How to Block Someone on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a digital collaboration software that allows users to interact with one another via Microsoft Teams. Due to the social nature of this software, there may be some instances where the user will interact with someone they may find disturbing or hostile. how-to-block-someone-on-microsoft-teams

How to Block Someone on Microsoft Teams

Blocking a person in this context prevents the blocked person from directly interacting, messaging, and tagging the user while they are using Microsoft Teams. This software allows the user to block people they do not want to communicate with from their contacts list in one go.

  • Step 1 – Open Microsoft Teams


    Any version of Microsoft Teams allows the user to block anyone on their Microsoft Office contacts list. Begin by launching Microsoft Teams on the desktop, and signing in to the Microsoft Office account with the person the user wants to block from their contacts list.

  • Step 2 – Select the Chat Tab


    The Chat tab in Microsoft Teams allows the user to access their contacts list. To access the Chat tab in Microsoft Teams, the user will need to press the “Chat” button on the ribbon.

  • Step 3 – Toggle User Option Dropdown and Block the User


    This list is sorted based on the most recent message they have sent to the user. To block a person in Microsoft Teams, the user must first locate the person they want to block, right-click their name, and select the Block option from the dropdown to immediately block the person from your contacts list.


How long does the block last in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Office will block the chosen person’s Microsoft Office Account for an indefinite period, which will last until the user decides to unblock the person.

Can I unblock any of the blocked people on my Contacts List in Microsoft Teams?

Yes, you can unblock a person on your contacts list in Microsoft Teams, which can be done by first opening the Settings dropdown via the ··· button, selecting the “Settings” button to open the Settings window, choosing the Privacy tab, clicking the Edit Blocked Contacts option, picking a contact to unblock, and finally left-clicking the “Unblock” button to unblock the person.

If I block the person in Microsoft Teams and unblock them, will they automatically be removed from my contacts?

No, Microsoft Teams does not automatically delete the user from your contact list when you block or unblock them; if the user wants to delete the person from their contact list, they may do so by opening Microsoft Outlook on their web browser and deleting them from the contact list through Microsoft Outlook.

Will the blocked person be notified if I have blocked them in Microsoft Teams?

No, the blocked person will not be notified outright by Microsoft Teams or any of the Microsoft Office software; instead, the user can surmise they have been blocked as this function prevents them from tagging, mentioning, and messaging you directly.

Can the blocked person message or mention me on a group channel both of us are a part of?

Yes, when you block someone in Microsoft Teams, they will not be able to message or interact with you directly, but if both you and the blocked person are on the same group chat or team, they may message or mention you through there instead.