17+ Awsome Brochure Sizes And PSD Design Examples

Free brochure sizes and examples help you to enhance the quality of your brochures and make it more attractive and prominent for the target market. There are several types of free PSD brochure design sizes and examples. You must first know the various types that are available:

brochure sizes and examples

Brochure 16 Page A4 Unique Brochure Size PSD – $10

brochure 16 page a4 unique brochure size
You are getting a very wide and neat cover page here which offers generous free space even after uploading your picture. The internal pages have provision for both text & images.

Unique Brochure Sizes Brochure Sizes in Inches

unique brochure sizes brochure sizes in inches
You are getting a list of wide range of brochure sizes that are presented in inches. Some are executive brochures, some are half catalogues while some are trifold handouts and presentation folders.

Photoshop 3 Size Brochures Mock-up Glossy Brochure Printing – $8

size brochures mock up glossy brochure printing
You are getting brochures in 3 sizes here- square, vertical & horizontal. All the brochures have come up with a glossy cover page for a more pronounced effect on your uploaded picture on front.

Trifold Creative Brochure Sizes and Folds Template Download – $6

trifold creative brochure sizes and folds template
The combination of grey and red has always been an enticing one and this brochure template has beautifully captured such an elegant approach. All the pages have provisions for images and text.

Make Your Own Brochure By Brochure Free Design

make your own brochure by brochure design
If you are planning to draft your own brochure free from any influence and looking for the right layout, here you will have your help. You are getting a wide range of layouts here.

US Letter Size Business Brochure Printing Illustrator – $9

us letter size business brochure printing
If you are planning to place a big bright image on the cover page of the brochure, this is the template for you. The light faded effect adds on the needed dose of class.

Beautiful Tri-Fold Brochures Leaflet Printing EPS – $9

beautiful tri fold brochures leaflet printing

Corporate Company Brochures Bundle – $22

corporate company brochures bundle

Bifold Business Brochure Business Card

bifold business brochure business cards

Standard Brochure Maker Printing Size

standard brochure maker printing size

8 Page A6 Roll Folded Brochure Printing UK

page a6 roll folded brochure printing uk

Standard Brochure Size Corporate Multipurpose – $12

standard brochure size corporate multipurpose

8 Page A4 Roll Folded Brochure Printing Services

page a4 roll folded brochure printing services

Free Download

Folding Brochure Printing of Brochure Template

folding brochure printing of brochure template


Brochure Styles Tri Fold Brochure Template

brochure styles tri fold brochure template

  • Letter fold: which permits the user to open it up like a letter
  • gate: which has two folds that splits up the center
  • half: it simply opens up as if half folded
  • accordion: it has four equal folds or even more and opens like a booklet
  • z fold: it is smaller than accordion having just two equal folds Fresh Brochure.

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