How to Change Font in Microsoft Forms

You may change the font style, font size, and text color to personalize the look of your survey. Text formatting may be applied to the majority of the components in Microsoft Forms.

How to Change Font in Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is not only easy to use in creating forms, but it allows owners to customize the presentation of their respective forms. Microsoft Form has many font sizes to adjust the size of your text, including big, medium, and small, so users may change the font size of the text in their forms to the font size they choose.

  • Step 1: Open Your Chosen Form

    Whether it is a survey or a questionnaire, you may want to customize it further. After signing in your login details in Microsoft Forms, proceed and peruse through your list of forms and select the one you want to edit.

  • Step 2: Change Text Format

    Choose the format for your form text on the Design tab. The formatting toolbar is displayed. Double-tap or highlight the text in the form on the form. Click the Bold button (B) or use Ctrl + B on the keyboard to bold the text. Click the Italic button (I) or press Ctrl + I on the keyboard to add italics to the text. Click the Underlining button (U) or press Ctrl + U on the keyboard to add an underline to the text.


    This functionality is enabled by default for all Microsoft Forms users.

  • Step 3: Adding Text Color and Editing the Size

    To add colors to the text, click the ‘Font Color’ option and select the desired color. To add a font size to the text, click the ‘Font Size’ button and choose a font size from Large, Medium, or Small.


    To format the footer text, first, enable ‘Customize message’, then pick the text and utilize the formatting toolbar.


Can you bold text on Microsoft Forms?

Yes, Microsoft provides formatting capabilities for your content in forms like as bold, italic, underline, color, font size, numbers, and bullets which helps in the layout of your entire form.

How can I customize Microsoft Forms?

You may modify your forms by utilizing Microsoft Forms’ theme tool, which allows you to add built-in themes to your forms, use photos from the web, or upload images from your files.

Are there templates for Microsoft Forms?

You may select from a variety of Microsoft Office Forms Templates for quick completion, and you can customize the features to meet your specific requirements.

Can you add graphics to Microsoft Forms?

Open the form you want to change in Microsoft Forms and click ‘Insert Image’ or the picture frame button, which gives you the option to search for photos in Bing, a OneDrive folder, or from your personal computer or device.

What is the banner size for Microsoft Forms?

You might find that adding banners will help to make your form unique and unless you construct a consistent-sized form for all of your forms, a 500 × 125-pixel banner picture would be suitable and recommended.