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Table of Contents

  1. Cookbook Definition and Meaning
  2. What Is a Cookbook?
  3. 10 Types of Cookbooks
  4. Cookbook Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s in a Cookbook? Parts?
  6. How to Design a Cookbook
  7. Cookbook Vs. Recipe Book
  8. What’s the Difference between a Cookbook, Recipe, and Food?
  9. Cookbook Sizes
  10. Cookbook Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Cookbook


Cookbooks are your ultimate source of cooking information, from food preparation, recipes, and instructions down to serving the food itself. It contains more than just the ingredients to perfect a recipe; it also describes the art of cooking itself.

Cookbook Definition and Meaning

A cookbook is a book of every recipe you can follow and other details related to cooking and food preparation.

That means a cookbook is the same as a cookery book, which records cooking instructions and recipes.

What Is a Cookbook?

A cookbook is your ultimate instruction book that explains how to prepare dishes in a series of steps. Whether you are new to cooking or an established chef, a cookbook marks your secret weapon in the kitchen to ace cooking. And there are just so many dishes you can learn from a cookbook, whether you opt for vegetarian meals, American cuisine, Paleo diet, French food, and exotic meals.

10 Types of Cookbooks

Restaurant Cookbook

Customers get a glimpse of your restaurant, cafe, or resto bar’s food list using a restaurant cookbook. A tip is to display your restaurant’s best food photography shots, such as chicken, farm grill, and other bestselling meals in your restaurant. You can check out restaurant menus for inspiration.

restaurant cookbook

Family Cookbook

Every family has its special recipe book, may it be from your great grandmother’s tasty cookies or old meat dish that has been passed in your home from generation to generation. Collate such family recipes using a family cookbook. Family cookbooks are open for creativity, and personal touches that you think would represent your family.

family cookbook

Holiday Cookbook

Do you want a cookbook that solely contains the best celebratory dishes during the holidays? Set up your holiday sample cookbook whether you need to add gold Vegas holiday meals, Mary’s mini dessert recipes, down to red and white Christmas motifs into your cookbook. And the key to designing holiday cookbooks is to make the food design look festive and exciting.

holiday cookbook

Bakery Cookbook

Try crafting bakery cookbooks if you want to pursue baking and get in touch with bakery products. From a cookie, bread, muffin, or pie down to a cake, there is so much you could do to design the bakery cookbook’s cover. Or perhaps you go on a different route by showcasing your cookbook’s diabetes-free or healthy baked products.

bakery cookbook

Digital Cookbook

If you are looking for a modern approach compared to the all-time printed cookbooks, you can always go for online or digital cookbooks. Whether you go for a professional-looking digital cookbook or just a DIY online cookbook, digital cookbooks are certainly the gateway to saving trees. You don’t need to print lots of paper to produce a cookbook here.

digital cookbook

Italian Cookbook

From pizza and lasagne to pasta, you can’t deny there are a lot of world-class favorites from Italian cuisines. And you can certainly craft a simple cookbook of your favorite Italian recipes. With Italian cookbooks, you can design it using Italian-themed clipart or any element that defines Italian aesthetics.

italian cookbook

School Cookbook

When it comes to cooking recipes for the school table, original student recipes, and other school-related recipes, you can make school cookbooks instead. The preferred design for school cookbooks is not only to incorporate the school name, school logo, grade, section, etc. But at the same time, the food pictures, ingredients, and steps should still be there.

school cookbook

Hotel Cookbook

You can also have a cookbook of recipes for your hotel using a hotel recipe cookbook. It looks like any recipe cookbook, except the dishes mentioned in the cookbook, are the meals cooked in the hotel. For hotel branding purposes, be sure to include the name of your hotel, logo, and other marketing strategies.

hotel cookbook

Party Cookbook

Organize the best food recipes for parties using party cookbooks. This type of food cookbook is where the dishes enlisted inside are perfect for parties, whether you opt for a Women’s-only party, party-for-one party, birthday party, New Year party, or any celebration. So keep the party alive with celebratory designs in your party cookbook.

party cookbook

Chinese Cookbook

You can display Chinese cuisine in a printable cookbook using Chinese cookbooks. You may use designs from traditional kitchen tools such as a pot or crock down to modern instruments such as an automatic oven or air fryer. But at the same time, keep it presentable and elegant so it will still be visually pleasing.

chinese cookbook

Cookbook Uses, Purpose, Importance

Quick Reference to Loads of Recipes

You can always trust a good cookbook when you forget essential cooking information, such as the ingredients and the how-to in preparing a particular dish. Plus, you can categorize each recipe in the cookbook according to your top favorites, difficulty level, and other graphic organizers.

Balance to the Technical and Artistic Side of Cooking

The best part of a cookbook is balancing the technical side of cooking dishes and the artistic aspect of presetting the food in the right vision, texture, or flavor. This makes them the perfect tool for cooking something for your kids, friends, or neighbors.

A Prerequisite for Cooking Beginners

Learn the basics of cooking by knowing the accurate record of ingredients, procedures, and platting guides needed for each dish with cookbooks. So, study the standard guide before going into anarchist mode and test recipes according to your taste.

Room for Marketing Strategies

Besides the stylish food photography, creative editorial layout, and unique cover images and jackets of your cookbook, include your company’s business logo, author, and other sales and branding strategies to market your work.

Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Cookbooks are like long how-to articles about how to cook, what ingredients you need, and how to master cooking, all simplified and taught step-by-step in bullets and list forms.

What’s in a Cookbook? Parts?

Front and Back Covers

The front and back covers mark the first and last thing you will see on a cookbook. The front cover consists of the book’s title and main picture, while the back cover provides a short description of the material. Both need to be aesthetically pleasing and durable to make a great impression on their readers.

Title Page

The title page of the cookbook is a replica of the front cover consisting of detailed information about the book’s publishers, title, author’s name, and other introductory details of the material.

Table of Contents

Like regular books, the table of contents of a cookbook shows the different sections of the material according to its chapter titles and pages to help you locate specific contents of the cookbook.

Personal Pages

After the table of contents, a few personal pages are given for the author to introduce their cookbook and acknowledge someone.

Dividers and Recipes

The dividers and recipes are the meat of your cookbook, categorized, designed, and itemized in a list so that your readers can easily refer to every recipe written in the cookbook.

Value-Added Sections

Besides the standard dividers and recipes in a cookbook, create new or original sections to make your cookbook unique. Value-added sections make your cookbook more valuable, especially if you have interesting additional sections, such as cooking crafts for kids, nutritional tips, or chef review pages.


The index serves as a reference tool for searching specific recipes, procedures, or ingredients from the cookbook since it details essential subjects relating to the material, arranged in alphabetical order.

Ads and Sales Pages

The cookbook ads and sales pages help companies and manufacturers in the food industry market their products or services while funding your cookbook’s printing and publishing fees.

what’s in a cookbook parts

How to Design a Cookbook

1. Choose a Cookbook Size

2. Decide the Purpose of the Cookbook

3. Select the Cookbook Template

4. Insert the Key Cookbook Details (Recipes, Instructions, Etc.)

5. Personalize and Design Your Cookbook

6. Produce the Cookbook in Your Favorite Format

You can also refer to these helpful articles on how to create cookbooks in other file formats:

how to design a cookbook

Cookbook Vs. Recipe Book

A cookbook is a collection of recipes, cooking processes, and other technical and artistic details about cooking.

A recipe book focuses only on the list of recipes rather than talking about cooking in general.

What’s the Difference between a Cookbook, Recipe, and Food?

A cookbook records recipes, food procedures, and cooking information.

A recipe is an instructional list of preparing a specific dish and what ingredients are needed.

Food simply refers to what humans and animals eat to sustain, live, and grow.

Cookbook Sizes

There are three standard sizes for cookbooks: portrait, landscape, and square sizes. Selecting the appropriate cookbook size is an essential step to consider, particularly how much information can fit in the cookbook, its purpose, and how you like the layout or design to turn out.

cookbook sizes

Cookbook Ideas & Examples

Creative designs are surely attainable when it comes to forming your cookbook. Get inspiration from our cookbook ideas and examples where you learn different examples from a family cookbook down to an event cookbook.


What makes a good cookbook?

A good cookbook contains recipe lists, ingredients, cooking steps, food photography, editorial layout, beautiful covers, and marketing strategies.

What should a cookbook include?

A cookbook contains a title, introduction, equipment list, ingredients with measurements, preparation instructions, step-by-step processes, time estimation, serving suggestions, and footnotes.

How many recipes are usually in a cookbook?

An average cookbook normally contains around 300-400 recipes.

How is the cookbook organized?

You can organize cookbooks by collating all recipes, grouping recipes according to format, using graphic organizers in presenting recipes, labeling or categorizing recipes, and using the appropriate organization system that works for your cookbook.

How many recipes should a cookbook have?

Although the average cookbook contains around 300-400 recipes, having 150 recipes in a cookbook can already be enough for beginners.

What are the key elements of a great cookbook recipe?

The main elements of a good cookbook recipe are the recipe title, headnote, ingredients list, and recipe steps.

How to print your own cookbook?

Choose a cookbook template from, edit its content, then print it according to your preferred size, format, and layout.

How to publish a cookbook?

You can publish a cookbook by pitching your idea to local publishers first, along with your cookbook proposal that highlights the cookbook’s concept, target audience, and budget.

How to add recipes to a cookbook?

You can manually insert additional pages of recipes into a cookbook, but if you are using a digital cookbook, simply expand your recipe box tab and have a button specifically for adding recipes.

How to make a cookbook on Google Docs?

Just select and optimize a cookbook Google Docs template, and you can create a cookbook in Google Docs shortly.

How to organize cookbook recipes?

You may organize cookbook recipes with a recipe binder, a personal file drawer, a recipe card, or a journal.

How can I add a recipe?

To add a recipe to a cookbook or any recipe-driven document, just copy the information of the recipe you want to add and transfer it to your main recipe list or database.

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