How to Make a Booklet in Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher can efficiently create a booklet from an idea to a publish-ready design through its easy-to-edit features and tools. Start making one for yourself with the help of this simple tutorial on how to make a booklet in MS Publisher. how-to-make-a-booklet-in-microsoft-publisher

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How to Make a Booklet in Microsoft Publisher

With Microsoft Publisher, you can quickly and efficiently design, create, and publish a range of publications, including booklets.


  • Step 1: Select the Page Design Tab

    Start your Microsoft Publisher program and open a new blank publication. Then, go to the Page Design tab and click on the Size arrow-down button. At the bottom of the dropdown menu that displays, click on “More Preset Page Sizes”.

  • Step 2: Choose the Page Size for the Booklet

    A Preset Page Sizes menu appears. Select the Booklets folder. Choose any booklet size that is appropriate for your requirements. Based on the provided image, for example, you can choose the first 1/2 Letter Booklet option, which has a page size of 5.5×8.5 inches. This booklet produces four pages per sheet of paper (the first and fourth pages are printed on one side of the sheet, while the second and third pages are printed on the other side, allowing you to read all four pages when you fold the sheet in half). Click OK.

  • Step 3: Add Text to the Booklet

    To add text to your booklet, select the Insert tab of the Publisher ribbon and click on the Draw Text Box option. Drag the pointer to the desired location on the first page where you want to type the text. Simply click on the Home tab and choose a font, font size, and alignment to format your text. Repeat the process for the other text that you want to include in your booklet.

  • Step 4: Add Picture to the Booklet

    By selecting Pictures from the Insert menu, you can add pictures from your computer. Click Online Pictures to access Bing Image Search to find pictures online. To resize the picture without changing its aspect ratio, simply drag any corner of the picture. Just drag an image to where you want it to appear to move it. If you want to change how text wraps around an image, right-click the image and select the Text Wrap icon.

  • Step 5: Save the Booklet

    If you are satisfied and done with your booklet, save it on your computer. In doing so, click the File tab and select Save As. Pick a location for the booklet, type in the file name of your booklet, and select a file type in the “Save as type” field. Make a copy of your booklet in the Publisher Files (.pub) file format for future editing. Once done, click the Save button.


Can I make a booklet in Microsoft Word?

Yes, you can choose to start from scratch or simply select a built-in template to create a booklet in Microsoft Word.

What is the effective size for a booklet?

The best size for booklets is 8.5×11 inches, which is the same size as standard copy paper.

How do I print the booklet?

Click the File tab, select Print, select the right printer to print the booklet, make any appropriate adjustments in the Settings section, choose Letter as the printed paper size for the booklet, check every booklet page in the Preview, and click the Print button to start printing.