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9+ Real Estate Facebook Ad Templates in PSD | DOC

Have you ever made a real estate Facebook ad? For you to be aware of the considerations that you have to keep in mind for this marketing endeavor, ensure that you will be guided with the usage of a banner ad template for your content formatting and design needs. Download all or any of the template samples that we have collected just for you in this post.

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5 Steps to Make an Interesting Real Estate Facebook Ad

Using social media to your advantage is a wise business move as a lot of people are usually online especially on their social media accounts. If you want to have effective real estate Facebook ads that can make your online presence be truly felt by your target audience, then make sure to follow the steps that are specified and briefly discussed below.

Step 1: Have a Purpose for Developing a Real Estate Facebook Ad

Do you know why it is necessary for you to make a real estate Facebook ad? For you to successfully develop an output that can positively impact your real estate business, you have to know the reason why you need to make a Facebook ad.

Step 2: Specify the Technicalities of Real Estate Facebook Ad Creation

Facebook ads can be very critical when it comes to sizing and other formatting or layout requirements. With this, you have to ensure that you have a list of technical specifications so you can create a well-structured real estate Facebook ad.

Step 3: Look for an Editable Real Estate Facebook Ad Template

To help you realize or materialize your design vision, you can use a real estate Facebook ad template as your formatting reference. Your real estate presentation through a Facebook Ad can be better if you will have a layout that is formatted in the best way possible.

Step 4: Present the Content That You Want to See in the Ad

If you have already modified the template to your desired format and layout, begin to write the details that you would like to share to Facebook users that are most probably your next real estate business clients. Have an interesting content so you can appeal to your target online audience.

Step 5: Design the Real Estate Facebook Ad Accordingly

Lastly, do not forget to design a real estate Facebook ad. Even the simplest design features can help your Facebook ad to become more striking and attention-worthy. Refine the overall look of your real estate Facebook ad before letting it become available for public viewing.

13+ Real Estate Facebook Ad Templates

1. Real Estate Facebook Ad Banner Template

File Format
  • PSD

Size: 1200x628px


Use real estate Facebook ad templates so you can maximize the usage of Facebook ad layout spaces. If you will refer to a real estate Facebook ad banner template when making an online advertising tool, then it will be easier to execute your desired sample real estate marketing efforts within the specified social media site.

2. Real Estate Facebook Ads Template

File Format
  • PSD
  • HTML


3. Real Estate Facebook Banner Ad Template


Use Facebook ad banners for specific campaigns and online or social media marketing activities. One of the first things that you have to keep in mind when developing a real estate Facebook banner ad template is the result that you would like to achieve from the Facebook ad usage.

4. Real Estate Facebook Ad Banner


Plan the development of your real estate Facebook ad banner strategically. If you will use a Facebook template example or real estate advertising banners as your references, be particular with the details that you will look into so you will not veer away from the aesthetic, presentation, and banner ad content specification that you have initially planned.

5. Basic Real Estate Facebook Banner Ad


Have a real estate Facebook ad that is developed based on the brand of your business. Your basic real estate Facebook banner ad should serve as a representation of your real estate company. If possible, try to incorporate icons and other materials that your company is widely-known for within the layout of your real estate Facebook ad.
Aside from real estate businesses and properties, a real estate Facebook Ad can also be highly-usable and beneficial to professionals working in the real estate industry. Properly design your real estate Facebook Ad for a realtor so it will look visually-pleasing while still being informative. Being able to successfully execute this can make your ad more effective in terms of presenting you as a credible real estate professional entity.

7. Real Estate Facebook Banner Ad Design


Stick with the purpose of your real estate Facebook Ad so you can present relevant content. When choosing a real estate Facebook banner ad design, thoroughly think of the message that you want to disseminate so you can align the design features of the banner ad with the content that you will put in the marketing and advertising tool.

9. Elegant Real Estate Facebook Ad Banner


Your real estate Facebook Ad should be filled with design details that look good when placed in a single layout. If you already want to start the creation of an elegant real estate Facebook ad banner, list down the design materials and items that you want to use so you can identify whether they will look cohesive once put together.

11. Modern Real Estate Facebook Ad Template


Look at the real estate Facebook ad samples used by your competitors. There are already a lot of modern real estate Facebook ad templates out there that you can easily have access to so you can make the best Facebook banner for your real estate company.

13. Real Estate Facebook Ad Example


Let the appeal and theme of your real estate Facebook Ad be the same with those of your other standard marketing tools. Review the aesthetic and presentation of your advertising and promotion materials so you can get designs references that you can also use for your real estate company’s Facebook banner ad.

15. Creative Real Estate Facebook Ad Template


Even with the usage of Facebook templates, you still have to use your creativity when designing your envisioned real estate Facebook ad. A creative real estate Facebook ad template, when used as a reference in an efficient manner, can enable your real estate business to create an outstanding Facebook ad which can bring in sales and foot traffic to your company.

Make sure that the real estate Facebook ad that you will come up with is mobile-friendly since a lot of Facebook users already access their accounts through their phones. Use any of our downloadable real estate Facebook ad template samples to help you properly format the Facebook ad that is best to be used by your real estate company or establishment.

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