8+ Non Compete Agreement Templates – DOC, PDF

A non-compete agreement is also known as Non-Compete clause (NCC) and Covenant Not to Compete (CNC). It is a legal term basically found in the contract law, which states that, “It is a   contract between two parties, where one party agrees not to compete with the other for a period   of time”. The agreement is often entered into at the end of employment or a business   relationship. Such agreements are common among commercial radio stations and television   stations. The agreements also support PDF, PSD and word formats.

Non Compete Agreement Sample

When an employee leaves your business is he going to open up in competition with you?   Obviously, no employer wants to lose an employee under those circumstances. One way to   avoid this is to enter into agreements with your employees that restrict them to compete with   you. So get your sample agreements right now. It also supports PDF, PSD and word formats.

Non-compete Agreement Template in Word, Pages for Mac

non-compete-agreement-template Download

Employee Non Compete Agreement

Employee desires to give and Employer desires to receive from Employee, a covenant not to  engage, either directly or indirectly. In short such an agreement is referred as Employee Non-  Compete Agreement. These agreements are based on certain terms and conditions, where the   Employee is at no loss. And it supports in PDF, PSD and word formats.

Employee Non-Compete Agreement Template in Google Docs

employee-non-compete-agreement-template Download

Non Compete Agreement Form

A non-compete agreement is a contract where an employee agrees not to compete with the  employer. The agreement may be for a limited duration and geographic area. It may also   identity specific companies that the employee pledges not to join. Thus get your specialized   agreement form from us right now. It also supports PDF, PSD and word formats.

Free Non Compete Agreement Form Word Format Download

free non compete agreement form word format download

fastbusinessplans.com | This Word format template makes it easy to customize the sample non compete agreement. You can create something unique to cover both parties in a mutually beneficial agreement of not competing against one another.

Standard Non Compete Agreement

Employees view non-competes as “Standard Contracts”. Non-compete clauses have been on   the rise over the last decade. The more competitive a field, the more likely employers ask   prospective employees to sign standard non-compete agreements. It safeguards information and   other trade secrets. So get your agreement right here in PDF, PSD and word formats.

Free Standard Non Compete Agreement Word Format

free standard non compete agreement word format

bob-cheryl.com | With this Word format template non compete agreement you can create a legally binding non compete/non disclosure agreement with employees or other organizations. This helps protect secrets, innovations and research done by a firm.

Business Non Compete Agreement

A non competition agreement serves to protect certain confidential information within a   company that employees and other clients may come in contact with while working with the   company. When employees sign a non competition agreement, they are not permitted to reveal   the information to competitor businesses and any outsiders. The samples of it are available in   PDF, PSD and word formats.

Business Confidential Non Compete Agreement PDF Download

business confidencial non compete agreement pdf download

wellosophy.com | This agreement is used between two companies who work closely and require keeping some trade secrets. Get the template in PDF format in an easy to understand wording that you can also change when needed.

Contractor Non Compete Agreement

The main purpose of a Contractors Agreement is to protect the interests of the business after   having entered into some agreement to employee or contract someone. It is essential for any   business owner to protect certain ideas and trade secrets of the business. Thus, get your   agreement here itself in PDF, PSD and word formats.

Free Contractor Non Compete Agreement Word Format

free contractor non compete agreement word format

patent-trademark-law.com | If you want to create a legally binding agreement with your contractor for a non compete agreements then this template is for you. Download it for free in Word file format.

Subcontractor Non Compete Agreement

The agreement taking place between a contractor and a sub contractor is basically known as   Subcontractor Non Compete Agreement. Such an agreement takes place when a company is   unable to perform certain project tasks due to time constraints or staff shortage. The agreement   is supportive in PDF, PSD and word formats.

Subcontractor Non Compete Agreement Sample Word Doc

subcontractor non compete agreement sample word doc


Legal Non Compete Agreement

Employers usually insist on non-compete agreements because of the possibility of an employee,   upon resignation, working for a competitor or starting a business and gaining competitive   advantage. In such a case, a legal agreement takes place, may be for a certain period. Find your   right legal agreement here itself. It also supports PDF, PSD and word formats.

Sample Legal Non Compete Agreement Word Format Download

sample legal non compete agreement word format download

bob-cheryl.com | With this Word legal non compete/ non disclosure agreement, you can create your special document to protect company trade secrets between two companies, a company and a contractor or a company and an employee.

Non Compete Non Disclosure Agreement Template

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) also known as a Confidentiality Agreement (CA),   Proprietary Information Agreement (PIA), or Secrecy Agreement (SA), is a legal contract   between at least two parties. It is a contract through which the parties agree not to disclose   information covered by the agreement. It creates a confidential relationship among the parties.   So get an agreement here in PDF, PSD and word formats.

Free Non Compete Non Disclousre Agreement Template Word

free non compete non disclousre agreement template word

spaceislandgroup.com | In order to come up with a legal non disclosure agreement, this Word template can help you create a unique one. It is editable allowing you to change whatever clause you choose.

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