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Social media has become such a huge part of our everyday lives. From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, everything is now documented and posted on social media. A lot of people are also now getting obsessed with getting as many likes on their every post as possible.

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With so many people now on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., the Like button has become very much a part of our everyday life. Statistics show that a lot of people are using the like button on a daily basis. This is clearly evident based on the fact that the like button has become common knowledge to people while Download Buttons appear in different forms in different websites.

Facebook Like Buttons

facebook like buttonDownload

Twitter Like Buttons

twitter like buttonDownload

Square Shaped Like Button

square shaped like buttonDownload

Animated Like Button

animated like buttonDownload

Isolated Like Button on Blue Background

isolated like button on white backgroundDownload

Adding the Facebook Like Button into Your Site

You can actually integrate the Facebook Like button into your Web page. This is a good way of adding more audience into your website. When someone clicks on the button, a link of your page is added into their activity list. The link then shows up on the page of his or her friends. The more people clicking on your site, the more online engagement you get, which is good. There are two types of like buttons you can add into your website.

  • The i-frame Version. In this version, when a user clicks on the like button, Facebook immediately recognizes whether that person is logged in to Facebook or not. When they are logged in, names of other friends who have liked the page will be shown. You can make your own i-frame Like button on Facebook’s page as this version is hosted by them.
  • The JavaScript version. For the JavaScript version of the Like button, you get the same features you get with the i-frame one but with a few added features. The users will get to see the profile pictures of the other likers. They can also add comments when they click the button. The button still comes in UI Button Designs.

3D Glossy Like Button

3d glossy like buttonDownload

Free PSD Like Button

free psd like buttonDownload

Customized Like Button

customized like buttonDownload

Like App Button

like app buttonDownload

Liking the Like Button

Like buttons have become a familiar sight these days because of social media. It makes sense then that more people are incorporating it into their sites. This way, you get a certain share of the people on the social media sphere. Let’s dig into some statistics of the very famous like button:

  • Over a million websites use the like button. Talk about joining the bandwagon. Due to its popularity, more and more websites now have like buttons. You don’t want your site to be left out by not joining also.
  • Facebook users share billions of content with their friends every month. When you place the button on your website, your page could be one of those contents shared by its users. And with the hundreds or thousand of friends each user has, you could only imagine how much more visible you are going to get.

Social media has grown so much these past years. Consequently, the like button has become a very familiar object that we get to see often. When you want more engagement into your website, you may want to incorporate a like button. They work much like PSD App Buttons and are often easy to integrate into your page.

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