How Do I Edit a Microsoft Sway Document?

Although Microsoft Sway could not offer that many design templates, clip art, animations, and other editing tools like what you can use in MS Powerpoint, the editing techniques that you can do in this app are still endless.

How Do I Edit a Microsoft Sway Document?

Sway gives an appealing way to give the message that you want to convey. With this, you will need to go on small steps to get started.

  • Step 1: Go to Microsoft Sway

    6b69929d33c209f37cc8e89bad0beb1c43e0ccddOnce you have landed on Microsoft Sway’s homepage, immediately click on a new template. You can either click any of the suggested formats placed below “Start from a template.”

  • Step 2: Click “Start Editing this Sway”

    34a19fe9e38d7858a9bdd772af6916e19c4841b9In order for Sway to prepare your template, click “Start editing this Sway.”

  • Step 3: Start Editing Your Sway

    0e140dd1dc3a436fce55d4bedc59c5654c31038cOnce you have clicked “Start editing this Sway”, you can now start editing your presentation by navigating to the “Storyline” and “Design” modes.


Is Microsoft Sway Interactive?

Yes. One of the best features of Microsoft Sway is that you can share your Sway with multiple users and view or edit the same output at the same time.

What are the Two Modes in Microsoft Sway?

The two modes that you can use in Microsoft Sway are “Storyline” and “Design.”

Can You Embed Microsoft Sway in Google Mail?

Yes. You can copy and paste your Sway URL into Google Mail.

Can You Edit Sway Offline?

You can only edit a Sway offline when you have a fully installed Microsoft 365. 

Who Can See My Sway Outputs?

Users that you have sent your Sway links will be able to either view or edit your Sway outputs anytime and anywhere.