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Are you looking for some Advertising Brochure Templates to use in your very own advertising business or company? Brochures that are of high quality and efficiently accessible that takes no time to make? On our website, we provide you with a wide array of brochure templates choices with custom designs for you to use.

Electronically made or printed on paper, there are many ways a brochure can be distributed. Brochures are a small paper document that can hold information and that needs a meticulous preparation to be able to disseminate information effectively. Whichever way you may want to dispense your brochures, our templates can help you both ways. So check them out now and let us guide you with these advantages and tips on how to create a brochure.

Advertising Folder Company Brochure



Real Estate Advertising Company Brochure

real-estate-advertising-company-brochure Download

School Advertising Company Brochure

school-advertising-company-brochure Download

Advertising Company Trifold Brochure

advertising-company-trifold-brochure Download

Car Advertising Company Brochure



What Is a Brochure?

A popular promotional tool and one of the best advertising tools, a brochure is a piece of informative paper document that is commonly given out to public. Brochures are primarily used to introduce fresh-faced organizations or existing ones. Brochures can also be used to inform, announce, and sell items or services to the public.

They contain components that make a specific organization or product look good. There are different types of brochures. The effectivity of brochures may actually depend on what format they look. These different types of brochures come in different sizes and folds. These different brochure types include the following:

  • Bi-fold brochure. A bi-fold brochure consists of four panels as these are the most common types of single-sheet brochures.
  • A4 size brochure. Most used paper size and format, with dimensions of 297 mm high × 210 mm wide. This type of brochure can cover an area of 0.65 sq ft.
  • A3 size brochure. Has the same panel and features as the A4 brochure but smaller in size. It has a size of 420mm x 297mm.
  • Tri-fold brochure. This type of brochure is formed in one sheet and folded two times to create six panels.

Advantages of Brochures

Including its effective marketing function, there are other several advantages you can get when using brochures. Here are some of the advantages of distributing brochures we found:

  • Portable and can easily be distributed. They weigh less and can be easily carried to be dispersed.
  • Saves time and cost. They are inexpensive to make and can be quickly reproduced
  • Eye catching. They are able to catch and hold people’s attention for a long time.
  • Short and straight to the point. They provide complete information in a small space.

Before proceeding on with our advertising brochure templates, you can also check out some of our offered PSD Company Brochures that can be of use to you.

Advertising Medical Company Brochure

advertising-medical-company-brochure Download

Interior Advertising Company Brochure

interior-advertising-company-brochure Download

Tips on How to Create a Brochure

The advantages of brochures make them a great instrument for a more successful businesses. Giving out brochures also gives the organization a kick in confidence and an assurance that their services and products have been advertised clearly to the public while providing complete information and giving them a good portfolio about their company, products, and services.

To be able to aid and prompt you into making your own brochure, we here provide for you some tips and tricks on how to make a good-quality brochure:

  • Set a purpose for the brochure. It should have a direct purpose—that is, to sell your product or spread your cause.
  • Select an appropriate design to use. It should match the theme or topic being tackled.
  • Limit your words. Use words that are clear and easy to understand.
  • Have an impact. Use a striking headline to attract readers and keep them reading.

Try also more Event Brochure Templates that we offer from our website with custom designs that are free of charge.

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