How to Open PDF in Pages

Pages can open file types such as.pages,.rtf, and.docx, amongst other file kinds. If you are curious about how to open a PDF file in Pages, there are a few converter applications that can convert PDF files to Pages files while preserving the original formatting of the PDF file. how-to-open-pdf-in-pages

How to Open PDF in Pages

When Apple published Pages, it did so as a low-cost, full-featured word processing tool that competes directly with Microsoft Word in terms of its ability to perform all the essential features. It’s possible that you’ll wish to include content from a PDF file into a document that you’re already working on. Once imported, the PDF will show in your document in a manner analogous to a graphic you may have included.

  • Step 1: Load a PDF

    PDF element should be used to open the necessary PDF. The PDF file can be imported into the application in one of two ways: either by dragging and dropping it into the program’s main window or by selecting “Open File” or “Open” from the program’s main screen. Choose the PDF file you want to open, and then click “Open” in the pop-up box that appears.

  • Step 2: Edit PDF

    This is entirely optional. You can make changes or modifications to the content of the PDF document by clicking the “Edit” button that is located at the very top of the toolbar. Activating this will put you in editing mode.

  • Step 3: Convert PDF to Pages

    The next thing that has to be done is to change the file from PDF to a format that can be read by Pages. Select “File” from the menu that appears at the top. After then, to begin the process of converting, select the “Export To” menu and then either the “Word”, “RTF”, “Text”, or “Pages” button.

  • Step 4: Open PDF in Pages


    Navigate to the PDF file that you wish to insert. After selecting it, click the “Insert” button. The PDF will then be shown within the document, at which point you will be able to read the text or view any images that were contained within it.


How do I convert a PDF to Pages on a Mac?

On macOS 11, you may begin the process of converting a single PDF document to iWork Pages by selecting “File” from the menu bar. After that, click the “Export To” button and then the “Pages” button.

How do I open PDF In IOS Pages?

Tap the file that you want to open in Pages on your iPhone or iPad.

Can you open PDF in Pages iPad?

Launch Pages, and if a document is already open, navigate to the top-left area of the screen and hit Documents to view all of your open files.

Why can’t I save a PDF File on my Mac?

If you are unable to save a PDF file on a Mac, the problem may be caused by an older or more out-of-date version of the application or the firmware of the device.

Can I edit a PDF on a Mac?

Preview, which is often used for viewing photos on a Mac, can also be used to view and edit PDF files, making it a useful tool for users who need to edit PDFs on their Macs.