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5+ Membership Offer Letter Templates

Memberships are very essential to those people who usually use the products of a company or acquire any services and other offerings of a business or an establishment. It allows them to be connected more with the company that they are loyal with and it also gives them perks and discounts to the offerings of the business.

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A membership offer letter may be given by the company upon request of an aspiring member or based on the purchasing activity of their clients. We can provide you with sample membership offer letter templates, which you may use as a reference for this specific matter. Other than that, we also have available Letter Template samples available for download should you want or need to write letters for different purposes.

Gym Membership Offer Letter Template

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Club Membership Offer Letter Template

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Offer Letter for Board Membership

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Gym Membership Offer Letter

If you are focused in maintaining your fitness level, physicality and health condition, then getting a gym membership is the next thing that you need to do. A gym membership offer letter from the gym where you want to inquire for membership includes the following information:

  • A short description about the gym
  • The physical activities and programs that they offer
  • The training and coaching services that they can provide
  • An overview of the gym facilities
  • The equipment and tools that you are entitled to use for the specific workouts that you want to do
  • The time duration of the offered membership
  • Other inclusions of the membership

Club Membership Offer Letter

A club membership offer letter is usually given by a school organization to a student whom they think can add value to their club. A club membership offer letter includes the following information:

  • The skills and talents that a person have that are useful to the activities of the club
  • The proper invitation for a person to join the club that sent the offer letter
  • The programs of the club and how it is related to the area of expertise and interest of the person
  • The things that a person can do should he or she decide to join the club
  • The activities where the club is currently involved

Other than our membership offer letter templates, you may also be interested to browse through our Acknowledgement Letter Template.

New Membership Offer Letter Template

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Special Membership Offer Letter Template

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Membership Offer Letter in PDF

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Basic Membership Offer Letter

If you are to create a membership offer letter to be given out to candidates, clients, and/or applicants who can possibly be a member of a specific business or organization, here are a few items that you need to write down:

  • The date when the membership offer letter has been sent
  • The name of the company or organization who sent the membership offer letter
  • The name of the person subjected for membership
  • The guidelines of membership application
  • The terms and conditions that are needed to be followed should a person already be a member of the organization
  • The perks and benefits that a person can get as a member
  • In other cases, the duties that a member is expected to perform
  • The contact information of the company or organization
  • The deadline in which the person already have to decide whether to accept the membership offer or not

If you receive a membership offer letter, make sure that all the items mentioned above are clearly stated so that you can have a reference of the entire membership program. Aside from our membership offer letter templates, you may also download samples of a Job Offer Letter.

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