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3+ Logistics Quotation Templates in PDF | MS Word

Have you experienced buying an item while you ended up paying more than the actual price because you either got scammed or you didn’t check the bill? It’s surely a bother, especially if you lost big cash from it. You avoid that situation again when you always ask for the official bill or quotation for any purchase. Creating quotation templates also applies to logistics businesses like when parcels undergo shipping to transport it to clients. Thus, the quotation will be useful to identify the price of such items or even what it contains. There are various formats you can use if you plan to make a logistics quote like the quotation templates in Word or any format that you think suits best to your needs.

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What Is Logistics Quotation?

Quotation, in logistics, refers to an official document that states the cost and relevant information about goods being shipped or delivered. As logistics companies rely on shipping, transporting, or distributing products to specific locations, it is necessary to track packages according to their descriptions, prices, and other info that you find in the quote. Thus, logistics quotes are as useful as a sale quotation for having details on the number of products, the amount, and so forth.

Saving in Logistics Costs

While there are various items or products transported anytime, you also expect costs involved along the transactions. Quotations generally cover the costs and it is beneficial for both companies and customers to practice saving money. To save basically is good news on all parties anyway. A bunch of factors will be recorded on the quotation like the shipping rate, handling fee, warranty, packaging fee, and more. Saving on those factors is a good start to experience financial benefits like when you practice tips in reducing shipping rates or engage in negotiations for some transactions. Keep track on the metrics to know of the current amount and how you can save.

3+ Logistics Quotation Templates in PDF | MS Word

1. Logistics Quotation Form Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 40.5 KB


2. Logistics Quotation Procedures Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 31.8 KB


3. Logistics Quotation Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 75.2 KB


4. Transport Logistics Quotation Template in DOC

File Format
  • DOC

Size: 22.0 KB


5 Steps in Making Logistics Quotation

Logistics quotation will be useful on many applications from a freight forwarder, supply chain, billing, or even proof of purchase. The template used for the quotes must be managed properly wherein it will not create any conflict for being understandable and detailed at the same time. Information placed there should be reviewed carefully anyway because wrong numbers and data will invite complaints soon. It could ruin the business in terms of reputation by giving a faulty quote. Make it clear with quotation templates in PDF, Pages, or any option of your choice.

Step 1: Check Out Common Examples

You get ideas on how quotations are done by researching online, but you shouldn’t copy every detail you find. All logistics companies have to observe their original touch in quotes, too, like in adding the business logo, company contact info, and so forth. You adjust on what to add or not to the quote, mainly when formats differ. For example, you could be handling quotation templates in Excel, and you find some features which are present in another form so that you will adjust again. Go for the example that’s not giving you a hard time.

Step 2: Make Tables and Label

Quotations generally have a table to segregate details according to their labels. The number of tables, rows, and columns will depend on what labels you will add there. Be sure the essential parts of the quotation will be around like the quantity, specification, price, total amount, date, or tracking number. A common problem is when wrong labels are present because people who will input data later may get confused about what to write.

Step 3: Highlight on Important Information

To highlight information may be required to grab attention quickly on the people who check the quote. Using bold letters is even what most stores use upon mentioning that they are on sale to catch the attention of the public. That idea also applies to quotes wherein business names, tracking numbers, or total prices get highlighted, so your eyes quickly get drawn to such details. You don’t have to bold everything, though, since only the most vital points deserve that.

Step 4: Mind the Measurements

You finalize on the size for quotes wherein it is not too large or small. You surely like it short to save resources and not make it bulky. However, tinier versions may be hard to read already. Forms that are no longer readable will be a failure since there can be debates associated with the unclear information. You mind measurements in terms of spacing, too, because some quotes barely have any room to write down additional info. Make adjustments to every measure until you derive the best outcome soon.

Step 5: Provide the Correct Data

The real deal starts with putting the data gathered from names, prices, and others to the correct label. You review this many times because maybe the price of a single item was placed at the total amount when that isn’t the total yet. Issues occur when the amount doesn’t match with how much the client is expected to pay. Thus, companies correct all quotes and purchase receipts before inviting conflicts. Forgetting to make evaluations can invite mistakes, and even a tiny bit of error will already give an impression to the business making that quote.

Quotes and bills are useful evidence. You realize that when you prove to anyone about how much you paid. The same goes for how much is expected of you to pay. Don’t take it lightly because experiencing losses with money is no joke. You could have saved your extra cash for essential reasons like your monthly bills, personal loans, and needs. Companies shouldn’t take advantage of changing prices from the quotation without informing clients ahead too because that is dishonesty. In properly creating the quote, it implements a positive relationship from customers and logistics businesses.

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