How to Make a Booklet in Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint offers a designing feature that allows you to make a booklet for displaying your PPT Slides. With this, your output will look like a mini book-style presentation being flipped as you click next during your slide show presentation. how-to-make-a-booklet-in-microsoft-powerpoint

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How to Make a Booklet in Microsoft PowerPoint

Indeed, booklets are much easier to make in Microsoft Word when you need to print documents that fit booklet formats. But with Microsoft PowerPoint, you create booklets for the sake of seeing the flipping of pages on a slide show; hence, the booklet is a form of animation for slides.

  • Step 1: Access Microsoft PowerPoint


    Make sure you have installed Microsoft Office tools to have access to PowerPoint. Then, create or open an existing PPT file that you want to make a booklet with.

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  • Step 2: Set a Booklet Background Color


    Right-click on the first slide and click “Format Background” to choose a booklet background color. Then, tap “Apply to All” when you have chosen your preferred background color.

  • Step 3: Insert Pages


    Hit the “Insert” tab found on the upper menu of your PPT screen. Then, click “Insert Pages” so that every slide has a corresponding page.

  • Step 4: Add Texts and Images to Each Page


    Make sure you already have plans on what the booklet should look like before you even use Microsoft Office PowerPoint. So add whatever element is needed to your slides such as texts and pictures and format them as to how you would layout your booklet. Don’t forget to add new slides if you need more pages for your mini-book.

  • Step 5: Create Animations for Page Turns


    After designing every slide, select “Create Animations” specifically “Page Turns” because it is through these animations that your booklet will be flipped as pages during a slide show presentation. To see the outcome, click the “Slide Show” tab on the top menu followed by “From Beginning.” So as you move to the next slide, the transition during the slide show would look like you are turning a page of a book.


How do you print a PowerPoint as a booklet?

Head to the “Page Layout” tab, choose “Brochure” as your layout since a brochure is the closest to a booklet layout, click “All pages” from the drop-down menu, and tap “Print.”

How do I make a booklet in PowerPoint 2020?

Latest PPT versions such as PowerPoint 2020 have an option for booklet printing by opening the file you want to print as a booklet, selecting “Page Setup” found in the “Page Design” category, clicking “Booklet” for the layout type on the dialog box that appears, and setting the standard width in 8.5 in and height in 11 in.

Can I make a digital planner in PowerPoint?

Yes, you can definitely create a Microsoft PowerPoint file in a planner format which you can edit on your computer or device anytime.

How do I create a booklet or book in Microsoft Word?

In Microsoft Word, head to “Layout,” click “Margins,” select “Custom Margins,” and change the setting options for multiple pages into a book fold.