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Table of Contents

  1. Pinterest Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is Pinterest?
  3. 10 Types of Pinterest
  4. Pinterest Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s on Pinterest? Parts?
  6. How to Design a Pinterest Template
  7. Pinterest Vs. Tumblr
  8. What’s the Difference Between Pinterest, Twitter & Snapchat?
  9. Pinterest Sizes
  10. Pinterest Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs


Pinterest has been around for a few decades, and people continue to utilize it as a social media platform to gain inspiration for their different forms of art, including photography, drawing, and many others. The channel is an effective educational and inspirational tool for individuals who want to unleash their creativity in different art forms and inspire others to pursue their passion.

Pinterest Definition & Meaning

Pinterest acts as a visual discovery engine enabling users to find ideas like recipes, home, office, style inspiration, and more, with users creating pins to share their ideas with other people on Pinterest.

Using Pinterest enables users to find ideas to spark inspiration by discovering pins they love and saving them to boards to organize ideas, making them easier to find.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is similar to a virtual dashboard that lets users search and curate images and videos for their profiles. Unlike other photo-sharing sites, the emphasis of Pinterest centers on discovering and compiling other’s content, not storing the user’s own. It is certainly right on trend with social media’s continued emphasis on visual content, with content with images getting more views than content without pictures.

10 Types of Pinterest

Sale Pinterest

Sale Pinterest templates consist of marketing ads or signages for different sales throughout the year, constructing designs that best suit a specific occasion. Make the Pinterest design interesting and engaging by developing an infographic for sales addicts during seasonal sales to get their attention. Ensure sales percentage prices are visible on the graphic design to let customers know how much the items or services are going for and the event dates.

sale pinterest


Art Director Pinterest

An art director Pinterest pin acts like an infographic for people who browse categories for art directors, similar to a flyer. The pin redirects interested individuals to an art director’s website, showcasing their brand logo and what they can do for clients wishing to host an exhibit. Generate various art director Pinterest pins to cater to diverse art forms for exhibitions and shows to attract the most appropriate audience.

art director pinterest

Event Pinterest

An event Pinterest pin ranges from promoting a beach wedding to a Christmas holiday celebration in the office or a family gathering. When creating the graphic, guarantee that the photo and its elements showcase the primary idea of an event to lessen confusion. Use vibrant colors and images for the Pinterest template to attract people’s attention when seeing the event pin for the first time.

event pinterest

Valentine’s Day Pinterest

Construct a Valentine’s Day Pinterest pin to share the love around when people catch a glimpse of the graphic on the social media channel. Incorporate the primary color of the event, along with designs and elements relating to the idea of love using quotes and other sayings. Redirect audiences to the source website to gain organic traffic and interest people in products or services an organization provides during Valentine’s Day.

valentines day pinterest

Pinterest Earth Day

Earth Day is an international environmental movement to demonstrate support for environmental information to raise awareness for environmental protection. It is also a way to recognize the annual celebration, honoring achievements of successful movements protecting the environment towards a healthier planet. Generate a Pinterest Earth Day pin to construct an informative and creative design for a party or celebration, redirecting them to environmental websites.

pinterest earth day

Home Decoration Pinterest

A home decoration Pinterest is an inspiration for many individuals looking to recreate their homes or find professionals who can help them with ideas. The home decoration graphic must reflect various themes or setups to encourage individuals to seek professional work and experience to achieve positive responses. The pin can incorporate information about furniture, ornaments, and other items that enables investors for the best value.

home decoration pinterest

Bakery Pinterest

Bakery Pinterest pins consist of information about a specific product, service, or organization that sells or produces baked goods. Construct the pin to attract customers and clients to interact with the pin by placing them in categories or sharing them with other people. Link the source website of the bakery to the bakery company to let others know where to get delicious treats.

bakery pinterest

Online Education Pinterest

The online education Pinterest pin incorporates different color sets to represent the institutions that are offering online education to their students. Indicate different educational elements and clipart to the pin graphic to send the right message to individuals wanting to find their ideal school. When composing the pin, link the online institution’s homepage or webpage to redirect individuals to more essential information.

online education pinterest

IT Software Pinterest

Offer audiences various IT services and options for personal or business needs by constructing an IT software Pinterest pin. Make sure to include a brief list or description of services that an agency or company offers to their clients to assist them. Link the company’s website on the pin so each share of the pin will redirect individuals to the source website.

it software pinterest

Food Pinterest

A food Pinterest pin gives people an idea of the food services that a company offers to its clients. These ranges from appetizer to dessert ideas, depending on the specialty an organization offers. Make scrumptious yet informative designs for the graphic to encourage audiences to acquire products or services.

food pinterest

Pinterest Uses, Purpose, Importance

Millions of people are using Pinterest as a social media platform to share images and other visual media files with different Pinterest users collating and sharing them. It is a viral search tool for individuals for more than just looking for DIY decor and outfits and other ideas for fashion or interior landscape. As such, marketing and advertising agencies and industries can utilize the website to their advantage in influencing purchasing decisions and gaining organic traffic to their websites.

Pinterest Function as a Discovery Platform

In stark contrast to other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, Pinterest is renowned as a discovery platform where users go to be inspired and find new ideas. The venue is well suited for innovative ideas and themes, mainly when communicating in a visually appealing manner. Success on Pinterest is dependent on high-quality photography, which is precisely what creative entrepreneurs need to produce for their respective fields.

Functions as a Social Media and Search Engine

Because Pinterest functions more as a search engine than a social media platform, it has far greater long-term stability, with most pins on the site gaining popularity over time. Your strategy changes when you start to approach it like a search engine. Pinterest has aesthetic benefits that are excellent for creatives, but it also has the long-term staying ability to help you increase consistent traffic and brand recognition.

Works Better For Long-Term Strategies

With the rare viral post that brings consumers immediate traffic, Pinterest is a terrific investment for your long-term marketing plan. However, the majority of your traffic will come over time. In many respects, Pinterest functions as a wonderful cross between conventional social networking platforms and SEO. While taking time to establish, long-term marketing methods like search engine optimization help companies achieve significant, scalable outcomes, with Pinterest being an example of a social media platform.

Has Virtual Automation

Individuals can essentially automate most of the daily activities related to Pinterest, similar to many other social media networks, like Facebook or Instagram. When using the tool to expand your business, you must weigh the time commitment against the benefit received. Obtaining software that works well with the social media tool and complies with all the requirements, using different software to pre-schedule pins, and putting them on various boards at regular intervals.

Plan and Prepare During the Off Season

When used wisely, the offseason can be a potent weapon for scaling out the marketing activities with media artists using the time of year when things are busy and another when things are slower. During the off-season, planning, developing, and implementing the schedule of pins is available for Pinterest. People can design various pins, construct various descriptions, and prepare for the posts by combining Pinterest with a wider marketing strategy for the company.

What’s on Pinterest? Parts?

Home feed

The home feed is where users find pins, people, and businesses that interest an individual based on recent activity, also showing pins from people and boards a user follows.

Search bar

The search bar enables users to find and discover new ideas, people, and trends, exploring suggestions or new topics.

Pinterest Pin

Pins are the posts individuals see on Pinterest, and these are the ideas people save from various websites and social media pages.

Pinterest Boards

Pinterest boards contain the pins that the user crafts or saves, sorting them into various categories for the pins for an organized look.

Pinterest Profile

The Pinterest profile is a public page that enables individuals to share something about themselves, containing personal information, including their name, gender, location, and spoken languages.

How to Design a Pinterest Template

1. Determine the Pinterest Template Size
2. Specify the purpose of the Pinterest template
3. Select from Pinterest Templates
4. Get inspiration from various sources
5. Craft multiple artboards
6. Design the Pinterest template
7. Save the file as PSDT

Pinterest Vs. Tumblr

Pinterest acts as a link-sharing site that uses a multi-column format, linking the photo or video online to its source while automatically indicating the source of an image.

Tumblr is a microblogging social media website with a linear post format that can link photos to their source by copying and pasting the link the user gets it from.

What’s the Difference Between Pinterest, Twitter & Snapchat?

Pinterest is a social media network that enables users to save and discover information in the form of ideas, visual sharing, and discovering new interests.

On the other hand, Twitter functions as a micro-blogging website, enabling users to generate posts about various topics, including politics, news, anime, etc., reaching a large audience through public posts.

Snapchat is a more private social media platform that enables users to share media files from one user to another, which they can access for a limited period before it becomes inaccessible.

Pinterest Sizes

Pinterest has many features and tools that users navigate to create their Pinterest boards and share the collection with different users. Generate various Pinterest sizes for different sections of a Pinterest profile to attract users to view your content and share ideas with many people about varying topics.

Pinterest Ideas & Examples

Pinterest is the home of many ideas and topics that people collate and gather through searching the web, and browsing many different websites to create a board with a specific theme or aesthetic. Plan out various Pinterest ideas for boards and the feed to specify categories for people searching for specific topics or subjects that interest them.


What information is on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform containing visual posts in image or video files through common themes or categories.

What are Pinterest’s main features?

The primary features of Pinterest consist of creating pins, looking at trending topics, constructing a creative gallery for categories, and sharing pins with different individuals.

What kind of platform is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform that connects people worldwide.

Is Pinterest good for creativity?

Pinterest encourages creativity by using different topics and ideas for blogs, occasions, and other events.

How does Pinterest get its images?

Pinterest users pin or save images, videos, and other visual content across the internet and on the platform to different and categorized boards with direct links to the original content.

What is unique about Pinterest?

What makes Pinterest unique compared to other photo-sharing websites is that its business model focuses on having users curate content from existing photos from friends, other users, organizations, and other people across the web.

Does Pinterest have a limit?

Pinterest limits its users to having 2,000 Pinterest boards in secret and group boards, with over 200,000 pins, and the following count of 50,000 users.

Why do students use Pinterest?

Through Pinterest, students can develop problem-solving skills and gain an ounce of independence.

What are Pinterest keywords?

Pinterest keywords are specific word searches and queries of Pinterest users in a blog niche to find the content they are looking for.

What is Pinterest’s competitive advantage?

What makes Pinterest different from its competitors is that it focuses on simpler topics and items while avoiding hot-button problems and issues in social issues, news, and politics.

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