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19+ Real Estate Facebook Cover Templates in PSD | DOC

Social media is a highly powerful medium via which many businesses are proceeding towards success. Facebook is one of the most popular sites that realtors often use to reach out to more traffics and audiences, and this is exactly where the real estate advertising banners come into play.

19+ Real Estate Facebook Cover Templates

1. Real Estate Facebook Cover Template


2. Real Estate Event Facebook Cover Template


3. Basic Real Estate Facebook Cover Template

There are pre-ready Facebook cover formats available, which are one of the most common facebook templates. What you need to do is make your design fit the formats elect a layout, customize and use it. This is one of the simplest ways you can do it.

4. Sample Real Estate Facebook Cover Template


If you are doing your own design, the samples will help you a lot. If you research online, there are many Facebook cover photo samples that you will find extremely helpful. Those cover photo samples are explicitly meant for real estate business purposes.

5 Steps to Follow to Create an Excellent Cover Photo For Your Real Estate Social Media Site.

Step 1: Focus On the Quality Of The Banner

Quality matters a lot. There is an out-and-out size that you will need to align with when you are designing your facebook banner. If the appropriate size is not maintained, the image can get pixelated.

Step 2: Keep the Design to the Point And Crisp

The next focus should be on the design as it is the foremost thing that your audience shall notice. So keep the design simple and aligned with the main subject and purpose.

Step 3: Make Sure the Texts are Readable

What many forget to focus on is the readability of the texts. The complex and attractive designs often act as a barrier for the texts, so don’t let that happen.

Step 4: Align With the Facebook Cover Photo Rules

Also, there are certain strategies for Facebook covers available that realtors often choose to follow. If you are advertising for your real estate company, this shall certainly help!

Step 5: Exhibit the Message Like a Story

Everyone wants to hear a story in the shortest and quickest way. So make sure you keep your message interesting enough, so it appeals to the audiences.

5. Real Estate Facebook Cover Template

The real estate presentation is one of the most significant aspects of this business. The cover photos will make sure that your audiences get a good first impression. The templates shall provide you with a static structure to proceed and are very helpful for newbies.

6. Real Estate Facebook Cover Example

If you want, you can also find options for facebook template example online. They will provide instructions like encouraging audiences via visual designs, attractive graphics, building social proof by stressing on your success, and many more.

7. Simple Real Estate Facebook Cover Template


Maybe when it comes to designing cover photos ‘simplicity is the best policy.’ With simple designs, you can make your audience retain the name, logo, and message of your company for longer. This will also project a clear and established image.

8. Editable Real Estate Facebook Cover Design

You can find many templates online that can be modified, customized, or in simple words edited. They are best if you are trying to go for a DIY. The advanced features and tools allow you to edit the covers just as you want.

9. Real Estate Facebook Cover in PSD

There are many professional templates available in PSD formats as well. The PSD versions are hundred percent editable, and they allow you to change the texts, backgrounds, graphics easily. You can add your effects, but yes, you will need to know Photoshop for that.

10. Real Estate Open House Facebook Cover


The facebook covers for open houses usually have a lot of signs, symbols, and directions. They are slightly different than that of the other real estate advertisements. There are many facebook template example options for open houses that you can check out online.

11. Modern Real Estate Facebook Cover Template

The modern designs usually have a contemporary touch on them. The different kind of applications and software are used nowadays to design the covers, and you can get any tone, any color, and any layout that you want.

12. Real Estate Facebook Cover Example

13. Elegant Real Estate Facebook Cover


If you want your cover to be classy, you can add many effects to them. There are different genres of design, and the elegant ones are just one of them. It totally depends on your choice. Consult your designer that the graphics and background are simple.

14. Standard Real Estate Facebook Cover Template

The standard photos are available at a basic price, and if you have some time in hand, you can even search for them in free. The covers also have quite a standard design that you can use for basic real estate business purposes.

15. Creative Real Estate Facebook Cover Template

You can get as creative as you want with the templates as you will have a lot of chances to do that. From the script, the design, the colors, the style, you can simply fiddle with everything to attract quality traffic and turn them into dedicated customers.

16. Free Real Estate Facebook Cover Template


Well, are you just starting your real estate business online? Consider yourself in the right place. You can find a lot of options that are available for free. All you need to do is just settle for the right site to establish your identity online.

17. Real Estate Facebook Cover Design

Make sure that you perform your research well and do your part of the math. There are a hundred sites that you are going to find so make sure you make a wise decision. If required, do not hesitate to take professional help.

18. Minimal Real Estate Facebook Cover Template

Many realtors who are new in the profession chosen to start with the minimal or basic options. The minimal facebook template in doc options are designed with fundamental ideas and are best for the newbies. They can also be customized or modified

19. Design of Real Estate Facebook Cover

The design is one of the most crucial parts of cover photos, and why not? It is displayed and spread on half of your profile. Thus, it is imperative that you choose the design wisely as a lot of the outcome will depend on that.

20. Classic Real Estate Facebook Cover Template

Irrespective of all, the classic ones will always gain the attention as they clearly gain attention. They are usually simple when it comes to the designs with a bold and clear message sent out to the audience. They always work wonder for you!

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