Top 13 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips


Enhance your awesome web design and great web traffic with a sky-high conversion rate. Conversion is one of the most important purposes of having a website for businesses. Web sites, nowadays, serve as the number one marketing tool by companies as technology continues to advance. A conversion happens when a mere website visitor decides to contact you and avail one of your products or services.

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When your business websites generate a high conversion rate, that means your marketing strategies are working and your business is doing well. So, how do you optimize your website’s conversion rate? Here are some website optimization tips to make sure your website is reaching its target audience and creating more sales and revenue.

Use Effective Headlines


One of the first things that people see when they visit your website is your homepage. That is why you should make sure that your homepage has an appealing layout and more importantly, an effective headline. With an effective phrase or a catchy question, you should be able to make your visitor navigate more pages and eventually bookmarking you for future purposes.

Quality Content

quality content1

Your next move should be to create a compelling and quality content. Because what’s the use of an eye-catching header if you’re content is mediocre? It will only generate false assumptions and ruin expectations. This is quite a common mistake for websites having a great design but second-rate subject matter. So, make sure you’re content is as meaty as your layout.

Simplistic Navigation

simplistic navigation1

A couple of most people’s pet peeve with regards to using the internet is a slow internet connection and a complicated website. In order to keep your audience for more than 20 seconds, make sure that your menus and sub-menus, categories and sub-categories are easy to be found and well-organized. Keep it simple and avoid stacking them up in the heading or sidebar.

Page Load Speed

page load speed

If you have a slow loading website, it is likely that your potential customer gets turned off even before he or she gets to know anything about your company. Most eCommerce websites consist of a large database and robust functionalities that may hinder it from performing with speed. Yet, there are tools to check your website speed as well as to optimize them.

Verified Payment Systems, Trust Seals, and Free Shipping


What else can make a customer trust your website more than a verified payment system? Not only does it get you a happy client, but someone who does not only come once but comes back for more. With an established payment system, trust seals, and free shipping offers; you will not just generate tons of sales, but most importantly, you’ll be able to gain the people’s trust.

Limited Quantity

limited quantity

Integrating the golden rule of demand and supply; the more products you have in your online store, the less interested people will be. But, if you choose a niche and offers exclusive and limited items, people will be able to remember you and associate your brand with a certain type. It could also set your business up with the most effective marketing strategy, the word of mouth.

Optimize for Mobile

opt for mbl

It is already quite a necessity that all websites should be optimized for mobile. With the influx of smartphone users and mobile products available in the market, people find it more convenient to use their mobile devices for practically everything, anywhere they want. So, don’t get left behind and make sure you have a mobile-friendly and fully responsive website for visibility.

Display Testimonials and Referrals


As mentioned before, “word of mouth” is the most effective marketing tool you can ever have for your business. To incorporate it into your business websites and eCommerce stores, why not provide a section for previous clients’ testimonials and referrals. This will provide your visitors and potential customers a glimpse of the experience they will have with your products.

Complementary Colors

cmplmntry clrs1

It might just be a minor detail, but your choice of colors for your website as a great effect on the overall look and feel of your website. Choose a few complimentary colors and build a comprehensive palette to create a cohesive and coherent look to your web pages. This process can also be helpful in building an attractive and distinct brand for your business or company.

Distraction Free Landing Pages

landing page12

Your landing pages should only offer what your audience is looking for, especially for web forms. A landing page with so many ads and pop-up windows, especially unrelated ones, can definitely distract and alienate future clients. Aside from being annoying, these ads and pop-ups can generate suspicion as there are a lot of scam companies doing it on unprotected websites.

Improve Your In-Store Search to Increase Conversions

instore search1

Perhaps the worst experience a customer can have when shopping online is not being able to find the item that she wants in the store that she expects and who advertises to have it. `With an intelligent and fast in-store search capability, you will be able to stop this from happening and give your visitors with an amazing customer service and user experience.

Keeping Track of Visitor Behavior

keeping track

Another way to determine the best marketing strategy you can do for your online business is to keep track of your visitor’s behavior. By monitoring what they came to your website for, you will be able to identify what products or services are you known for. You will then be able to provide them an easy way to access them by highlighting these items on your homepage.

Stay Updated with Latest Digital Trends

letest digital trnds

Last but not the least and definitely the most practical of all them all, is to stay updated with all the digital trends. It’s basically the worst nightmare for any digital institution to be left behind with all the latest updates as it means you will soon fade away from the digital world. To ensure you are always on top of your game, make sure keep track on what’s new and even what’s not.

Companies and businesses alike use their websites as an online portal to attract their potential customer’s attention to their products and services. These actionable tips will definitely skyrocket your conversation rate for the rest of the year and so on. So, make sure to apply the pointers to increase your revenue, scale your online business, and reach all your business goals.

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