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How to Create and Use a Cold Call Tracking Sheet?

You may be familiar with the concept of cold calling, which is where you attempt to convince customers with whom you have no connection to buy your products. The process also requires sheets for recording the results of your attempts, which means you can use sheet templates as tools for this.

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It is so important that you record your results so as to be able to have an idea of how effective your efforts are. Like a crib sheet, these sheets can serve as reference notes if you need to study your performance so as to improve it, which can only help you performance.

Cold Call Tracking Sheet Template

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Steps to Create a Cold Call Tracking Sheet

In order to use these sheets as best you can, it is important that you know the necessary steps beyond using free sheet templates, such as:

  • First, use a spreadsheet such as on Excel.
  • Fill up the headers with categories including company, contact, date, calls made, sales, etc.
  • Fill up the subsequent rows with the companies and people you speak with, so as to be aware of how many calls it takes to make one sale on average.
  • You may also add other categories to your header, such as notes or follow up, so as to remind yourself of something later.

Ways to Effectively Use a Cold Call Tracking Sheet

There are a number of ways to use tools like printable sheet templates in conjunction with cold call tracking sheets in order for you to get what you need, including:

  • You can track how many calls you need to make before securing a sale.
  • This allows you to find out the average number of calls you need to make in order to make a sale.
  • You can also use these figures to determine how many calls you need to make on average in order to hit your quotas or grow the business.

Tips for Creating a Cold Call Tracking Sheet

In this case, if you wanted to improve your use of your tracking sheet templates in Excel in order to make your cold call sheets more effective in general, then you may want to make use of some of these tips. After all, these tips could very well make using such sheets for your work considerably easier.

  • Keep your sheets simple. This makes them considerably easier to use, particularly if you use sheet templates in Word. After all, this way, you should have an easier time of following what your sheets are supposed to mean.
  • Make sure your numbers are accurate. This would allow your results to be more accurate, being that the base numbers are as close to accurate as possible. After all, the sheet cannot help you if you do not list accurate figures.
  • Use statistics, if possible. This would help your work by providing more accurate data for you to work, since you have flat statistics to tell you how well you are doing.
  • Keep your sheets specific. This allows you to make sense of your sheets more easily, being that the meanings should be clear and unambiguous from a glance.

In the end, these insights are meant to help you make better use of your cold call tracking sheets, which should hopefully improve your work performance.

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