How to Make a Education Brochure [10+ Templates]

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As much we can, we should encourage people to enroll their children in the finest schools or universities through the use of our education brochure templates below. Although we’re not discouraging homeschooling, we’re just saying that schools provide access to more facilities and a chance to socialize with others.

6 Steps to Create an Education Brochure

Step 1: Familiarize and decide on a type of brochure

The brochure types vary according to their folds and each one has its own purpose or method of use. For you to be able to determine which type will allow you to convey your message effectively, familiarize each one first before making a decision. If you want something basic, then the half-fold brochure type might work for you.

Step 2: Write a draft of the content

Since you are trying to convince people into enrolling their children to your school, you will need to gain their full trust. Ensuring quality content in your brochure is a good way of showing a trustworthy and credible image. And for this to be possible, it’s best to write a draft of the overall content of your brochure.

Step 3: Prepare your images

While it’s not entirely necessary to include images to enhance the look of your brochures, it can help in conveying your message. It has been proven that people find it easier to understand pieces of information when it is accompanied by an image, so prepare your images and choose the ones that best support your information.

Step 4: Gather testimonials

Unlike most advertisement tools, brochures have a testimonials section consisting of statements from critics and past clients. Adding this to your brochure can greatly boost your credibility, giving you an advantage over your competitors. Politely ask students or their parents to write a review and some suggestions on how to improve flaws.

Step 5: Download and edit an education brochure template

Downloading an education brochure design template is already straightforward, you simply need to choose from among the ones provided below and click on the download button. Before downloading a template, always take note of the file format, go for the one that’s fully supported by your editing tool to allow you to edit it easily.

Step 6: Proofread the content

Proofreading is highly essential especially if you need to really ensure that the quality of your brochure’s content is exceptional. Even if you prepared a written draft and used it as your guide, errors might still have found their way to your content and the best way of polishing it is by proofreading.

10+ Education Brochure Templates

1. School Education Brochure Template

Quality Secondary Education Brochure Template Download

Quality education is indeed very important for every individual, they get to learn about the surroundings and how to interact with it logically. Here’s a university brochure template that you can download and use to promote not only your facility but also the importance of having a high-quality education.

2. Education Bi-Fold Brochure Sample

Seminar Education System Brochure Sample Download

Schools have different learning systems that adapt to every individual’s needs. Although schools aim to mold their system in a way that’ll serve a wider population, certain systems only work better for some people. This is why you should never fail to include in your content your school’s education system.

3. Minimal Education Brochure Example

Clean Minimal Education Brochure Example Download

It’s true what Michael Masser and Linda Creed meant when they wrote “The Greatest Love of All”, the children are indeed our future and we should teach them love and allow them to lead the way. The brochure template above will entice parents to give their children their greatest love and enroll them in your school.

4. College Educational Brochure Layout

College Educational Learning Brochure Layout Download

Some people choose not to go to college and proceed directly to getting a job, which may seem practical especially if they are in desperate need to make a living. Of course, being a college graduate has its advantages. Speaking of college graduates, we have a college graduation invitation template that may go with this.

5. Simple Education Trifold Brochure Template

Simple Education Trifold Brochure Template Download

An education brochure doesn’t need to be fancy in order to attract an audience, what matters most is the content and how well they are arranged on the layout. Check out the simple brochure template above, the design is highly straightforward but you can’t doubt how effective it can be in conveying useful information.

6. Elementary School Education Brochure

Elementary School Education Bifold Brochure Download

After nursery and kindergarten, a child will then enter a life of being an elementary student. Here, the topics are more complex although they are still meant to prepare the child for high school and college. To go along with this brochure, we also have an elementary lesson plan template for you.

7. Modern Education Brochure Template

Modern Education Bifold Brochure Sample Download

If you’re looking for a brochure template that’s up to par with today’s standards, then the one provided above may be what you need. This education brochure template has a modern yet versatile design that’s perfect for any school or college, it may even be used for review centers or basically any education facility.

8. Modern Education Brochure Example

Modern Education Bifold Brochure Example Download

It’s considered a smart move to always have options when it comes to choosing a school to enroll in, people shouldn’t dive directly to one without knowing if the school’s system fits their capabilities. To provide people with the needed information, here’s a smart brochure template that you can use.

9. Creative Trifold Education Brochure Format

Creative Trifold Education Brochure Format Download

The tri-fold brochure type is perfect for conveying a lot of content, one that requires organizing. Check out the college brochure template above as your example, the tri-fold type comes in six panels (three on each side) which can be used for organizing your content. This way, it’ll make the brochure more comprehensible.

10. Study College Education Brochure Design

Study College Education Brochure Design Download

Keep your brochures informative and relevant, check out the template above and use it as your inspiration when creating your own education brochure. Better yet, why not download it instead? As you can see from the image, this brochure template has a minimal design that directs its readers towards the brochure’s content.

11. School Education Brochure Layout

Colorful School Education Brochure Layout Download

Play around with colors in order for your brochures to effectively attract attention. When adding colors, make sure that they complement each other and they don’t distract the reader from reading the content. Check out the university brochure template above, it may even help to know the science of colors.

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