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Every company would want to know just how well their products or services are selling to the masses. This would mean that employers are going to need a document that would tell them just how well their companies are doing in terms of sales. You may also like sales report templates.

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So, it’s up to those in the sales department to come up with this document that will assist their managers in becoming aware of the condition of the sales performance of the company as well as other information such as the amount of revenue gained or the products that have been sold. This article is going to focus on how you are going to create a daily sales report that will show your managers how your sales are going on a daily basis. You can also see Report Templates.

Daily Sales Report Template

daily sales report
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Free Daily Report Card Template

free daily report card template1
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Free Sales Report Template

free sales report template
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Free Daily Report Template

free daily report template
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Free Sales Planner Template

free sales planner template
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Simple Daily Report

simple daily sales report3

Department Daily Sales Report Template

department daily sales report template

Daily Sales Report Sample

daily sales report sample


How to Write a Sales Report

A sales department is the final link in a business’s operations. They’re the ones who are responsible for making sure that the products and services that the company has to offer is taken by their target audience. Sales reports provide concise, timely information that will give your managers everything that they need to understand the current situation of the company’s sales. So, if you want to make a proper report, then follow these steps to help you out:

1. Have a Proper Structure for Your Sales Report

Sales documents are what businessmen or salespeople are going to create for the sole purpose of using them within the company. A good sales report is brief and gives salespeople and managers numbers that are all up-to-date. Other information that you would want to include are the following:

  • Sales trends – This is what will tell the readers of your report as to what products or services are in demand. Trends are always going to be a thing when it comes to the market, so the best way for you to gather information in regards to what customers want is by doing a number of things. You can go with the direct approach and ask them about what they want, or you can have them fill up customer surveys that contain questions specifically meant for knowing the current customer trends.
  • Sales goals – No matter what kind of business you’re in, there’s always a certain goal that the company that you’re working for has to achieve. And, these goals would usually be tied to the sales. Usually, a company would have a sales goal that’s reasonable enough for all employees to be able to reach. If every employee is able to reach the sales goal, then it’s easy to state it within the report. However, if it’s seen that they’re not being met, then you should place it in the report as well as the numbers lacked to actually meet the goal. You may also see monthly sales report templates.
  • Problems – Whether the sales goal was met or not, there are most likely going to be problems that the company is going to face. Just remember that whatever problem that you’re going to place in this report is something that directly affects the sales of the company. A good example would be that not a lot of customers are buying a particular product that your company has newly introduced. So in your report, you need to clearly point out that the product has not been well received by the target audience, along with other important information such as the amount that was sold and the statistics, if you were to continue selling the failed product. You may also see sales call report templates.
  • Possible Solutions – They’re considered “possible” solutions because you never really know if they can actually help or if your bosses actually consider your solution. Try to come up with solutions that are relevant to the problem at hand. So, if you know that employees aren’t doing what they can to reach out to customers or that they’re not exactly accommodating to their needs as much as you would have hoped, then you should suggest that they go through training that will help improve the customer service of the company. Just remember that your solution has to tie in with the problems so that your bosses might just consider using whatever solution that you have provided.

Since you’re making a daily sales report, information such as the date and time covered is crucial. Make sure that you are able to write all of that down along with the department from which the report came from and the individual who made it (in this case, you.). You may also see daily call report templates.

2. Start With a Summary

If you know the kind of structure that you’re going to go for your report, then you need to create a summary of your entire report. Readers of sales reports typically want to know the number of sales and whether or not the sales goals were met. Some of these people just want to get the gist of the sales report so that they can get what they need quickly. So, let’s say that there was an event or a problem that occurred that made it so the company was not able to meet with the sales quota for the day.

Your boss might just want a quick explanation as to what happened on that day, and you can provide him/her with that information quickly through the summary. Remember that this is a summary and it should be short, but not so short that it won’t give out enough information. Also, if you’re going to make the summary, make sure that it’s the last thing on your to-do list. The reason is that it’s going to cover everything in your report and that means you’re going to have to come up with all of the other content first. So save this for last so that you won’t miss out on any key pieces of information or any last minute pieces that you want to put into the report. You may also like excel sales templates.

3. Report the Numbers

This is the page that goes after the summary. In this section of the daily sales report, is where you break down the number of sales that were made within the day. The categories and arrangement of this section will vary on the needs of the business. For example, the numbers you’re going to show might represent how much sales were made in a particular branch and compare it to the number of sales to the main branch. Some sales reports include other data such as the number of leads and how many leads as well as the number of leads that were close by those in the sales staff. You may also like sales report templates in pdf.

4. Explanatory Sections

Once you’re done with the sales figures for that day, make a comparison between that and those of the previous days. While you can’t exactly place the figures of all the previous days, it’s best that you limit the comparisons of the sales by week. So, if you’re writing about the sales figures of Wednesday, then compare it with the sales of Monday and Tuesday. In addition, you want to briefly describe all of the factors that have affected the sales for that day.

So let’s say that sales were down by at least 10% from that day compared to all the previous days, but the reason for that is because of the harsh weather conditions which prevented most of your usual customers from coming in. This is something that your boss would want to know, so it’s important that you add the weather to the report. So basically, if you fell short of a sales goal, identify the reason and state what you are doing to remedy the situation. You may also like daily report templates.

5. Rember to Check for Errors

No matter what kind of report you’re going to end up making, you always have to make sure that everything you place in it is 100% accurate and error free. This would mean that grammar, spelling, and even information errors are unacceptable. Because if your boss sees in your sales report that a couple of numbers are wrong, then that won’t exactly be helping your image and it’ll label you as someone that’s incompetent. So the moment that you’re able to spot even the tiniest error within your daily sales report, you’re going to have to fix them as soon as possible to prevent problems in the near future. You may also like free daily reports.

Some businesses use standardized templates to prepare daily or weekly sales reports. In this situation, much of the information that would be in the report can already be found within the template. All you have to do is edit the numbers into the sales figures of the company.  Templates often provide spaces for comments or notes. You should definitely make use of these as you can provide information that would otherwise go towards the summary or explanatory section.

If you would like to learn more about how to create a daily sales report or anything related to this particular topic, then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles that contain the information that you need, and utilize the information that you have been able to find to help you and your business out. You may also like free report templates.

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