How to Sign In/Sign Out in Microsoft OneNote

All of the apps and software produced by and for Microsoft Office can be accessed by a single Microsoft Outlook email. To be able to use Microsoft OneNote, the user must first sign in to their Microsoft Outlook account and tether it to Microsoft OneNote. how-to-sign-insign-out-in-microsoft-onenote

How to Sign In/Sign Out in Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote integrates Microsoft Outlook into its processes very seamlessly. This allows the user to store their notes on their personal Microsoft OneDrive and the contact list of Microsoft Outlook.

  • Step 1: Open any Version of Microsoft OneNote


    The user can sign in to any version of Microsoft OneNote and access any of the notebooks, sections, and pages stored within their OneDrive. To begin, the user will have to open Microsoft OneNote on their desktop or browser.

  • Step 2: Open the Sign In Window and Fill in the Fields


    To sign in, the user must first open the window for signing in. This window can be accessed by clicking the “Sign In” button in the upper right corner of the program. Fill up the fields with the appropriate information to proceed with the sign-in.


  • Step 3: Signing Out


    The user can sign out from their account by clicking the Account tab located in the same location as the “Sign in” button. This will open a small dropdown where the user will be able to sign out by clicking the “Sign out” prompt. After the user has clicked the “Sign out” button they will be prompted with a separate window indicating the loss of the user’s preferences in their OneNote, clicking “Yes” will confirm the user’s sign-out action.


How do I sign out of OneNote on all devices?

You can sign out all your accounts by opening the app or web versions of Microsoft OneNote, accessing your profile screen by pressing the profile button from the top-right corner of the window, and finally, clicking the “Sign out Everywhere” button which you will confirm by clicking “yes” on the window that will appear.

How do I sign into another account on OneNote?

To log in with different accounts, select the add account tab on the header, press the “Switch Account” button, and choose the “Sign in with a different account” option.

What happens when you sign out of OneNote?

When you sign out of Microsoft OneNote, your OneNote will lose its custom preferences, settings, and access to your notebooks.

How do I switch users in OneNote?

You can switch users by first clicking the account tab on the upper right part of the window, then you can either select a new account to swap to or you can also connect and sign in to another account.

How do I use multiple users in OneNote?

You can allow multiple users to work or collaborate on your notes by pressing the “Share” button on the File back view and listing out the name of the people to share the notes with; also ensure that the shared users will have edit access given to them.