10+ Amazing Camp Brochure Templates

Organizing a summer camp or a trekking camp needs to have as many people as possible. Easy PSD download of camp brochure template can work towards your favour. Some tricks up the sleeve should be known to you to make an interesting and free camp brochure template. You Can also see Tri Fold Brochure Templates 

Summer Camp A3 Tri Fold Brochure Template

Summer Camp Trifold Brochure

Summer Camp A4 Bi Fold Template

Summer Camp Bifold Brochure

Amazing Camp Brochure Template -$8

In order to advertize the summer camp organized by your organization, you can download this template and encourage parents to send their children at your thrilling camp. You can add the details and the events to be held at you camp with eye catching captions and images.

Beautiful Camp Brochure Template

Just download photos and artwork showing the different activities involved in camping to modify this beautiful camp brochure template. Adding information about the camp, the cost and the schedule along with the contact details is now made easy with this template.

Cute Kids Summer Camp Brochure Template

Create a good looking cute kids summer camp brochure. Download layout with images and artwork. Modify and print it. Summer camp brochure can be used as a small catalog for the storekeeper selling them to various children where they can see the various summer camp options.

Kids Summer Camp Beautiful Brochure Template

By downloading this template you can attract maximum number of kids for your camp by advertizing about the various activities offered under one roof. To make it more informative, you can add the duration, fees and venue of the camp.

Fantastic Camp Brochure Template

This brochure will inform you about the beautiful ways of enjoying the camp. You can mix the outdoor activity with the camping, activities like rock climbing, skiing, horse riding, and water rafting etc. to make a beautiful camp brochure template.

Camp Brochure Template for Horse Riding

Horse riding can be made fun at your camp. Download this template and show the different pictures and artworks of horseracing and also inform about the skills and techniques of riding and caring for a horse.

Fabulous Camp Brochure Template

Colourful Camp Brochure Template

Fun activities or if you are running a health camp you have to add the details specifically including the precautions and different ways by which people will benefit out of the camp to be followed as per schedule. It is like your work is being done without having to go door to door.

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