How to Download Microsoft Teams Recording

When you use Microsoft Teams to record a meeting, you will have the option to play back that recording at a later time. This will allow you to replay any portion of the meeting for which you require further information or clarification. However, in addition to playing back a recording, you have the option of downloading it for use as a reference in the future. how-to-download-microsoft-teams-recording

How to Download Microsoft Teams Recording

If you have members of your team who were not able to make it to the meeting, you can send them a recording of it so that they are still kept in the loop. You can also manage access to the recording so that it is only seen by the people you choose. This will ensure that no one else sees it. Let’s go over the several options you have for downloading, distributing, and managing access to the recordings you have stored in Microsoft Teams.

    • Step 1: Go to the comments section

      Start by scrolling down through the comments section of the ended meeting. The recording automatically appears on the comment box once it is done saving.


      • Step 2: Open the Recording

        After locating the recording in the comments section, click on the three-dotted line icon. This can be found beside the Meeting Title as shown below. A drop-down menu will pop up. Select the Open option to play the recorded meeting.

      • Step 3: Download the recording

        The default browser will pop up after clicking Open. Click on the Download option found on the upper-left-hand side of the screen.


        • Step 4: Play the Recording

          After downloading, go to your downloads file, and you can play the recording to review the meeting. In most devices, recently downloaded files are automatically upper on the screen’s upper-right corner, as shown below.



        Where can the recording of Microsoft teams be found once it has been made?

        Recordings made in Teams are uploaded to the cloud (Office 365) and stored there for a period of time automatically. Except in the case of channel meetings, the recording is always uploaded to OneDrive. SharePoint is used to store recordings of channel meetings. In addition, a link to the meeting recording is provided in the meeting chat (or channel conversation).

        Do Microsoft teams support audio and video recording?

        Any call or meeting with the team can be recorded and saved for later review. You can safely distribute the recording throughout your organization, where it will capture not only audio and video but also screen-sharing activities.

        Do recordings on MS Teams eventually expire?

        The default setting is for all Microsoft Teams Recordings to be erased one hundred and twenty days from the date they were created. On the other hand, administrators have the ability to prevent meetings from ever ending automatically.

        How long is the maximum recording time for a meeting using Microsoft Teams?

        There are no restrictions on the length of time that the recording may be kept going or the size of the file that can be saved.

        Are there automatic recordings of all Team calls?

        By default, the meeting’s organizers, managers, or presenters are the ones who have to manually start and stop the recording.