and color.

4. Preview it for final adjustments or editing.

5. Save the final design when finished.

6. Download and print it in accordance with the preferred dimensions.

how to design a recipe cards

Recipe Card vs. Recipe Box

A recipe card is a reference guide encompassing the instructions, descriptions, ingredients, measurements, and all the other critical details for a dish to be made.

A recipe box is a package delivered right at the front door, containing all the necessary ingredients to make a certain dish, along with a recipe card inside.

What’s the Difference Between a Recipe Card, Cookbook, and Recipes?

A recipe card is a note card that contains instructions and guides in making a recipe, along with the specified ingredients and their measurements, and the suggested serving size.

A cookbook is a collection of recipes, instructions, and any other information regarding the preparation of any given food, as well as the appropriate portion for a certain type of eater.

A recipe is a set of instructions describing how a dish or a food item is made.

Recipe Card Sizes

Recipe cards can come in an array of sizes. However, the most typically accepted recipe card sizes are the following:

recipe card sizes

Recipe Card Ideas & Examples

Creating truly attractive recipe cards comes in numerous ways. Here are some of the best recipe card ideas and approaches to present them.


What Does a Recipe Card Contain?

A standard recipe card should include the menu item name, number of servings a recipe produces, portion size, ingredient list or quantity, preparation procedures, cooking temperature, special instructions, service instructions such as hot or cold storage, and garnishing or plating.

How to Write a Recipe Card?

(1) Documentation of the original recipe is made; (2) identification of specific ingredient measurements and forms; (3) description of ingredient preparation as well as cooking methods that need to be written using commonly accepted terms; (4) the use of a template when writing the recipe; (5) rewriting the draft notes into recipe form; (6) brief introduction and image or photo addition; (7) identifying some serving suggestions; (8) spell-check; and (9) review of the newly written recipe card.

How to Make a Recipe Card for a Blog?

Creating a recipe card for a blog is easily accomplished by inserting the recipe information into the appropriate fields in a blog post with a customized presentation of the font style and colors before generating the code and having it copied and pasted into the blog.

Where Can I Find the Recipe Card for My Meal?

Meal kit delivery service providers normally ask subscribers to create an account where they can search and navigate through their dashboard and locate the recipe cards they need.

How to Create Custom Recipe Cards?

(1) Choose a recipe card design that works best for the kind of recipe the card presents; (2) add related photos to the design in which they can choose from a million templates found vastly on the Internet; (3) begin customizing the template by changing the text, size, color, and font; then, (4) download your work as the design has been finalized.

How to Display Recipe Cards?

There are tons of ways to display the recipe cards, but one can be extra creative with their family recipe by displaying it in a shadowbox frame or even having it carved on a cutting board or penned on a serving platter.

How to Fill Out a Recipe Card?

Filling out a recipe card starts with putting all the necessary elements in the recipe, along with the preparation and cooking time and all other related details and instructions.

How to Make a Cocktail Recipe Card?

One may use an online cocktail recipe card maker such as where they can choose a printable recipe card design to begin the process.

What Does a Recipe Card Look Like?

A recipe card is a small card, beautifully perfected not just with a delicate design but with all the ingredients and cooking procedures that make up the mouthwatering kitchen masterpiece on paper – easy to read for everyone.

What Are the Three Parts of the Recipe Card?

A standard recipe card typically consists of the list of ingredients, the amount of ingredients, and the preparation instructions.

How Do You Organize a Recipe Card?

When organizing recipe cards, one can employ a recipe organizer app where they can create a filing system to store all their recipe cards in place in one place, such as recipe binder, holder, or journal.

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