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34 Simple Resign Letter Templates

Whenever you feel that you need to leave your current place of work, then you might find yourself in need of a basic resignation letter that can help you through the process of resigning. After all, resigning is never quite as simple as simply expressing a desire to leave. You would have to keep a great many things in mind before you can actually finalize the process of leaving the company.

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With that in mind, you might find aids like free resignation letter templates used for the purpose of helping you through the writing process. After all, the point of having different letter templates is to keep you from having to make new letters from scratch whenever you need them. In this case, you should be able to find templates for making simple resignation letters with relative ease. After all, the simple letters themselves can be written to be simple and to-the-point even if the process can have its fair share of complications.

No Notice Resignation Letter Template

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Simple Internship Resignation Letter

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Relocation Resignation Letter Template

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Simple Heartfelt Resignation Letter

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Simple Email Resign Letter

Two Weeks’ Notice Resignation Sample Letter

Resign Letter Template for Personal Reasons

Sample Official Resignation Letter

Resign Letter with One Month Notice

Basic Job Resign Template

Immediate Resignation Letter Template

Employee Basic Resign Sample

Elements of a Simple Letter of Resign

Part of knowing exactly how to write your own simple letters of resignation is knowing what components actually make these letters up. After all, in order to write the letters properly, you need to have some familiarity with their different parts. This would let you know how best to use each element so that they can contribute to your purpose. While you might have seen some of this in different resignation letter examples, it would be prudent to have as deep an understanding of the subject as you can possibly get.

Personal Letterhead

The first part of any letter, especially a formal business letter format, is the letterhead template. In the case of an organization, this would allow the letter to convey that it is a document of that particular business entity. In your case, your business letterhead would serve to let your recipient know exactly who sent the letter. The letterhead should contain all your relevant details like your name, contact information, position, department, and so on. These can be vital details, particularly if yours is a large company and your management could use some assistance in recalling you. In any case, the letterhead does serve to identify you properly to whomever would be concerned about the case of your resignation. The letterhead PSD templates can also contribute to keeping accurate records since the letter would be stored for the sake of recording every aspect of your exchange with the company.

Date of Sending

Another requirement of accurate record-keeping is making sure that all the relevant dates are listed correctly. This means that your letter should list the correct date that you sent it to your managers. This would make it easier for any related authorities to find your letter, as well as any related documents. If for any reason the company needs to find records like your letter, having the dates listed properly would make it easier for everyone involved to establish a timeline of events. This could be vital in the case of research or legal proceedings since the results would be highly dependent on gathering the most accurate data that can be found. This is in addition to the simple fact that including the dates is a basic requirement of formal letter-writing, which would serve to make your letter and its content all the more professional and credible.

Company Letterhead

In addition to your personal letterhead, you should also take the time to include the company’s letterhead. This would serve to make clear who the recipient of your letter is, particularly if you include the name of the relevant manager. Since you would have to send the letter by official channels, this can help to speed the process along by naming exactly who the letter should be sent to, and where. This is a consideration that you should keep in mind if you want to be more certain that your letter can go where it needs to in a more timely manner. This can also be seen as another measure to make your letter more professional.


In the name of making sure that your letter remains polite, you should make certain to include a salutation to whoever is receiving your letter. As is the case with cover letters, it would be ideal to state a specific name so as to make the letter a more personal one. This can serve to attract the attention of your superiors more effectively since you would be mentioning their names rather than keeping the salutation more general. Another thing to consider is that a sample business letter should be as positive and professional as possible, which can be helped along by addressing it to a specific person. In any case, it never hurts to make sure that your letter is as positive as you can possibly make it.

Statement of Resignation

Every letter needs to state its intended purpose as quickly and directly as possible. This is not to say that your letter needs to be blunt, but you do want to get to the point quickly if only to save time and be professional. When using resignation letter templates in Word, you should be sure to include a definite statement of resignation in order to remove any ambiguity about your intentions. After all, if you are planning to leave the company, then your superiors should understand that yours is a definite course of action. This can also serve to make sure that the thesis of your letter is stated as early as possible so that you can get it out of the way immediately.

Effective Date

Since including dates is already known to be a vital part of writing business letter templates, you should also take care to include the effective date of your resignation. Unlike a termination letter, you would be freer to decide when you would want to leave your current company. There are more immediate consequences of including the effective date as both you and the company would have a fairly clear idea of when you would be leaving. This would serve to make it considerably easier for all parties to find out how much time they have to finalize any related business so that the transition process can proceed more smoothly.

Period of Notice

While you may opt to leave as soon as possible, the existence of two weeks’ notice resignation letters and other letter templates like them indicate that you may stay at your current company for some time before finalizing your decision to leave. After all, there are some advantages to both yourself and the company if you elect not to depart right away. This would allow you to be sure that you can receive all the employee benefits to which you are entitled to such as a final paycheck and any necessary references to a new employer. The company can also be given some time to make sure that all the groundwork for carrying out those processes has been set up, which can make leaving all the more convenient for you.

Basic Reason for Resign

While you need not go into exquisite detail in your resignation letters, it would be a polite move if you were to include at least some basic explanation as to why you are leaving your company. This is an element that should be fairly easy to insert into any sample basic resignation letter template. Of course, this is also a subjective element since your reasons would be your own so it would be up to you to include them in your letter. In any case, this could provide some basic reasons for why you made the decision in the first place. This might go some way to explaining your thought processes to your colleagues, which can go some way to providing some context to your decision.

Offer of Assistance

Another measure that you can undertake in order to be polite is making an offer of assistance during the transition period. As such, your sample employee resignation letters can go so far as to offer to provide necessary assistance to the company before you actually leave, in the form of providing training for your replacement, or helping finish any ongoing projects before your final departure. This is not quite a requirement of every simple letter of resignation, but in the interest of being polite, you should at least make the offer to your managers. After all, there is no need to burn your bridges unnecessarily.

Thanks for Experience

Your letter may also go so far as to express your gratitude to your company directly. In your letter, you can thank the company for the opportunities and experiences you gained during your employment. This can be seen as good form at the least since it is an opportunity for you to express your appreciation for your time spent working for the company. After all, there can be no denying that the company did something for you during your time there, so it would only be good form to express your gratitude.

New Contact Information

For the sake of convenience, your letter may also include your new contact information for your new job. This can be convenient for different reasons, such as if your company needs to get in touch with you for professional reasons, or if there is a need to contact you in relation to some unfinished business related to the transition. On a more personal note template, this can also make it easier for your old colleagues to stay in contact with you, whether for professional or personal reasons.


The final part of any official documentation is making sure to include the relevant signatures at the end. This is a vital element of a simple letter of resignation since it makes it clear that you really are leaving the company and that you have personally verified that all the information listed is true. With your signature on the letter, there can be no denying that you personally wrote and included everything in the letter, which can remove some of the ambiguity from your decision. This also serves to make your letter completely official since you yourself would have personally signed and attested to what you wrote down.

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Why You Would Want to Use Simple Resign Letter Templates

Like other examples of document templates, there are a number of conveniences simple resignation letter templates can bring to the table that would make them more enticing for you to use. After all, there are a number of different sample resignation letter templates you might find that could make your work considerably easier, which should lend credence to the idea that you can gain so many advantages by using them yourself.

Basic Framework

It goes without saying that your letter templates can serve as a basic framework around which you can make your own specific letters. Any template gives you a very basic format, which can include a letterhead, a basic salutation, a basic body of the letter, and so on. With this, the most basic layout of the letter has already been added for you, so that you can simply devote most of your time to adding the specifics. After all, templates are specifically meant to give you a flexible tool applicable to different situations, which takes the form of giving you a tool that you can alter to suit your needs.


Using a simple resignation letter template can serve to save you considerable amounts of time when you work. After all, most simple resignation letter templates automatically give you the most basic tools you would need in order to write the letter, meaning that you need not worry about having to write any of your letters from scratch. While it would be unrealistic to expect that you would have to write resignation letters on a regular basis, it would still help if you had a template to keep you from having to compose letters anew each time. This way allows you to focus on the specifics of each letter, which might be the case whenever you do make the decision to leave your current employ.

Guide for Working

Templates can also help you by guiding you through the process of actually writing your letter. Since the templates contain most of what you will need for your sample job resignation letters, then you can use them as guides to lead you through the process of writing. In some cases, the template can indicate what you have to write to make your resignation letters proper or official. At best, all you need do is fill in the blanks, which can let you focus on those details specific to your own situation.

Ease of Customization

While there are indeed different resignation letter templates, you would not be expected to simply use a blank template as it is. After all, you would naturally have to fix the letter and its details to suit your own needs; hence, the importance of your templates being customizable. This is vital to your letters of resignation since the circumstances of your resignation are your own. In any case, that you happen to be using resignation letter templates at all should make for an easier time writing your letters as you can always customize them to suit your actual circumstances, whatever they may be.

Flexibility for Different Situations

As a letter template, many of the resignation letter templates you find can also be applied to a variety of situations. This is in addition to the fact that you can modify them to suit your own specific needs. After all, you can find different templates that can be used either for different professions or for different reasons. So no matter what reasons you might have for actually resigning, you can find a template close to the letter you will need. If you take a look at some resignation letter examples, then you should have an idea of just what situations you might be able to use these templates in.

Simple to Use

One last advantage of the letter of resignation templates you are likely to encounter is that they are fairly simple to use. After all, the most complicated part of writing a letter is deciding how to word your message. Since a template can take care of much of the work for you, you need only focus on the specifics of the letter itself. As mentioned earlier, you can limit yourself to thinking of what to include in your basic template rather than worry about the format or details of the letter.

Official Resign Sample Letter

Government Resign Letter Template

Academic Resignation Letter Template

Two Weeks’ Resign Letter

Coach Resign Letter Template

Resign Template for Personal Reason

Basic Retail Resign Letter Template

Four Weeks’ Notice Resignation Letter

Professional Resign Letter Example

Simple Work Resign Template

What Reasons Merit Using a Simple Resign Letter

It is a given that you might have your own personal reasons for leaving your job. After all, the one common factor is that any of those reasons would prevent you from continuing to work. However, it might still be useful to you to know what reasons might drive you to have to write letters like sample personal reasons resignation letters. This way, when the time does come for you to write such a letter, then you should be in a much better position to make it fit the current situation.

Health Reasons

One very good reason for having to leave a job is due to medical reasons, for which there are sample medical resignation letter templates you might make use of. At worst, you might be advised by a professional to leave your job due to the risks to your own health, which you can state in your letter to give yourself credibility. Health reasons are a very valid reason for leaving, as no company would expect or even want you to damage your health while you are on the job for any number of reasons.

New Job Offers

While you would be expected to be loyal to your company so long as you are working there, you do also have to think about yourself, at least to a point. In that case, you might want to use sample new job resignation letters to explain that you have found a better job opportunity and that you want to transfer. This can be a relatively complicated situation, but it is possible for you to leave your job and transfer to a new one with grace. Your letter should be professional and positive in order not to complicate matters by burning any bridges.

Family Leave

Another reason why you might have to leave your job is due to having to take care of the family. Indeed, workplaces offer maternity leave and similar policies in order to let employees do just that. If need be, you can find resignation letters due to pregnancy and other kinds of letters in order to enable you to leave your job to take care of your family. Do note that maternity and paternity are not the only reasons you could resign as you might also have to take care of elderly and sickly family members. Resigning may not necessarily be the best move, but if your family members do demand too much of your time and attention, then it might be best to resign in order to make time to care for them.

Negative Conditions

Conditions at your job might also end up driving you to leave, though you should never say so in the letter proper. Whether due to unsafe conditions, inability to fit in, or some other reason, then that may merit you’re sending a resignation letter to leave the new job. In such cases, it might be best for everyone involved, yourself included, that you resign. The management may understand in such cases, which can go some way toward making the transition proceed more easily.

With these insights, you should hopefully have a better idea of how to use different kinds of letters of resignation. After all, your letters should be fairly subjective, so it pays to have as much knowledge of the subject in general so you can apply it to different situations.

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