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12+ Tools and Tips to Increase Online Sales

We at are always on the lookout for the best ways and means to reach out to our webmasters, designers, and SME professional. This time we thought of coming up with a few tips and tools which could help you boost your sales online. With many businesses operating over the web, it would be a challenge to compete especially against established brands and companies that have already gained a niche. Luckily, with the new tools available, newcomers, beginners, and starting entrepreneurs can have a fighting chance against well-known and well-loved businesses.

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The following tools and tips are some of the ways to gain a bigger slice of the market pie:

Use Social Media Buttons

Using Social Media boosts such as Dynamic Facebook ads, Twitter Buy, Instagram Carousel ads and Linkedin Sales Navigator.

Dynamic Facebook Ads

Facebook is arguably the biggest social media site, home to millions of users. Adapting to the changes, they have set up an algorithm that automatically promotes your products and services to people who have expressed interest in your website, application or fan page. All you have to do is upload your product catalog, launch your campaign and it will do the rest. There are different payment schemes to help you choose which one works best for you. If the website you have is powered by one of Facebook’s partners such as Shopify, Magento or BigCommerce, you can automatically set it up. We also have a collection of Like Buttons for Facebook and social media that might interest you.

Instagram Carousel Ads

Instagram Carousel is another Facebook advertising platform that allows you to showcase 3 to 5 images and link it to your website, with a call-to-action and maximum of 2,200 words caption.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Linkedin as a social media platform for professionals has come up with a sales navigator that is all about building relationships with potential clients, partners, and customers. The sales navigator also has a mobile application that’s easy to use.

Sales Insight Softwares

Using Sales insight software such as Insightly CRM Software, SalesLoft, KiteDesk, ClickDesk,, Toutapp and Brandboom. CRM or Customer/Client Relationship Management software take care of getting to know your online customers. With sophisticated algorithms and tracking software, this software can trace what your clients do on your website and what they like or don’t like, enabling you to strategically target the ones that are interested in your company, products or services. Most of the CRM software available have corresponding mobile applications for easy monitoring and navigation.

Insightly CRM Software




Content Tools

Creating ads and getting customers into your site is one thing, another challenge would be making sure that your customer stays interested once he or she visits your domain. Much like a physical shop, your online shop (in this case, your website) should be presentable and encourage clients to trust and purchase your goods.

Adding Images

Changing the Formatting and Appearance

Sticking to one appearance will bore your visitors. Make it lively and appealing by regularly updating your site with fresh layouts and formats.

Feature Different Benefits in Your Headline

Tips and tricks are some of the most searched articles on the web. If your blog or online shop has an article that tells a person how to use a certain product then they would most likely purchase that product from your shop.

Add Credibility

Always take the time to ask for feedback and review from customers so that future clients can see testimonies from other users and get interested in trying your product or service.

Content Specific Tool

Get More Ad Clicks with Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are additional pieces of useful information that you can add to your ads in order to provide more data to consumers.

Provide as Many Payment Options as Possible

Online transactions are tricky and most often because of the fact that not all banks offer online payments. If your shop provides the convenience of having a vast payment option available then your customers are highly likely to make repeat purchases due to convenience.

For your online shop to get more customers, your website has to look modern, professional and trustworthy but sometimes you don’t have the resources to hire professionals to get the job done. You can do it yourself with website templates. is home to thousands of website templates for industries such as food and beverage, arts and much more. Download one today and see how easy it is to customize.

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