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A strategy map is a diagram that is basically used for the documentation of the primary strategic goals that might be being pursued by a particular organization or a management team. These are important since these help to capture, communicate and better manage a specific strategy. Our strategy map templates have been designed by professional strategists for best results. You can also Visit Strategic Plan Template. These strategy map templates have been developed in various formats like PSD, PDF, MS Word and a few more so that things become easy and users can select as per their convenience.There are separate temples depending on what aspect is being evaluated Strategy Template.

The Basic Template Of Strategy Maps

the basic template of sttrategy maps | You are getting a readymade corporate strategy map that will enable you to map the strategies from various perspectives such as financial perspective, customer perspective, internal perspective as well as learning and growth perspective.

strategy map template

Strategy Map Template Free Download

strategy map template free download | The template offers a pre-designed strategy map that will help you to comprehend the different aspects of your strategy such as the vision, the purpose and values, stakeholders and partners, internal audiences, key themes etc.

The Micro Soft Balanced Scorecard Framework

the microsoft balnced scorecard framework | This template here brings an example of Micro Soft balanced scorecard framework which aims for smart profitable expansion and you get to see here how the progress of the sales strategy has been charted.

Strategic Planning Process Map

strategic planning process map | The template here illustrates the whole process of formulating sales strategy and implementing it from the start- through preliminary planning, strategizing, authoring, finalizing strategic plan document, moving to business planning process etc.

Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map Template

balanced scorecard strategy map template | This template here offers a bundle of various templates that will help you to create a balanced scorecard strategy and the purpose of each template has been mentioned beside the name of respective templates.

Management Strategy Map Measurement Template

management strategy map measurement template | You are getting a readymade framework of management strategy map measurement here that enables you to focus on the needed parameters from various perspectives such as financial, customer, internal, learning and growth.

How to Design A Strategy Map

how to design a strategy map | If you need ideas in creating a standard strategy map, this template here offers you a pre-designed format for strategy map including the needed perspectives and you will also find a value creation map here.

IT Strategy Maps Template Free Download

it strategy maps template free download | Do you need to create an IT strategy map and you are in need of some expert guidance? Well, the template here would be handy for you with its readymade IT strategy map that highlights on varied parameters or attributes under different perspectives.

The Strategy Map Template Ppt Format

the strategy map template ppt format | You are getting an expert-designed readymade strategy map template here that comes complete with mission, vision and the contents to include in the map according to various perspectives like financial perspective, customer perspective etc.

Converting Intangible Assets Into Tangible Strategy Maps

converting intangible assets into tangible strategy maps | The template here shows a map that illustrates how an organization creates value by turning intangible assets into tangible ones, including various perspectives, through a detailed yet neatly organized strategy map.

Strategic Site Map Template

strategic site map template

A Strategic Planning Template for Dummies

a strategic planning template for dummies

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