How to Add More Highlight Colors to Microsoft Word

Mircosoft Word’s highlighting feature can help you emphasize important info and improve the readability of your document. That said, it would be a great idea to learn the steps on adding highlight colors in Microsoft Word. how-to-add-more-highlight-colors-to-microsoft-word

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How to Add More Highlight Colors to Microsoft Word

Highlight colors are very useful in directing readers to important notes and phrases in a document. Applying highlights in Microsoft Word is simple as adding fonts. Just follow these steps and you’ll be able to highlight your text in no time.

  • Step 1: Open Your Microsoft Word Document

    Sign in to Microsoft Word and open your saved MS Word document that needs highlights. It could be a business letter, report, agreement letter, contract, or any document. If you don’t have a saved document yet, just start with a blank one and write your content.

  • Step 2: Select Text

    Once your document is opened, select the text that needs to be highlighted. It could be a single word, a phrase, a sentence, or an entire paragraph. Place the insertion point on the left side of the text’s first character, press and hold your mouse’s left button, and drag the cursor. If you need to select all text, use the function to select all in Microsoft Word.


  • Step 3: Go to the Home Tab and Select the Highlight Icon


    After selecting a text, open the Home tab in the menu bar. You can find it right next to the File tab. Once you’re in the Home tab, look for the highlight icon and select it.

  • Step 4: Select a Highlight Color

    After clicking the highlight icon/button, a drop-down menu will appear showing multiple color options. Select any color you like to set as the highlight color of your phrase, sentence, or paragraph. The highlight color will automatically apply to the text right after you choose a color from the drop-down menu.



What’s the difference between highlight colors and font colors in MS Word?

Highlight colors are the colors of the highlight effect applied to certain parts of the text, whereas font colors are the colors of the characters in the text.

Is there a shortcut to apply highlight colors to text in MS Word?

Yes, there’s a shortcut to applying highlight colors to text in MS Word and it can be done as soon as a pop-up panel that contains the highlight tool appears after selecting a text.

What highlight colors are available in MS Word?

There are many highlight colors available in MS Word such as yellow, green, cyan, magenta, blue, red, dark blue, dark cyan, dark green, dark magenta, dark red, dark yellow, grey, light grey, and black.

Should I use bright highlight colors in MS Word?

Using bright highlight colors isn’t a strict rule but it’s highly recommended because they make the highlighted text stand out better than using dark colors.