Notes can be a simple remark at the end of an important document, or they can also be an entire document in itself. They can be created online, manually, or digitally through an application such as Microsoft Office. note

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Note Definition & Meaning

A note is defined as a paper or a document containing a condensed or brief statement or explanation about something or someone.

Recording notes is important since it allows the user to have something to remember in the future.

What Is a Note?

A note is a document that is a short record of someone’s statements, testimonies, or someone’s impressions about a particular object or event. It can also be a brief statement that gives out relevant information depending on how it’s used. They can be written manually, be printed after it is made in a program in either Windows or macOS, or they can be entirely digital and be sent via email apps (such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Outlook) when someone opts to login in their website browser.

10 Types of Note

Delivery Note

Delivery notes are documents that are included when someone orders a package from a different place. It can also function as a receipt or a proof of delivery. This can be different variants, such as a project delivery note, a delivery receipt note, a goods delivery note, and so on.


Cornell Note

A Cornell note is a document that is especially helpful in class while reading text notes or looking up online resources. In this system, a page of a notebook will be divided with a horizontal line 5 or 6 spaces from the bottom, and a vertical line 2 inches from the left side of the paper to serve as a divider for the notes. The larger space on the right is used for notes and details, while the left space is for a list of key points and highlights.


Promissory Note

A promissory note is defined as a written promise to pay someone. It can be used as a legally enforceable document complete with terms and conditions for loan repayment, and one will usually sign the note at the bottom of the document. This type of note is used mainly for mortgages, student loans, or car loans.


Doctor Note

A doctor’s note is a document that serves as a written notice from a qualified medical institution that contains basic details about someone’s medical condition. It is also known as a doctor’s excuse letter to be required by companies and educational institutions whenever someone needs to miss work or school for an extended period due to health reasons. In some instances, it can also be considered a medical certificate.


Case Note

A case note is a document that contains a brief summary and an analysis of a single specific case. Since this document focuses on cases, this has a legal purpose. The theme of this document or the content should focus on the details of the case, such as its key facts, as well as an analysis of the decision that was reached.


Balloon Note

A balloon note is another type of note that serves a financial purpose. It’s usually used when clients want to avail a long-term loan that has a significantly large payment due upon its maturity. This usually has a shorter underwriting process compared to other loans.


Renewed Note

Another type of note that is involved in the world of finance is a renewed note. A renewed or a renewal note is a piece of document that is issued to a creditor regarding the renewal of a promissory note. In other words, this document is used to signify the renewal or extension of a loan.


Study Note

Notes can also serve a purpose in the academic world, and a study note is one of them. They are usually made progressively throughout the discussion of a topic, or throughout a program semester. Taking study notes is usually an advantage for students since it helps them retain information in the document which can be crucial for future examinations.


Music Note

Notes also have a place in the arts and creative world, and a music note is a particular example of this type. Also known as musical notations, they are essentially the written or printable form of a musical composition. This document is utilized by music artists to perceive how long a beat goes.


Death Note

Another example of a note that serves a medical purpose is a death note. Also known as a death notice, this is essentially a document that gives out an announcement that someone has died. It is largely similar to a death certificate in that it contains the name of the deceased individual, the date and time of death, the place of death, and any supporting details regarding the individual.


Note Uses, Purpose, Importance

Through the art of note-taking, the writer essentially records down in a paper the essence of information, clearing them of having to recall everything from memory. It has been a part of humanity’s history and development since early times. With that being said, here are some reasons why note-taking is important:

It Sorts Priorities

The practice of note-taking has helped everyone sort out their priorities by highlighting key points. This has been the case when people were still taking notes manually, and it still rings true today. By highlighting key points in a note, everyone has the opportunity to quickly go through the priority points whenever it is needed, such as in an exam.

It Boosts Understanding

Activities such as lectures can be a really overwhelming event to take part in. The only way to truly understand what is happening in a lecture is when you take the time to process the information in it, such as by taking notes. By doing so, and by making notes work, you build a mental representation of the ideas you’re being presented with, helping you have a further understanding of the subject matter you’re dealing with.

It Helps Us Reflect

Another importance of taking notes is that it helps us have the time to reflect on what is happening around us. An example of a note-taking procedure that helps us reflect is writing in diaries or journals, which also helps us access something from the day. Being a tool of reflection, it helps us make a rational and emotional sense of the events that have occurred.

It Acts as a Resource for Writing

When one proceeds to download a program where they can take their notes digitally or obtain a pen and paper to jot them down manually, the notes that are written down become invaluable content for the future. They also become resources that are used to link ideas and solutions to what you are currently doing. Additionally, notes can also be used as a resource to visualize your thinking on a particular topic.

It Improves Organizational Skills

Another importance of note-taking is that it hones our organizational skills. This is done by organizing the key points to remember or to research. When we are taking notes, it helps us understand complex topics much better, and we become more efficient at organizing large amounts of information.

What’s In a Note? Parts?


Companies and establishments also add their logo to establish their brand identity in the note document.

Note Title

This determines the purpose of the note and is located on top of the document.

Main Text

This is the actual text of the note document.

Key Points/Highlights

This part serves as a list of the key points and is usually separated from the main text.

Separator Lines

This can be used to separate the key points and highlights from the main body of the note document.


How to Design a Note?

1. Choose a Note Size.

2. Decide on the note’s purpose.

3. Pick a Note Template.

4. Modify the structure and contents to suit your purpose.

5. Add logos/graphics if applicable.

6. Finalize the process and download.


Note vs. Bond

A note is considered a debt arrangement between a party and another party, which is usually a financial institution, and notes are usually not considered securities.

A bond is a long-term debt that is issued to the public and can be considered a security.

What’s the Difference Between a Note, Remark, and Comment?

A note is defined as a brief explanation or annotation of a text and can be considered a critical, explanatory, or illustrative observation.

A remark is made to share a casual observation or expression that is usually in speech or in writing of something that is noticed, and it can also mean a basic mention of something.

A comment is a written note that is also intended to be a critical observation of something and is usually much longer since they give and interpret extra information and states an opinion.

Note Sizes

When designing a note document, it is important that the right size should be followed, and it can be largely influenced by its purpose. For the note sizes, here are the standard ones in use:


Note Ideas & Examples

Note documents have different purposes, and the process of designing and creating them should be relatively straightforward if you know what to do. But should difficulties be encountered, listed below are some of the different note ideas and examples that can be a source of inspiration when it’s time for you to create this particular document.

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What does a note include?

A typical note document usually includes the note title, the logo of the company creating the document, the main text of the document, the key points of the document, and a separator line to divide the key points from the main text.

What do you mean by notes in accounting?

Notes in accounting refer to notes in financial statements and footnotes which are used to provide supporting information alongside a company’s final accounts or financial statements.

What are notes in business?

In business terms, a note refers to a legal document representing a loan made from an issuer to a creditor or an investor.

What are the qualities of a good note?

The qualities of a good note include visible headings so that key topics are easily identified, key points of a particular topic, and key points to make the notes more memorable.

Who can issue a credit note?

The party that can issue a credit note is the seller, which is then issued to the buyer.

What is the format of a delivery note?

A delivery note should include the contact information of the buyer and the seller, the date in which the order was placed, the date the order was delivered, a delivery note number, and a list of goods from the store that are included in the delivery.

What is a note payment?

A note payment or a note payable is a long-term liability for the money that a company owes its financiers.

Why do companies issue notes?

They issue notes so that they can finance every aspect of their business, from launching new products to repaying an expensive debt.

How does a note work?

A note can work in different ways, such as financial notes that cover loans, academic notes that cover a student’s notes regarding a topic, and delivery notes, that outline key details regarding product delivery.

When would a business use a note vs accounts payable?

Notes are used by businesses to pay debts through credit companies while businesses use accounts payable to enter debt obligations with different suppliers of goods and businesses.