15+ Construction Brochures

A construction brochure is made by construction firms, companies, and other businesses that provide construction services to help them in marketing and advertising their offerings. There are many kinds of construction activities and projects, which is why there are also variations on the content of the construction brochures being used by companies. It all depends on their nature of operations and the main construction services that they can offer and provide to their clients.

If you want to know the information and details that you can see in a construction brochure, download the samples and templates of construction brochures that you can see at this page. Other than that, we can also provide you with samples of other Free Brochure Templates, which you may use as references in creating brochures that can provide you with different functions and purposes.

Construction Brochure Template


Construction Company Brochure Template


Construction Bi Fold Brochure Template


Construction Company Bi Fold Brochure Template


Construction Company Tri Fold Brochure Template


Free Construction Brochure Template


Building Construction Brochure



Construction Company Brochure



Modern Construction Brochure



Construction Tri-Fold Brochure



Home Builders and Construction Brochure



Inclusions of a Construction Brochure

A basic construction brochure includes the following information:

  • The name of the construction firm, company or service provider
  • A brief description of the company
  • The type of construction projects that the company can handle
  • A list of the construction services and other construction works that they can provide and offer to clients
  • The price of their services
  • A few samples of the construction projects that the company has already handled

Types of Construction Projects

The inclusions of a construction project may vary a little depending on the type of construction projects that a company works with. These construction projects may be any of the following:

  • Housing and home building construction projects
  • Commercial and business construction projects
  • Infrastructure construction projects
  • Industrial construction projects

It is very important for the brochures of the construction company to be aware of the coherence of their service offerings to the brochure that they will create and design. If you want to see more samples of construction brochures used by different companies and construction businesses, you may download our samples and templates of Construction Company Brochures.

Professional Construction Brochure Template



Construction Bi-Fold Brochure



Under Construction Brochure Template



Commercial Construction Brochure



Construction Business Brochure



Designing the Construction Brochure

In designing a construction brochure, here are a few items that you may follow:

  • Make sure that the design of the construction brochure has the layout that can provide spaces for both photos and texts.
  • A construction brochure must have sample photos of the best projects of the company so that clients will already have an initial impression about the deliverable of the construction business.
  • Let the construction brochure reflect the design aesthetic that a construction firm has and is currently applying to its different projects. Construction companies have this characteristics in their projects which makes people know that they are the builders of a particular structure. These characteristics can be applied to the brochure for branding purposes.
  • Assure that the different offerings of the construction company are properly written and phased so that the entire design will not remove the focus of the customers when viewing the brochure.

Samples of Construction Brochures

Listed below are a few samples of construction brochures that you may download from this page:

  • Building Construction Brochure
  • Construction Company Brochure
  • Modern Construction Brochure
  • Construction Tri-Fold Brochure
  • Home Builders and Construction Brochure
  • Professional Construction Brochure
  • Construction Bi-Fold Brochure
  • Under Construction Brochure Template
  • Commercial Construction Brochure
  • Construction Business Brochure

Aside from our construction brochures, our samples of Real Estate Brochures are all available for download.

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