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A promotion can mean one of two things. It could mean an activity that supports a certain cause, venture, or aim. Or it could mean elevating someone to a higher position. Either way, you’ll need to make use of a promotion letter in order to make people aware of either situation. You may also see Letter Samples.

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With the help of a promotion letter, you’ll be giving specific information based on whatever you’re trying to promote or address. So if you’re going to promote your business’ products or if you’re going to tell an employee that he or she is getting a simple promotion, then all you need to do is learn how to create and write a proper promotion letter in PDF.

Simple Restaurant Employee Promotion Letter Template

restuarant employee promotion
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Catering Sales Promotion Letter

catering sales promotion lettermymission.lamission.edu

Formal Business Sale Promotion Letter

formal business sale promotion letterluzerne.edu

Business Sales Proposal Promotion Letter

business sales proposal promotion letterwalton.uark.edu

Sales Cover Promotion Letter Example PDF

sales cover promotion letter example pdfmass.gov

Sales Representative Promotion Cover Letter

sales representative promotion cover letteransc.purdue.edu

Retail Sales Cover Promotion Letter

retail sales cover promotion letterbusiness.utsa.edu

Hotel Sales Promotion Proposal

hotel sales promotion proposalcsun.edu

Business Sales Proposal Promotion Template

business sales proposal promotion templatewalton.uark.edu

Professional Sales Promotion Letter

professional sales promotion letterwriting.colostate.edu

The Different Types of Promotion Letters

If you’re going to start making your own promotion letters, then you’ll need to know that there are different types of different purposes. These different types of promotion letters are the following:

  • Promotion Announcement Letter. This is the type of letter that employers utilize in the event that they would like to tell an employee that he or she will be promoted. While there are a number of reasons as to why an employer would send a promotion announcement letter, the main one would be is that the employee has performed beyond company expectations and that he or she is ready for a higher and more important role. If you plan on writing this letter, then be sure to properly address the letter to the employee you wish to send it to and state the reason why you’re giving the employee a promotion.
  • Promotion Request Letter. This is the kind of letter that employees use in the event that they wish to tell their employers they would like to move up within the company. Employees who have stayed in a particular company for a number of years and who have felt that they have done more than enough may use a promotion request letter to gain a higher position. All an employee would have to do is state the department that he or she came from, the employee’s current position, the position that the employee would like to be promoted to, the employee’s educational background and experience, and a valid reason as to why the employee should be promoted along with any previous achievements that show why he or she is a good fit for the position.
  • Sales Promotion Letter. A sales promotion letter is what a lot of businesses use in order to inform both new and long-time customers about all the different products that they’re selling. The point of this kind of letter is to get these people interested enough as well as influence them into wanting to buy whatever a business has to offer. This kind of letter also makes sure that the business increases sales even when selling off-season products. So if you’re going to write this kind of letter, be sure to write one that addresses the needs of the customers and forms a good relationship with them. You should also use a professional tone that will make the customers think favorably about the goods or services your business is selling.
  • School Promotion Letter. With the help of a school promotion letter, schools are able to tell students, as well as the parents of these students, that they are going to be promoted to the next school level. Sometimes, certain conditions must be met by some students before they are promoted to the next level. One possible reason would be that the student has failed to meet school standards and was held back, requiring that student to take up compulsory make-up classes. So once these students are ready to move up, schools can use this letter to specify the name of the students, the level that they will be moving up to, and possibly the event that will take place for those students who are moving up to a level that requires a ceremony to take place.
  • Tenure Promotion Letter. This is basically a letter of recommendation that one would submit to a tenure committee in support of one’s bid for permanent employment. A tenure promotion letter can be made and submitted by a colleague, a subordinate, or a superior. It’s best that it’s written by someone with the information that is being sought after by the tenure committee. The point is that if you’re granted tenure, then you can no longer be fired and you will have job security for life. So if the committee feels you can make a significant contribution to your field, then there should be no doubt that you’ll also be receiving a letter which announces you have gained tenure.

If you would like to know about the other types of promotion letters, then you may go through any of the sample promotion letters that are available on our site.

Resume Promotion Cover Letter for Teacher

resume promotion cover letter for teacherwwu.edu

Nursing Resume Promotion Cover Letter

nursing resume promotion cover letterudel.edu

Entry-Level Analyst Promotion Cover Letter

entry level analyst promotion cover letternortheastern.edu

Promotion Cover Letter For CV

promotion cover letter for cvcareers.govt.nz

Business Professional Promotion Cover Letter

business professional promotion cover letterpurdue.edu

Internal Promotion Offer Letter

internal promotion offer lettertfsweb.tamu.edu

Compliance Officer Promotion Cover Letter

compliance officer promotion cover lettersph.washington.edu

Email Promotion Cover Letter

email promotion cover letterdornsife.usc.edu

Finance Promotion Cover Letter Example

finance promotion cover letter examplebrandeis.edu

Nursing Promotion Cover Letter Example

nursing promotion cover letter examplenursing.jhu.edu

How to Make a Letter of Interest for Promotion

If your company is advertising an open position that you’re interested in, or if you think you’re ready to take on more difficult responsibilities, then you’ll want to learn how to write a letter which shows that you’re ready to progress to the next level of your career. So here are the steps you should follow that should help you write a letter of interest that will get your boss to consider you as a candidate:

The Beginning

  • Address the letter to someone specific. If you’ve been working for the company for a long time and you’re familiar with those around you, then you’ll need to know who exactly you should be writing the letter to. You have to find out the name of the person in charge and address it to either him or her to ensure that your letter looks professional. You may also decide to address this letter to your supervisor.
  • Present yourself with a brief introduction. If you’re working for a very large company, then there’s a high chance that those in charge of handling these promotions might not even know you. So what you’re going to have to do is to state your name and your current position within the company. You’ll also want to include the name of your supervisor.
  • Explain why you are interested in the position. If you know that there’s a new position that has just been made available to your company, then you’ll have to be as direct as possible as to why you want to take it. If there aren’t any new positions, then you can create the letter to say that you’re interested in a promotion that appeals to you. Remember to make the tone of the letter as professional as possible while clearly communicating your enthusiasm.
  • Frame your letter based on the company’s best interests. Those in charge of the hiring committee will assess the needs of the company and they’ll try to see if you have the skills and capabilities that the organization can benefit from if you’re promoted. So write a strong opening statement that shows how you can make a difference if they choose you for the position. However, you shouldn’t get into too much detail yet as you’ll want to do that when you’re writing the body of the letter. Remember that you shouldn’t be writing about why you need the promotion, but rather how your skills and knowledge will be able to benefit the business.
  • Finally, wrap up your introduction with a sentence that states why you’re the best possible choice. You can also expand this when you’re writing the body of the letter, allowing you to expand as to why you’re an excellent candidate. Choose the most relevant qualifications you have and highlight them so that the person reading it will be interested in continuing to read your letter.

The Body

  • State all of your qualifications. This is the part where you will be expanding on how all of your skills will be able to benefit the company. You’ll want to write at least one or two paragraphs that are four to six sentences long. These paragraphs should show off all of your relevant skills. A letter of interest should contain details, but you’ll have to remember that it should also be concise. If you write more than two paragraphs, you risk losing the employer’s interest.
  • Give examples of when you were able to put your skills into action. Writing about how motivated you are and the experience you’ve gained won’t get you that far. Include a few brief sentences that will inform them of situations which allowed you to exhibit the skills that you claim to have. So experiences from your previous job might just be relevant enough for the employer to see that your skills are something that he or she should seriously consider. So let’s say that the letter is for a manager position, you’ll want to state examples of you being able to lead different teams of people during business projects or events that ended up becoming a success and increasing company revenue.
  • If you’re asking for a promotion, then chances are that you’ve already worked for a long time with the company. Prove to these people that you deserve the promotion by handing out examples which show that you’re an asset to the company. Write about any key achievement and how this achievement was able to showcase any of your skills.
  • Try to avoid comparing yourself to the rest of your coworkers. There’s always a chance that other colleagues are going to apply for the promotion that you’re gunning for. Try to resist the urge to compare your skills to your colleagues’ and saying that you deserve the promotion more. This will only give you a bad image and may just cost you that promotion that you’ve been working hard for. It’s best that you emphasize your skills rather than shooting down the other candidates. This will show the employer that you’re the type that has the skills to take the position.

Closing the letter

  • Close the letter by showing the employer gratitude Think of it is a compressed thank you letter wherein the last paragraph, you thank the employer for taking his or her time and consideration in reading your letter. It’s also best that you write how much you’ve enjoyed working for the company. So saying something like, “Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I’ve enjoyed working with you and my coworkers during my time here.” is equivalent to shaking your employer’s hand for the opportunity that you have been given.
  • If you have any letters of recommendation, then you can attach them to your e-mail and mention to your employer that you have attached them. If you don’t have any, then you can include the name of your supervisor or the names of the colleagues you’ve worked with as your references. As an alternative, you could mention that references are available if they’re requested.
  • It’s also best that you attach your resume or curriculum vitae so that you’re able to include highlights of your achievements while working for the company. Mention that you’ve attached either in your closing paragraph. Ensure that you save these files in PDF format so that they’re easily accessible.
  • After you have thanked your employer, ask if you can set up a meeting where the two of you may further discuss the promotion. You’ll want to include your contact information so that the employer will have an easier time getting in touch with you if he or she decides to meet with you.

Congratulations Letter on Promotion

congratulations letter on promotion 1 788x1019hr.gov.nt.ca

Sample Promotion Announcement Letter

sample offer letter transfer 788x1020588 788x1050 788x1049tfsweb.tamu.edu

Internal Candidate Promotion Announcement Letter

new hire internal candidate job offer letter 1 788x1020 788x1020 788x1019hr.ucf.edu

Promotion Announcement Letter Format

promotion offer letter format 13 788x1020 788x1019oregon.gov

Job Promotion Offer Announcement Letter Template

job promotion offer announcement letter templatehr.gov.nt.ca

Chief Operating Officer Offer Announcement

sample chief operating offer promotion offer 788x1020 788x1020 788x1019sec.gov

General Manager Promotion Offer Announcement

sample general manager promotion offer 788x1020588 788x1050 788x1049sec.gov

Confirmation Announcement of Promotion Letter


When to Send Your Promotion of Interest Letter

Timing is everything when it comes to sending your letter, so here are some things you should consider that will help you know when is the best time to send it:

  • You should send your letter before your scheduled performance review. These reviews are the best times for you to discuss where your career is going and how far you want to keep going. E-mail the letter to your supervisor a couple of days ahead of your review. Within the e-mail, you should ask if the two of you can discuss the letter during the review. This is so that the supervisor will be able to prepare ahead of time to tell you what he or she thinks about you want that promotion.
  • Keep tabs on your company’s job postings for information on any available positions. Employers are more open to promotions if they’re looking to fill in positions. If you hear that your business is trying to look for new employees, then this is the perfect time for you to send your letter of interest. Employers might consider hiring you since hiring or promoting within the organization can greatly benefit them as it reduces costs and other risks.
  • You should wait until you’ve spent a bit of time with the company that you’re working for before expressing your interest in a promotion. You wouldn’t want to just jump to a promotion if you’ve just started, so you need to have spent the time to show what you’re able to achieve and what you’re able to contribute to the business. The right time varies just about everyone. Some could wait for at least six months, while others may want to wait a year or two. You would also have to consider your company’s eligibility requirements since some businesses have a policy of not promoting anyone until they have spent a certain amount of time in their role. So once you’ve met success in your career, then you can decide if you’re ready for a higher position.
  • You’ll have to establish yourself in the company by creating positive relations with your colleagues before you can ask for a promotion. Participate in team outings or take part in company events and projects that will help you establish a network within your organization. By meshing well with your colleagues, it’ll show employers that you work well with just about anyone in the company. This will help your case when they consider you for the job.

Follow the promotion letter writing tips above to help you get the promotion you have been waiting to get for a long time.

Importance of Sales Promotion Letters

If you’re in charge of a business, then you know just how important it is to get customers to want to buy your goods. It is for this reason that sending them sales promotion letters is one of the best strategies that will get them interested in whatever you have to offer. So here are a couple of other reasons as to why sending sales promotion letters is so important:

  • Sending these letters can introduce customers to any new products and services. Customers who read through these letters may just find something that they could want or need. These letters should come with a product list as well as a service list that contains all the information that the customer needs in order to make an informed decision.
  • You’ll be able to attract new customers. With a proper sales promotion letter, you’ll be able to attract many different customers who will want to purchase what your company has to offer. So you’ll want to create a sales promotion letter that will win customers over from your competition. The best thing for you to do would be to conduct some market research that will tell you what your competitors are offering, what customers want nowadays, and the best way for you to create and market products that will attract these customers. You can also win your customers over by offering them gifts or prizes that will encourage them to try new brands and make them go over to your business.
  • The letter can make your current customers want to buy more of the goods you’re selling them. While it’s important for you to get as many customers as possible, you shouldn’t forget about those customers who have always done business with your company. So you’re going to have to make these customers want to buy more of your products or services. So what you’re going to want to put in the letter are promotions such as buying two products for the price of one or providing them with discount vouchers or coupons.
  • Sending promotion letters out to customers will show your competitors that you’re still in the industry and that you’re relevant to its success. By sending out these letters to customers, your competitors should see that you’re ready to do business as well as seeing your business is one that would not be going away for a long time. Sending out sales promotion letters and having a sales agenda should help establish your business in the market for as long as it can.
  • A proper sales letter should be able to increase or at least maintain your company’s sales rate even during its off-season. During your company’s busy season, you’ll notice that some of your goods aren’t going to be purchased by customers simply because it’s not the right time to buy and use them. For example, there’s a seasonal demand for products such as refrigerators. So one of the best ways for you to make sure that your products are still sold even during the off-season is by placing discount labels on them to ensure that these customers will consider purchasing them throughout the year.
  • It will help you determine just what kind of target audience you’re aiming for. When you’re drafting the letter, you’ll need to meet the needs and wants of the customers that you’re sending it to. A good way for you to be able to get this kind of information is to do customer analysis such as what kind of products customers are looking for current and the age demographic that your business caters to. After you’ve gathered all of the information that you need, then you can start writing your letter.  If your business has more than one audience, then you should create multiple letters that cater to each target.

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