How to Change Idle Time in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has a lot of automatic features that help the user out in many ways. One of these features automatically sets the user’s status to idle when the user has not moved or done any actions within a specific timeframe. how-to-change-idle-time-in-microsoft-teams

How to Change Idle Time in Microsoft Teams

The purpose of the idle time feature is to help track user’s who have logged in to Microsoft Teams but have not interacted with the program during a specific timeframe. The change of the user’s status to “Away” may lead to some misunderstandings and wrong assumptions.

  • Step 1 – Launch Microsoft Teams on the User’s Desktop


    The idle time feature is incorporated in all the versions of Microsoft Teams, including both the free and the paid versions of Microsoft Teams. Start by launching Microsoft Teams on the user’s desktop via the home or the start shortcut. The user can also opt for the web version of Microsoft Teams by opening this website on their web browser.

  • Step 2 – Open the Profile Dropdown


    After the user has launched Microsoft Teams, they will now have access to the profile dropdown, where the user may edit or manipulate different aspects of their profile. To open the profile dropdown, the user will click their profile icon on the top right corner of the window.

  • Step 3 – Set the User’s Profile Status


    Before the user should change the duration of their status, they must first set their profile status in Microsoft Teams. To change their status, the user will have to click the “Available” status to open the dropdown and then select their desired status from among these options.

  • Step 4 – Click Set Status Message


    After the user has set their desired status, they may now proceed to change the duration of their status. This option can be accessed in the Set Status Message pane on the profile dropdown. Press the “Set Status Message” button on the profile dropdown to access this page.

  • Step 5 – Choose a Duration for the Status


    After the user has successfully accessed the Set Status Message pane, they will now be able to select the duration of their status before it will be cleared and reset. Click the dropdown and select the appropriate timeframe the user wants their status to last.


How do I reset the duration of my status in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams allows the user to reset any changes they have made to both their current status and the duration of said status via a single button; start by opening the Profile dropdown, then press the Active Status, and select the Reset Status option on the dropdown.

Are there other ways to prevent my status from becoming Away in Microsoft Teams?

Yes, the default idle time set by Microsoft Teams is 5 minutes of inactivity in the said program; the user can opt to move their cursor before the 5-minute mark in Microsoft Teams to prevent their status from changing.

Is there any way to customize my status in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams allows users to customize their online statuses to their heart’s content; to customize your status in Microsoft Teams, the user will just need to open the Profile dropdown, select the Set Status Message option, type out what you want your status to be, and finally click Done to set your status.

Will my team members know the duration I set my status as in Microsoft Teams?

No, your team members can’t preview and know the duration you have set your status to have in Microsoft Teams.

If I don’t set the duration and set my status to Be Right Back, will it automatically change when I hit idle time?

No, since Be Right Back is one of the idle statuses in Microsoft Teams, it will not change when you hit the default idle time of 5 minutes; if you want to change your status, you may do so by manually changing your status on the profile dropdown.