50+ Itinerary Samples, Format & Examples 2022

Itineraries can refer to a couple of things. Some people associate it with a flight itinerary while others imagine a program flow of events. Both ideas are equally acceptable. The numerous itinerary templates in the article are diverse and perfect for your event, business, and personal needs. 50-itinerary-samples-format-examples-2021

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To create an itinerary of your own, follow the following steps:

  • Browse through dozens of itinerary ideas and sample templates.
  • Customize it online, download, then print it in your preferred file format.


Whether you’re planning a family trip or a big corporate event, creating an itinerary will help promote organization and time management. You can also learn to make a simple itinerary by using the basic format guide found at the end of the article. So read on and flex those planning skills!

1. Itinerary Planner Sample

Having an itinerary planner will help you plan out your schedule. The typical elements found in most itineraries are flight details, accommodation information, and a list of planned activities.

free-sample-itinerary-planner-template Use This Itinerary Planner Sample

2. Event Itinerary Sample

An event organizer’s main goal is always a smooth and successful event. Which is why many prepare a program flow prior to the event. This event itinerary below contains the program flow for an 18th birthday celebration.

event-itinerary-template Use This Event Itinerary Sample

3. Party Itinerary Sample

Parties are always fun to plan; and people can come up with basically any reason to plan a party- retirement parties, birthdays, reunions, baby showers, etc. Use the party itinerary below as a guide to craft your own party program.

party-itinerary-template Use This Party Itinerary Sample

4. Business Itinerary Sample

People travel not only to go on vacations. Business trips are quite common as well. The purpose of the sample business itinerary below is a client meeting.

business-trip-itinerary-template Use This Business Itinerary Sample

5. Printable Itinerary Sample

The printable itinerary below is for a surprise birthday party. You can include notes in addition to your program flow so it’s easy to keep track of other reminders.

free-printable-party-itinerary-template Use This Party Itinerary Sample

6. Flight Itinerary Sample

The sample itinerary below is a detailed schedule of a 2-day trip to the city of Seoul in South Korea. You have the option to hire an English guide to help you get around the city if you’re worried about any language barrier.

sampleflight-itinerary-template Use This Flight Itinerary Sample

7. Trip Itinerary Sample

The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the west. That’s another item to add to your bucket list in this Arizona trip itinerary.

trip-itinerary-template Use This Trip Itinerary Sample

8. San Francisco Itinerary Sample

San Francisco, along with Los Angeles, are important hubs in the Pacific coast of the United States. The city is a melting pot of cultures and is a popular among tourists. Plan your next west coast excursion with this simple itinerary below.

simplefree-trip-itinerary-template Use This San Francisco Itinerary Sample

9. Wedding Itinerary Sample

Planning a wedding can be a fulfilling yet stressful experience. A wedding itinerary is a basic requirement if you want to plan the event properly and diligently.

wedding-itinerary-template Use This Wedding Itinerary Sample

10. Travel Itinerary Sample

A basic travel itinerary should always include flight information, passenger contact details, accommodation information, and a schedule of activities.


Use This Travel Itinerary Sample

11. 3D2N Itinerary Example

A popular vacation option is the 3-day and 2-night stay (3D2N). It’s just enough time for a quick escape without hurting your wallet too much.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 746KB

Download at Peru Cultural Journeys

12. Conference Itinerary Example

Large-scale conferences require intense planning and preparation. The sample below is a two-day conference lined up with various activities and presentations.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 940KB

Download at European Parliament

13. Cruise Ship Itinerary Example

Going on a cruise is a fun vacation option. The example below offers detailed Caribbean tours for the well-known cruise line, Royal Caribbean.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 424KB

Download at Royal Caribbean

14. Day Tour Itinerary Example

Even simple day tours need to be prepared for. The example below is a one-day trip that starts early in the morning and ends in the afternoon.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 79KB

Download at Kings River Expeditions

15. Holy Land Itinerary Example

A popular destination for Christians and non-Christians alike is the Holy Land. Millions of tourists flock to this pilgrimage site for leisure and religious purposes.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 115KB

Download at Concordia University

16. Vacation Itinerary Sample

Planning a vacation can be fun. But don’t get too excited that you neglect to prepare adequately. Use this vacation template below to plan your foolproof itinerary.

free-vacation-itinerary-planner-template Use This Vacation Itinerary Sample

17. Holiday Itinerary Sample

Excited for the holidays? It’s a busy time and it’s important to plan ahead to avoid any unnecessary inconveniences. The holiday template below is the perfect itinerary guide.

holiday-itinerary-template Use This Holiday Itinerary Sample

18. Wedding Planner Itinerary Sample

The job of a wedding planner can sometimes be a tough job. Without enough preparation, potential mishaps could happen. But with a solid program or itinerary, you can hopefully prevent any unnecessary problems.

free-wedding-planner-itinerary-template Use This Wedding Planner Itinerary Sample

19. Meeting Itinerary Sample

Meetings can happen anywhere- boardrooms, coffeeshops, dining tables, etc. Some meetings may even require people to fly in from other places. The meeting template below is a sample itinerary you can use.

meeting-itinerary-template Use This Meeting Itinerary Sample

20. Birthday Itinerary Sample

A birthday is always a cause for celebration. Use this birthday party itinerary below to ensure you cover all aspects of your party preparations.

birthday-party-itinerary-template Use This Birthday Itinerary Sample

21. Graduation Itinerary Sample

Celebrate your graduate’s success! Plan the perfect celebration with the graduation template below. Having an itinerary will help you manage preparations better.

free-graduation-party-itinerary-template Use This Graduation Itinerary Sample

22. Business Meeting Itinerary Sample

Business meetings are usually the primary reason for official travel or trips. Use the sample template below to customize your own business travel itinerary. It’s available for download in MS Word and MS Excel formats.

excelfree-business-travel-itinerary-planner-template Use This Business Travel Itinerary Sample

23. Supplier Meeting Itinerary Sample

Another reason for business travel could be supplier meetings and site inspections. Use the sample itinerary below and edit it conveniently in Google Docs format.

googledocsfree-business-travel-itinerary-document-template Use This Business Travel Itinerary Sample

24. One-day Itinerary Sample

Even a one-day event requires adequate planning and preparation. Use the orientation day plan sample below and customize it to your liking.

free-one-day-event-itinerary-template Use This One-day Event Itinerary Sample

25. Board Meeting Itinerary Sample

Sometimes, board or shareholder meetings can be held off-site. In this case, executives need to book a flight to attend the meeting. Use the sample template below and easily download it in MS Word format.

wordfree-business-travel-itinerary-with-meeting-schedule-template Use This Business Meeting Itinerary Sample

26. Inauguration Itinerary Example

Normally, elected officials have to be formally inaugurated before they assume office. The example below is a detailed itinerary of a presidential inauguration.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 124KB

Download at 4-H

27. Italy Tour Itinerary Sample

Fancy a taste of Italy? Many travel packages have curated tours of Italy. The example below kicks off its tour in the historic city of Rome.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 1MB

Download at Expat Explore

28. Museum Itinerary Example

A museum is a great place to learn and explore. The sample museum itinerary below is specially curated for an organization’s visit.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 222KB

Download at American Alliance of Museums

29. Program Itinerary Example

This itinerary example below outlines the various activities lined up for an executive program held in Israel.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 94KB

Download at Rothberg International School

30. Volunteer Itinerary Example

A lot of people find fulfillment and meaning in volunteerism. The example below is an itinerary of an orphanage volunteer trip to China.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 109KB

Download at Adoption Associates

31. Road Trip Itinerary Sample

The open road and time to spare- is there a better way to spend a long weekend? The sample road trip itinerary below is available for download in multiple formats including Apple Pages.


32. Bachelorette Party Itinerary Sample

Celebrate your last day of singlehood with an unforgettable bachelorette party! Use the sample template below and get started on your own fun itinerary!

bachelorette-party-itinerary-template Use This Bachelorette Party Itinerary Sample

33. Corporate Itinerary Sample

Companies hold multiple corporate events throughout the year. Use the sample template below and create your own personalized corporate program!

free-corporate-event-travel-itinerary-template Use This Corporate Event Itinerary Sample

34. Bridal Shower Itinerary Sample

Similar to a bachelorette party, a bridal shower is equally fun. The sample itinerary below will help you plan the best party for the bride-to-be!

free-bridal-party-itinerary-template Use This Bridal Party Itinerary Sample

35. Professional Itinerary Sample

This professional business itinerary below contains important details for an official project site visit. The flight and lodging details are specified accordingly.

free-professional-business-travel-itinerary-template Use This Professional Itinerary Sample

36. Field Trip Itinerary Sample

Some lessons can only be learned outside the classroom. Field trips and excursions can serve an educational purpose. It helps expose students to other avenues of learning.

field-trip-itinerary-template Use This Field Trip Itinerary Sample

37. Beach Wedding Itinerary Sample

Destination weddings are popular among couples. And for sea-loving couples, a wedding ceremony plus a beach party is the ultimate dream. Use the beach wedding itinerary below and start planning!

beach-wedding-itinerary-template Use This Beach Wedding Itinerary Sample

38. Business Conference Itinerary Sample

One avenue for business development is attending conferences not just to sharpen business acumen, but to expand professional networks as well. The template below is available for download using Google Sheets. Plan your conference itinerary now!

googlesheetsfree-executive-travel-itinerary-template Use This Executive Travel Itinerary Sample

39. Christmas Party Itinerary Sample

‘Tis the season for partying and merrymaking! Use this editable Christmas party itinerary below to plan your next holiday get-together!

christmasparty Use This Christmas Party Itinerary Sample

40. Monthly Meeting Itinerary Sample

Most companies and organizations hold regular monthly meetings. A clear itinerary is needed in order to maximize the meeting minutes. Use the sample template below to draft your own meeting itinerary.

monthlymeetingbusiness-itinerary-template Use This Monthly Business Meeting Itinerary Sample

41. Sports Trip Itinerary Example

The example below is a club’s scheduled sports trip. It’s important to always include essential information in an itinerary including departure and arrival dates, emergency contact persons, and the complete list of participants.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 303KB

Download at NC State University

42. University Tour Itinerary Example

Many college campuses host open houses and other academic events for incoming students. The example below contains a detailed schedule of a university program review.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 30KB

Download at Wayne State University

43. Wine Tasting Itinerary Example

Are you looking for a different kind of adventure? Take a wine class or book a wine tasting tour. This wine tasting itinerary takes guests on a tour of different wineries.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 81KB

Download at Visit Hermann

44. Workshop Itinerary Example

Seminars and workshops are commonplace and can either be intimate or large. The itinerary below is a week-long workshop of exploring the Sonoran Desert.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 49KB

Download at Aperture

45. Youth Camp Itinerary Example

A youth camp can be a great way to foster community and build relationships. Children from all ages can benefit from the experience. The example below is comprehensive itinerary of Volcano Adventure Camp.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 398KB

Download at Lassen Park Foundation

46. Travel Agency Itinerary Sample

Do you want to go on a vacation but dread the planning involved? Engage the services of travel agency! They offer curated tour packages and help make it easier for you to plan your escapade.

agencyfree-travel-itinerary-template Use This Travel Itinerary Sample

47. Concert Itinerary Sample

Millions of people enjoy concerts and the euphoric high it brings. The concert template below is a detailed schedule of live music tour.

concert Use This Concert Itinerary Sample

48. Daily Itinerary Sample

Do people really need daily plans? For some, it gives them a sense of routine and structure. Use the daily itinerary template below and plan out your days!

daily-itinerary-template Use This Daily Itinerary Sample

49. Small Business Itinerary Sample

Small businesses don’t necessarily stay small for long. Official business trips can be important opportunities for business growth and expansion.

small-businessfree-business-trip-itinerary-template Use This Small Business Itinerary Sample

50. Weekend Itinerary Sample

Don’t have weekend plans? Spend a quick staycation at a fancy hotel. Use the sample weekend itinerary below and start planning!

hotelweekend-itinerary-template Use This Weekend Itinerary Sample


The content of your itinerary will depend on your need. But a typical itinerary usually contains some basic elements. Follow the guide below to create your own itinerary.

1. Title

Give your itinerary an appropriate title. As a subheading, you can include the duration of the event or trip too. For example, if your title is “Community Immersion Itinerary”, insert the date ‘July 10-17, 2021’ below the title.

2. Timetable

A list of planned activities will look more organized if it’s placed in a timetable. You can create a simple table with the date and time. After which, provide the necessary program information and its corresponding schedule.

3. Destination and Description

Flight itineraries always indicate the departure and arrival hubs. And apart from passenger information, you can also include other relevant details like accommodation and activity schedules.

4. Notes

Additional notes may be present in your itinerary. For some travel itineraries, payment reminders or guidelines are listed down. Baggage allowance and other reminders may also be indicated in this section.


What is an itinerary used for?

An itinerary is used to plan events, programs and any kind of activity that requires a fixed time or a flow of events.

What is an itinerary meaning?

An itinerary is a detailed overview of a tour/trip schedule or a program flow. Its contents can be general or specific, depending on the need.

What’s another word for itinerary?

An itinerary is closely related to a schedule.

What are the types of itinerary?

According to Travelport, there are three simple types of flight itineraries. These are one-way, roundtrip or return trips, and open jaw flight.

What should an itinerary include?

An itinerary should always include the flight or travel details, passenger information, and the total amount. A schedule of activities and accommodation details may be included if it applies.

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