10 Short Notice Resignation Letter Templates

There will come a time when employees feel that they should explore other opportunities and leave their current jobs. However, one cannot just simply walk out of the company just like that, which is exactly the reason why those who would like to quit their current jobs must learn how to write a simple resignation letter.

With the help of a free resignation letter, an employee can make sure that the employer knows that he or she intends to quit. This will also ensure that the employer understands that the employee is going to resign on a specific date, giving the employee time to prepare for the employee’s departure.

Last Minute Formal Resignation Letter



Short Notice Student Resignation

Short Notice Student Resignation


Resignation Letter with Short Notice Period


Company Resignation Letter Template

Company Resignation Letter

What is a Short Notice Resignation Letter?

In the event that one has to resign from his or her job, then that person would normally have to give his or her boss at least a two-week notice before he or she leaves. As mentioned before, giving the employer a letter of resignation will make it much easier for him or her to prepare for the employee’s departure as well as make sure that the transition process goes smoothly. However, sometimes that’s just not possible as an employee might just have to leave on short notice or even immediately. This is exactly why some employees have to make use of short notice or immediate resignation letters. A short notice resignation letter is what one hands to an employer in the event that he or she has to leave the company due to reasons such as a personal emergency or even intolerable working conditions. The employer will appreciate as much notice as the employee can give, so it’s always best that the employee tells the employer when he or she is definitely leaving.

Tips for Writing a Short Notice Resignation Letter

Just like when you need to hand out a resignation letter for personal reasons, the first thing that you’re going to have to do is to set up a meeting between you and your employer. Once you’ve done that, you may then discuss your intention of leaving the company with your employer . This will allow your employer to take in the information and prevent any sort of shock if you haven’t told him or her that you have been considering resigning from your job. Once that’s done, you may then provide your letter to the employer, but you can’t do that if you haven’t even written one yet. So here are a couple of tips that will help you write a letter of resignation in the event that you have to leave the company on such short notice:

Remember that your employer is the person that’s going to be handing out your letter of recommendation in the event that you need it. If you form any sort of bad blood with the person who can affect your employment rate at other companies, then expect to only hear the negatives and none of the positives.

Last Minute Notice Resignation

Last Minute Notice


Formal Short Resignation Letter

Formal Short Resignation Letter

Short Notice Resignation Letter Template

Short Notice Resignation Letter Template

Simple Resignation Letter Short Notice



Short Notice Period Resignation Letter

short notice period resignation letter


Offical Notice Resignation Letter

Offical Notice Resignation Letter


Tips for Short Notice Resignation Email

In today’s modern times, people more often choose to send their formal resignation letter via email as it’s more convenient. This is because it makes it easier for one to share the news with the employer and let him or her know about the resignation as soon as possible. So here a couple of tips for those that wish to send their resignation letter through email.

While it may be tough to leave one’s job, sometimes it’s necessary when there are better opportunities out there, or if the company just hasn’t been doing well and there are too many problems. So if you plan on making any kind of professional resignation letter as well as needing to know how to use them, then go through any of our available resignation letter examples to help you out.