How to Add Signature in Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is accessible in sending and receiving responses. Responders of the form can incorporate their signatures to validate that they are the ones who sent the answers.

How to Add Signature in Microsoft Forms

A digital signature may be used for many of the same reasons that you would sign a physical document. Once a form is signed, either the full form or a portion of the signed form cannot be changed.

  • Step 1: Open Microsoft Forms

    The first step you will need to do is to open and log in to your Microsoft Forms account so you can access your list of forms. When you develop a form template, you may enable digital signatures, allowing users to add them to the entire form or select sections of the form.

  • Step 2: Open ‘Form Options’

    Click ‘Form Options’ from the ‘Tools’ menu. There, you can locate ‘Digital Signatures’ under ‘Category’, and proceed to click ‘Enable digital signatures for the full form’. 


    Browser-compatible form templates only accept digital signatures for specified areas of the form template.

  • Step 3: Design a Form Template

    If the form template was created using a database, a Web service, or an XML Schema that includes a digital signature namespace, click Select XPath to select the data source group where the signature should be placed. 


    This option is not accessible if you create a form template that is not based on a database, a Web service, or an XML Schema with a digital namespace.

  • Step 4: Set Signature Required

    Click the field or group for which you wish to allow digital signatures in the ‘Select a Field or Group’ dialog box, and then click ‘OK.’ Select the ‘Prompt user to sign the form’ if it is submitted without a signature check box if you want users to sign the form before submitting it. 


    If you haven’t previously enabled form submission for the form template, do so after checking this box.


Does Microsoft have an electronic signature?

You have two alternatives for obtaining a digital signature: get one from a Microsoft partner or make your own electronic signature.

How do you create a consent form in Microsoft forms?

Insert a ‘Section Break’ box at the start of your form then click on ‘Field Settings’, paste the terms of service or consent statement into the ‘User Instructions’ text box.

What is an official eSignature?

Any electronic method that demonstrates approval of an agreement or a document is referred to as an electronic signature.

Does Microsoft have anything like DocuSign?

DocuSign eSignature connects with the most popular business programs, such as Microsoft Office 365, making it simple to sign and get signatures directly from the apps you use most.

Does Microsoft have a document signing app?

Signeasy for Microsoft Teams is a fully integrated software that turns Teams members become document experts.