How to Create Microsoft Form in Mobile

Microsoft Forms is not only accessible on web browsers but on mobile devices as well. Users who are limited to mobile devices don’t have to worry as they can create forms using their phones. how-to-create-microsoft-form-in-mobile

How to Create Microsoft Form in Mobile

Forms made while on mobile devices will have certain limitations and differences when making them on a web browser. But the important thing is content which is still able to be shown well even when made through a phone.

  • Step 1: Download Microsoft Office


    Go to the Play Store or App Store and search for Microsoft Office. Select the office app and install it if it is not yet installed. Log in using your Microsoft account after installing the program. When you launch the application, you will be met by a list of Microsoft’s available tools.

  • Step 2: Click ‘Actions’

    At the bottom right of the mobile screen, select ‘Actions.’ It will display further options such as scan pdf, convert pdf to word, and so on. Scroll down and locate the Microsoft Forms symbol or icon.


  • Step 3: Open Microsoft Forms


    After locating the MS Forms logo, clicking ‘Create a Form’ will display an Untitled Form with an ‘Add Questions’ option. This is the equivalent of a blank form in the web browser. When you click on Untitled Form, you will be able to provide the form title and description. Enter the title and description, then click the check mark at the top to save the information.

  • Step 4: Add in Questions

    Select the “Add Question” option. It will present you with many alternatives or types of questions that you may include in the form depending on which fits your form the best. Repeat this step until you have a satisfactory number of questions that fit into the intended use of your form


  • Step 5: Generate Link and Share

    You must click on the arrow to submit the survey to individuals. This will offer you the option of copying the form link or emailing it to other users or respondents. Select an option and send the form to receive responses or answers from others.


Is Microsoft Forms available for desktop and mobile?

Yes, Microsoft Forms is available for Mac, Windows, Android, IOS, and most especially web browsers.

Can I make changes to a Microsoft Form after it has been submitted?

Respondents who have accessed the form are unable to go back to change or edit the answers they have submitted.

How do I indicate correct results in Microsoft Forms?

To add more answer options, click the ‘Add’ button and place a checkmark next to the right answer or answers and click the ‘Correct Answer’ button.

Is there a Microsoft Forms Mobile App?

Microsoft Forms does not have an independent mobile application; however, you may download the Microsoft Office App for Android or iOS, which allows you to administer Microsoft Forms from your mobile device.

Is it possible to create a form compatible with a mobile device on forms?

With HTML, cHTML, or xHTML, you may design a browser-compatible form template for most mobile devices, including PDAs, smartphones, and any device that supports a web browser.