How to Share Microsoft Forms Responses with Others

Microsoft Forms is a useful tool for professionals to create surveys and polls. This allows you to gather responses in real-time, which makes it convenient for owners to track the data.

How to Share Microsoft Forms Responses with Others

Since Microsoft Forms offers form owners the convenience of tracking responses, analyzing data will be done with ease. You can even share the form results with others such as colleagues so they can observe the respondents’ answers as well.

  • Step 1: Open Microsoft Forms

    Open the form for which you intend to check the results in Microsoft Forms, and then click the ‘Responses’ tab which can be found right beside the ‘Questions’ tab. Review the contents whether or not you have received a satisfactory number of responses.

  • Step 2: View the Summary

    You will see summary statistics about your form, such as the number of replies and the average time it took respondents to complete your form, as well as a chart that gives a breakdown of responses. The summary of results may not be as comprehensive as you desire. 


    If there are insights created for your form, you will see the ‘Ideas’ icon.

  • Step 3: Check for Detailed Results

    Alternatively, if you want a more comprehensive review of the results, skip the earlier step and immediately refer to this one. To access the specific information for each respondent, click ‘View results’. Toggle through the outcome details of other replies by using the left and right arrows. 


    To show the remaining replies, scroll down to the bottom of the drop-down list and click ‘Show more respondents’.

  • Step 4: Sharing the Results

    Your colleagues may want to check on the results themselves, to share the results, click on ‘More options’. ‘Create a summary link’ then ‘Copy’. Doing so allows anyone who has the link to access and read a summary of answers to the contents of your form. 


    If you are working on a form with particular people in your company, only you, as the form owner, may establish a summary link if one doesn’t already exist.


Can other people view the replies on Microsoft Forms?

Only the form’s owners can view the replies, but you can offer your colleague full access to administer the form and see the responses by clicking the ‘Share to Collaborate link’ in the upper right.

Can you export Microsoft Forms to Word?

Through Power Automate, ‘Convert HTML to Word’ is now accessible internationally in all Microsoft Power Automate areas where the action converts an HTML file, HTML data, or a link results into a Microsoft Word document.

Can you create a PDF from Microsoft Forms?

When a Microsoft Form is submitted, build a DOCX or PDF file from a template, which works as well with SharePoint, DropBox, Google Drive, and other storage systems and allows you to make applications, orders, invoices, and so on.

How do I share Microsoft Forms with external users?

Send a link to the Microsoft Form to people outside your company, collect replies from those people, and work on the form with those people.

How can I allow anybody to answer Microsoft Forms?

Go to the form’s settings and choose the ‘Anyone with the link’ can respond option, which should address the problem and automatically authenticate people without requiring their identification.