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When we are talking about a job application, the first things that often comes into our minds is the resume. Although most applicants regard resume as an integral document needed in the job application process, it does not necessarily mean that it is the most important and that you pour all our efforts on crafting a perfect one. Surely, your resume contains essential information, such as your work experience history and academic background, it is not enough to secure an interview and convince the hiring party that you are the perfect candidate to fill in the position offered in their company.

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The whole job application process is a like a big battlefield. You probably have to fight (not literally, of course) with other applicants who are also looking to secure the same position that you are applying for. Well, if you are someone who has a solid professional employment history and has a high-level of confidence of securing the position, then good for you! But what if you have just graduated from college with little or no working experience at all? So, how can you convince the hiring party that you are the one they are looking for, especially when there are other applicants who are more experienced than you? The solution to your problem depends on how well you write your cover letter.

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About Cover Letters and Its Significance in Job Application

Before we discuss how to write an effective fresher cover letter that can help you win the potential employer’s approval, it would be helpful for fresher to know about some essential cover letter information and why it is considered to be equally important as the resume. So what’s a cover letter? A cover letter is a document that is usually attached and sent along with the applicant’s professional resume or curriculum vitae.It is often used to introduce yourself to the hiring party and explain your interest and suitability for the position being offered. That is why it is always important to remember that a well-written and well thought-out cover letter is a powerful tool that you can use to impress and secure an interview with a potential employer.

Since all employer used cover letters as a tool to weed out applicants who clearly do not qualify the requirements needed to effectively function in the position. In this section, we have provided you with a list of the significance of a cover letter and how it helps to increase your chances of getting interviewed and ultimately secure your dream job:

  • A good cover letter can achieve some things that a resume cannot.

The point for writing a cover letter is not to repeat everything that has been written in your resume. A good cover letter allows you to effectively describe and explain your qualifications and skills. Simply sending a resume to the hiring cannot explain further why you are the ideal candidate for the position. If you do not have a lot to list down in your professional employment background since you are a fresher, use the cover letter to explain that your academic training and how they are valuable for the position.

  • It allows you to strategically target the job and the company.

Writing a cover letter gives you the opportunity to explain to the hiring party your interest for the position offered in the company and how your key strengths are perfect for the job and the company.

  • It allows your unique personality to shine.

The words you choose to use in your cover letter can say a lot about your personality. So when you send a cover letter to the hiring party, you provide them with a glimpse of the unique personality. By showing your positive personality, you show your potential employer that you can be a great addition to his company.

Entry Level Cover Letter Writing Tips

Writing a good and effective cover letter is never an easy task. However, not sending a cover letter, along with your resume or CV, to the hiring party gives them an impression of laziness because you never took the time to write one.  And although the process of applying for a job has moved only, writing and sending a cover letter remains an important requirement. Most employers today still expect applicants to send an email cover letter when applying for a job online.

Below are some smart tips that will help you write an entry level cover letter that will make the hiring party actually want to read:

1. Do Your Homework

If you are really looking to impress a potential employer, doing some research on the company would do a lot of help. It pays to know the nature of the company’s business operation, as well as the position they are offering. Researching would also help you find out the current issues faced by the company and how your skills can help address these problems. Hence, having enough knowledge on the company is crucial for setting the right tone in your cover letter.

2. Introduce Yourself

After you have gathered enough information about the company and reviewing the job descriptions and requirements, take some time to make a draft of your introduction. Introducing yourself need not be long. However, do not focus too much on your personal information, rather mention in your first paragraph your interest in the position and how you are the best candidate for the job.

3. Use Proper Formatting

If you are satisfied with what you have written, it is important to use the proper cover letter format when finalizing your piece. Normally, a cover letter should only be limited to a single page, about three to four paragraphs. The standard fonts to use should be Calibri, Arial, Verdana, or Times Roman and make sure to set the font size to 10-12 points.

4. Make the Appropriate Salutation

Your cover letter should always begin with Dear Mr./Miss Last Name. In case the job advert failed to provide the name of the person whom to address your cover letter to,  make an effort to know the contact person by calling the HR Department or checking out the About Us page of their website. If all your efforts fail, it is acceptable to use Dear Hiring Manager as your cover letter salutation. Never use “To Whom It May Concern” because it sounds too generic and shows that you have not taken the time to know the person.

5. Always Be Concise

When highlighting your skills and special achievements, always make sure that you do not rehash the items written in your resume. Most employers are turned off by applicants repeating the items found on their resume because it would just be a waste of their time. Instead of rehashing, use your cover letter to identify your key responsibilities and how you can contribute to the company.

6. Conclude on a High Note

On your last paragraph, make sure to mention your availability to discuss your qualification whether through a phone call or personally. Do not forget to reinforce your interest in the position.

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Final Thoughts

Always keep in mind that a well-written cover letter will help you get noticed by the hiring party, as well as increase your chance of securing an interview with them. Use your cover letter as your weapon to emerge victorious in the job hunting process. What is most important is that you must take the time to carefully personalize it so that you will be able to establish a good and lasting impression on your potential employer and show him or her why you are the right person for the job.

Since you are a fresher and we understand that you do not have a lot experience writing a cover letter, why not check out our collection of free cover letter templates? They are available for download and can be easily edited to match your skill set, qualifications, and experience. Boost your chance of getting an interviewed and ultimately get hired using our professional cover letter templates.

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