10+ Lease Agreement Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download

A lease agreement is a contract agreed between the user and the owner, to use an asset, by making some payment to the owner. Some of the instances of such assets are property, house, vehicles and also industrial equipments. Commonly after the property is given for lease, the user gains the power to use it, but he is also responsible for the condition of the property. Generally the lease agreement is made for a specified duration agreeable for both the parties. You can also Non-Disclosure Agreement Template. You can have a glance at our samples and examples before creating a lease agreement form, without missing any minute clause. You can also download the Agreement Templates and alter or use them just as it is.

Sample Vacation Rental Lease Agreement

vacation rental lease agreement

eaglesridge.com | If you want to lease or rent a vacation property then you need this sample template. It can help you create lease agreement that suits your needs and is flexible to your tenants.

Free Model Rental Lease Agreement

model rental lease agreement

gov.uk | This document contains guidance on rental lease agreement and why it is important. The example we have can help you realize the necessity of creating a rental lease agreement with all your tenants.

Example Housing Rental Lease Agreement

housing rental lease agreement

ncu.edu.jm | This sample rental agreement is designed to help any landlord make an agreement that is legally binding. It contains the type of house, the details of the tenant, the agreed rent, payment terms and other important terms.

Free Sample Commercial Lease Agreement

sample commercial lease agreement

nationalparalegal.edu | In order to come up with a legally sound commercial lease agreement this example can be of help. It details the parties to the agreement, the lease terms of payment and renewal of the agreement.

Example Rental Lease Agreement

renatal lease agreement

rentalsonline.com | When you want to make a rental lease agreement with a tenant, this sample template can be of great use. It has a layout including the names of both parties, the rent, due dates and methods of payment.

Free Real Estate Lease Agreement

real estate lease agreement

freerentaldocs.com | This free template is created professionally to help make a real estate agreement with tenants. The example contains the parties to the contract, the rent payable, payment intervals and the terms of using the premises.

Sample Office Lease Agreement

office lease agreement

imperialcable.com | This template example for office lease agreement is designed to guide you in making an agreement. It contains details like the landlord, tenant details, the rent to be paid and other relevant terms of use of the premise.

Free Property Lease Agreement

property lease agreement1

cooperattorneys.co.za | If you want to lease your property and be legally covered in case of any eventuality then this sample template is the best for you. It details the agreement terms and lease conditions to be adhered to.

Example Building Lease Agreement

building lease agreement

iraq-jccme.jp | This detailed example of a lease agreement has been designed by experts to give you a legally binding contract. It is free for download and covers all that is required to lease a premise.

Free Commercial Rental Agreement

commercial rental agreement

nationalparalegal.edu | With this example, anyone can create lease agreement for a commercial property. It details the lease grants, the specific terms of lease and the clauses on extension of the lease when it lapses.

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