How to Embed Microsoft Form in Email

Microsoft Form can be accessed across web browsers and mobile devices for owners who need to answer surveys, polls, and quizzes. You can embed your forms to respondents through email for convenience and even more possibility of them accessing it.

How to Embed Microsoft Form in Email

You may already know a thing or two about the importance of embedding, especially the part where embedded information displays as part of a post and adds a visual element to drive more clicks and interaction. Think of embedding a Microsoft Form in an email as an advantage when preferring to increase the interest of your potential responses.

  • Step 1: Open Preferred Microsoft Form

    If you are an avid user of Microsoft Forms, you will have various ones already made available on your Forms portal. But you should locate and carefully select the specific form you will be sending in the email as an embed code. You need to ensure that the right form is selected to avoid misunderstanding from the recipient.

  • Step 2: Select ‘Collect Responses’

    Select the drop-down box and choose who you want to collect replies from in the Collect responses window under send and collect responses. The options are as follows: anyone can respond, only people in my organization can respond, and specific people in my organization can respond. You may not realize it but the key factor in maintaining the privacy of the contents you included in the survey or quiz is to limit the accessibility of non-affiliated users.

  • Step 3: Generate an Embed Code

    After you are able to locate and generate a link for embedding, copy it and paste it unto your recipient’s email or document. For additional information, the different types of embedding styles for your survey displays the survey on the webpage statically is known as in-line, another would be based on the respondent’s action, the survey can display itself as a pop-up window, and lastly, when a ‘Provide Feedback’ button is clicked, the survey is shown.

  • Step 4: Compose an Email

    As the important medium, ensure that the email recipient, subject, and content or body of your email is filled in before dropping your embed code because that would lead to the receivers being confused. You can either select to send your embedded Microsoft Form through Gmail, Apple Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, or other known email services that you prefer. 


    If you are using the web version of Outlook, you may need to allow HTML sending in the settings.

  • Step 5: Insert Embedded Code

    If you have already copied your generated embed code, click ‘CTRL’ and ‘V’ (for Windows) or ‘Command’ and ‘V’ (for Mac) to paste the embed code within your email. The form will then proceed to be viewable as it is once the recipient has opened and read the email. 


    The content of the embed code will appear in the email precisely as it was formatted on the embed code.


Can you embed a Microsoft Form?

Open the form you wish to incorporate in Sway in Microsoft Forms, select ‘Share’ then followed by the Embed option after which you should choose ‘Copy’ next to the text box containing the embed code and send it through email or another method.

How do you publish a Microsoft Form?

Find the Developer tab in the Custom Forms group, locate the ‘Publish’ button, and proceed to click publish form.

Can you link a Microsoft Form to Excel?

If you built a form in OneDrive for Business, clicking Launch in Excel will open Excel for the web with a worksheet immediately saved to OneDrive for Business.

Can you embed a survey in an Outlook email?

To insert the survey link in Outlook email, click insert survey link which would then proceed to display a text serving as the survey link.

How do you integrate a form on a website?

In the Publish tab in the Form builder, locate the embed button and generate a code, afterwards you copy and paste it onto your desired section of the web page.