How to Export Data from MS Forms

Microsoft Forms is a useful tool for gathering data in a prompt and concise manner done online through web browsers or mobile devices. You can easily track the data you receive through the responses tab on the MS application.

How to Export Data from MS Forms

After you collect the submissions and close the form from accepting more, you may want to export the data gathered to a more presentable or comprehensive layout. You may export the data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis, as well as delete or print a response summary.

  • Step 1: Select and Open Desired Form

    As you signed in to your account in Microsoft Forms, select the specific form you have in mind. Open it and ensure that you have the number of responses you need or make sure it suffices for producing the data. 


    If you haven’t subscribed to Microsoft Office 365, you may test out Microsoft Form for a one-month trial.

  • Step 2: Locate Share Button

    If you are using a pre-made template, you will need to duplicate it before being able to edit it for yourself. Proceed to the three dots or ellipse at the top right corner, there you can spot various additional options. To export your form, click the ‘Share’ button, then copy the link from the ‘Share as template’ button.

  • Step 3: Finalize Necessary Changes

    Using a template will require you to do the necessary changes and edit. Afterward, you can proceed to share it with your respondents so you can receive their answers and responses.

  • Step 4: Check Responses Tab

    Right next to the questions tab is the responses tab, where all the answers you have received from your responses will appear. You have the option to review them as a collective or individually. You can also spot the ‘Open in Excel’ option. When you click it, a new Excel file is created and downloaded to your computer. 


    Note: A cloud icon will appear next to the ‘Open in Excel’ button if you have pre-made the questions in Excel.


Can you save a Microsoft form as a PDF?

You may use the OneDrive connection to produce an HTML file with your MS Forms responses and then convert it to PDF.

Can you download forms from Microsoft Forms?

Click the ‘Open in Excel’ button at the top of the Responses tab to open a nicely organized spreadsheet with all of the response data in a table and even receive real-time responses with the cloud link.

How do you analyze data in Microsoft Forms?

Open the survey or form for which you want to access data insights in Microsoft Forms, then click the Responses tab, then click the ‘Insights’ button following the question for which you want to see data insights.

Can I convert a Microsoft Form to a Word document?

When a Microsoft Form is submitted, you can create a DOCX or PDF file using a template where the files will be saved in OneDrive; this also works with SharePoint, DropBox, Google Drive, and other storage systems.

Can you integrate Microsoft Forms into PowerPoint?

Users can click the Forms icon in PowerPoint to create a new form or quiz, or insert one that they have previously generated.