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Being a teacher is said to be one of the hardest and one of the most underrated jobs to have. This is generally because of handling and helping different kinds of students on a daily basis for about 8 to 10 hours a day. Some teachers grow weary at the end of the day and some would still have that energy as they tend to their personal needs at home. But even the most energetic ones have their finish line, no matter how much they want to end the race or not. We are talking about the closing of a door of one\’s life: retirement. You may also see simple retirement letter templates.

Everyone working will retire someday and that includes even to those teachers we admire and still have the energy and ability to teach even at an old age. That is why it can be understood that the mind is still willing, but the body can not anymore. In situations, if one is about to retire, the teacher, in this case, has to send a formal retirement letter in pdf to the head of the school or the principal. This article will show you templates of different retirement letters that can still guide one in writing a retirement letter as a teacher. We will also be labeling the parts of a retirement letter and how one can retire happily and with grace. You may also see teacher templates.

Sample Retirement Letter

sample retirement letter

Simple Retirement Letter Template

simple retirement letter template


Before we discuss the parts of a retirement letter in word, let us first understand what retirement really is. Retirement is simply leaving one\’s workplace or deciding to not work anymore in life because of different reasons such as health problems, different needs to take care of, or the most common reason; old age. It is a stage in human life where one gets reflect and remember all the good memories he or she had with the job and how he met good people that eventually became family in the long run. There is a reflection because retirement is probably one of the biggest steps one takes in life. Retirement can be a choice or a law since some places require people who are aged 60+ up to not work anymore even if the individual still wants to teach.

Letter for Retirement

letter for retirement

Parts of a Retirement Letter

People may have a different writing style, but when it comes to writing a retirement letter, in any form of profession, the structure is still the same with the length of the letter being the difference. Some people are sentimental that results in them writing a long letter outline and other people. What we are about to show and explain to you next are the parts of a retirement letter. Making a sample retirement letter is easy but it gets emotional and personal as memories and feelings go along with your pen and paper especially if the academe or workplace was good to you and you were able to help change lives for the better. Here are the parts of a resignation letter:

1. Date

This is easy. It pertains to the date in which you wrote the letter or plan on sending it to the one in charge or to his or her secretary.

2. Inside Address

This is where you write or type the address of the office/person you are sending the retirement letter for. It is also where you include the name of the person and his or her title if you know them. You may also see letter of resignations.

3. Greeting

This section is the first thing most readers will directly read. “Dear…” and “Good Day…” are one of the most common greetings people use around the world in making an informal or formal letter.

4. The Body

In this section, you will explain the reason why you are retiring in the first place. As you are writing, do not forget to say thank you for all the years and experience you had with the academe. Write one of the best learnings you got from being a teacher. After which, write about how resigning/retiring from them makes you feel. Just do not get too emotional about it to avoid making the retirement letter informal. Make the letter specific and do not be mysterious. It is the end of the line, at least have the decency to let them know why you are already departing the profession. You may also see professional resignation letters in pages.

5. Complimentary Close

“Best wishes”, “Best Regards”, From your very own”, “Respectfully”, “Respectfully yours”, “Yours truly”, and “With a sincere gratitude” are some of the many complimentary closes you can find and put in a letter. Just choose which satisfies and goes by your writing. You may also see sample retirement resignation letters in pdf.

6. Sender

This is where you place your name, under the complimentary close. You would then also place your signature on your typed or written name to give the simple letter more validity. You may also see retirement resignation letter templates.

21 Day Retirement Letter

day retirement letter

A Happy Goodbye

Everything will eventually come to an end because we are only human. For the case of this article, retirement is always there for everyone. But despite this part of our lives having its own timetable, we get to choose how to finish it. What we mean by this is that we, as human beings have the choice to either leave strong or leave right away like nothing ever happened or nothing had ever affected you in your years in that particular academe and that all of the memories were for nothing and not meaningful. You may also see thank you resignation letters.

In this last part of the article, we will give you tips on how to leave your profession in a happy and graceful note instead of leaving with sadness. View the silver linings in every sad ending and show it. So read and understand carefully for the tips we are going to give you. Here are the tips on how to leave your job with grace:

1. Make a plan. As you think of retiring, think of activities that you would do after you retire. May it be traveling or making a financial plan, finding a home-based job, just do it. It is better to have it all planned out instead of having an existential crisis after retirement. You may aslo see sample personal resignation letters.

2. Mend the “unmended”. This means that one can make his or her retirement meaningful if he or she will have the initiative to let go of the pride and say sorry to the people or a faculty whom he or she has hurt. This goes along with fixing the friendships that were not supposed to end. Not only does it make the other person happy, but it will also bring you a sigh relief that you are retiring with no one having a grudge on you and that you have set things cleared by talking it out. You may also see resignation letter word templates.

3. Finish it. What we mean by this is finish the tasks you are supposed to do even after you will announce your retirement. This will your colleagues the impression that you do still have the passion to do your job and leave no responsibilities unfinished. You will be a role model for them after you retire. You may also see resignation letter formats.

Those are basically the three ways to exit your job gracefully and with a lighter feeling. The sadness in this situation would be unavoidable but along the way, you would find the time to accept reality and that a new chapter in your life is about to open as this one closes with a happy ending. Retirement is for everyone and ti will come to everyone. Unavoidable as it may seem, we can always find ways to make an exit beautiful. You may also see funny resignation letters in google docs.

Exit when you are already satisfied and have the awareness that you have already given so much to one profession that it is now time to give time for yourself from yourself. Being a teacher might be one of the hardest jobs, but it is also the one that is so important as you have the opportunity every day to improve someone\’s life for the future. Remember that and remember the students who have gained success with your help when you will retire. End with happy memories. You may also see retail resignation letters layout.

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