How to Create/Edit a Microsoft Form

Microsoft Forms, like many other Microsoft applications, are easy to maneuver and handle when you are in need of undergoing changes within the content. Go through this tutorial on how you can create or edit quizzes, polls, and surveys in Microsoft Forms. how-to-createedit-a-microsoft-form

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How to Create/Edit a Microsoft Form

The accessibility and smooth editing option in Microsoft Form make it a well-regarded tool in allowing owners to perform quick changes and the save indicator found on the top left corner, this confirms that each edit made is automatically saved. This prevents you from losing the effort made into polishing the form you have created.

  • Step 1: Open Microsoft Form

    Creating a Microsoft Form can be easily done through the ‘New Form’ button, which would lead you to a blank sheet. For pre-existing forms, whether you created them from scratch or have selected a form template, you can select them to do necessary changes.

  • Step 2: Editing Title and Description

    Hover over the title and description section and select the part you want to do some changes to. Whether it is the entire title or just a portion of it, you will need to remove it by highlighting the entire thing or word or pressing backspace multiple times before inserting the preferred title or word you would want.

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  • Step 3: Adding or Changing Images

    Nearby the title and description section, the ‘Add Image’ button allows you to include images in your forms. If you have a pre-existing image but don’t find that it matches your form, you can easily click on the button again, and as the panel opens up, browse through the newer image you prefer.

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  • Step 4: Encode Questions


    Clicking the ‘Add New’ button will allow you to incorporate questions to your forms, with various types to select from, such as choices, rating, Likert, text, etc. If you want to change your selected type, hover over the bin icon to remove that unwanted type and repeat the process to proceed with selecting a different type.

  • Step 5: Question Specifications

    After adding a sufficient number of questions that you want your respondents to answer, you can tinker more with the settings of each question. You can either specify whether that question is required, especially pertaining to relevant questions, or not be required, for confidential data. Furthermore, you can also add a subtitle, a label, and branching.


Can I edit a Microsoft Form after submission?

When a Microsoft Form is submitted, the respondent is not able to retrieve the form and it disallows them from editing their answers.

Can you edit Microsoft Forms after sharing?

When you share a form or quiz to collaborate, you retain ownership and it remains in your Forms portal, but your co-authors may access and update it using the URL you provided.

Can you edit questions in Microsoft Forms?

While on the Design Page, move your cursor over the question you want to alter or edit, then click it and add the necessary changes you want to make.

Is the MS Form only available online?

Since Microsoft Form is a web-based application it is only available while you are connected to the internet and does not have any offline capabilities.

How do I create a multiple choice form in Microsoft Forms?

Whether or not you have a pre-existing form or a blank sheet, selecting the ‘Add New’ button will open up the various types of questions within the form which includes choices as it offers multiple options respondents can choose from.