How to Automatically Fill PDF Forms Using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel enables you to automatically send data from an Excel table into certain PDF forms. These forms can be subsequently saved under various names. how-to-automatically-fill-pdf-forms-using-microsoft-excel-01

How to Automatically Fill PDF Forms Using Microsoft Excel

PDF forms are very powerful and popular. Microsoft Excel provides a basic yet helpful tool called Export XML Data that many users are unaware of. The Developer Tab, XML Group from the Ribbon provides access to this feature.


  • Step 1: Prepare the Excel Structure for Export

    The data structure that the PDF form requests may vary; for instance, if the PDF form includes simple fields, you can set any structure you like in a range of adjacent or nonadjacent cells. Otherwise, you must prepare data to be exported from a defined table if the PDF form has a table form.

  • Step 2: Extract the PDF Form’s XML Structure


    After the workbook is imported into Excel, the cells will be mapped using this XML file. In this step, you will need a PDF viewer software like Adobe Acrobat Pro, FoxitReader, or PDF XChange Viewer to be used to import or export data from a PDF form. Using Adobe Acrobat Pro, extract the PDF form’s XML structure by selecting Tools, Forms, Manage Form Data, then Export Data to export form data in XML format. Using FoxitReader, extract the PDF form’s XML structure by selecting the Form tab, Export, to a New File to export form data in XML format.

  • Step 3: Map the XML file to Excel Sheet


    To practice the following steps, you should first remove the existing XML map from the downloaded file. To do so, click the XML Maps button, select Map, and then click Delete. In Excel, click the Source button on the Developer tab to see the XML Source panel. You should see an XML Maps button at the bottom of this panel. Click it to open the XML Maps dialog window, then select Add and browse for the xml file that was exported in step 2. To start mapping, simply drag xml fields to the corresponding worksheet cells. You can also drag the element to the cell, right-click the element and choose to Map Element, or you can just select the cell and double-click the element.


What is a PDF?

The acronym PDF stands for portable document format, and regardless of the software, hardware, or operating systems being used by everyone who examines the document; this adaptable file format from Adobe provides individuals with a simple, dependable way to show and trade data.

What are PDF forms used for?

A PDF containing a calculated form has numerous potential applications, including order forms, assessments and exams, and invoices, and PDF forms can also be used to make simple offline personality tests, as well as membership forms and risk assessments.

Is it simple to use Microsoft Excel to automatically fill out PDF forms?

Yes, you just have to follow three simple steps to automatically fill out PDF forms in Microsoft Excel: preparation of the Excel structure for export, extracting the PDF form’s XML structure, and mapping the XML file to an Excel sheet.